Is Evergreen Income Machines a Scam? Is $10K a Month Possible?



Is Evergreen Income Machines a scam or isn't it? Can simply having a squeeze page and a list of automated emails really lead to a consistent online income like $10,000 a month, every month? Or is that just a sales line to get us to hand our money over?

Let’s take a closer look and see what it’s about…



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Is Evergreen Income Machines a ScamCompany Name: Evergreen Income Machines

Owners: Andy Brocklehurst

Price To Join: $25.95 to start

My Rating: 6.5/10




~ The Evergreen Income Machines Review ~


What Is Evergreen Income Machines About and How Does It Work?

Launched in late 2016, Evergreen Income Machines is all about email marketing. Rather than building some huge authority website with loads of content to try and get organic traffic, this program is focused on creating squeeze pages, signing people up to your list, then sending those subscribers automated emails via an autoresponder to promote affiliate offers.

The program claims you’ll be making $10k per month by setting up multiple sources of income with this system; income sources that bring in anywhere from $300 to $500 per month each. It works on the classic, find what works, then rinse and repeat formula.

Everything so far is good. This is all real and doable, and the rinse and repeat method is the best. Everything that is taught here is on the level. But how does this platform go about teaching us how to achieve these results? And while Evergreen Income Machines is good in principle, what is the execution of the system like?

For starters, there are a few upsells as you go along, but they aren’t very expensive anyway. Through a series of videos you will learn how to pick evergreen niches (subjects) to market to. You need to create a squeeze page (capture page) and drive traffic to that page. On the capture page people will be presented with a free gift, such as an eBook, that’s relevant to the niche you chose. To get the free gift they must join your email list. Once this happens they’ll be in your sales funnel, where the automated, pre-written emails will be sent to them periodically.

So, the concept is to set up a whole bunch of these and bring in those multiple sources of income, which then tally up to a sizeable amount. However, in order to get people to your capture pages in the first place, you need lots of relevant traffic. If you aren’t targeting organic search through providing lots of quality content to get this traffic, then you will need to buy the traffic.

The downside to this platform is, if you don’t buy the 3 upsells, then you can’t really complete what Andy is teaching you here. You will learn the basics of how to get set up when you pay the joining fee, but you won’t fully be able to implement what you learn until you purchase the 3 upgrades. It’s only when everything is in place that you’ll actually get to the money earning stage.


Evergreen Income Machines Slogan


Target Audience

This program is good for both beginners and those who are already involved in affiliate marketing or selling their own products. It’s not a bad system and it uses tried and true methods. Definitely targeted at anyone who is looking for ways to make money on the internet.

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The Pros

  • Cheap to try out
  • The methods taught are genuine and have been proven to work
  • Rinse and repeat is the way to go
  • Andy seems like a genuine guy who is on the level
  • You could make money with this system if you buy the upsells


The Cons

  • Without the upsells the entire system will stall and make nothing
  • You will need to spend money on paid traffic
  • It’s a little deceptive, as in you can’t actually get rolling just by paying the initial joining fee
  • Without buying the upsells, you just learn the basics of what’s needed, but will be unable to implement the actual system taught
  • You will need domain names and web hosting for your capture pages


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Tools and Training

As mentioned earlier, when you join Evergreen Income Machines you will receive access to a series of training videos. Let’s very briefly look at what the videos teach.

Video #1 – This is merely an introduction video that shows you around the platform so you know where all the tools are. Andy also touches on what you will learn along the way.

Video #2 – Here you are introduced to the tools that are included in your basic membership; such as the Landing Page Builder, Dropbox, PDF Report Generator. Andy also makes mention here of the 3 upsells.

Video #3 – Here Andy covers strategy and how to choose evergreen niches and relevant products to target.

Video #4 – This shows you how to create the free giveaway, also known as a lead magnet. This is what will entice people to join your email list.

Video #5 – The Dropbox tool is used to house your free giveaway, giving subscribers a way of accessing it and downloading it. Andy shows you how to set this up.

Video #6 – Here you’ll be run through the process of creating a capture page that gets results. This page also includes an email opt in form to collect those all-important email addresses.

Videos #7 and #8 – Both of these videos really push the upsells and explain why you need to buy all three to complete the system and start making money.

The 3 upsells are:

  1. Lazy Man’s System for marketing automation
  2. EIM DFY Shortcut to make everything quicker
  3. EIM Traffic Secrets on how to get traffic


Evergreen Income Machines Earnings


How Much Does Evergreen Income Machines Cost?

The initial joining price is $25.95, but you will really need to purchase some upsells to complete the entire process. These will set you back a further $121. Or you could purchase similar tools elsewhere.


Is Evergreen Income Machines a Scam?

This is in no way a scam at all. Email marketing in this fashion is a tried and tested formula that works when done right. Evergreen Income Machines is not bad, but I’d rather see the joining price be a little higher and have all the necessary tools included for that one price. I mean, it’s not like the upsells are optional extras. They are critical to being able to run the system. Everything should be included in my opinion.


Want To Learn How To Make Real Money Online?

Email marketing is just one facet of making money online, especially when it comes to affiliate marketing. In my experience it’s best to combine a relevant email list and email marketing campaign with a website filled with quality content. This way you aren’t spending all your money on paid traffic. You will receive organic free traffic from the search engines and can implement paid traffic strategies if and when you wish.

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for years. I run websites as well as email marketing campaigns. I suggest to first set up an affiliate website, get that established, then maybe look at a system like Evergreen Income Machines to really blast out your email marketing efforts. By this stage you’ll be a much more experienced marketer and far better equipped to do your email marketing effectively.

To get started off on the right foot it’s best to get training from those who have done it all before. It’s how I got started and why I’m where I am today in my business. To learn more about the training I did, just click the banner below for information.


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2 thoughts on “Is Evergreen Income Machines a Scam? Is $10K a Month Possible?

  1. A fantastic review on a platform I was as of yet unfamiliar with. You hit the nail on the head in regards to experiencing any form of success on the internet – ability to generate organic traffic!! The reason many people fail is probably due to their expectations being a bit too high at first. At least with this review, people will have a better understanding of what they’re getting into (and what they can or cannot get out of it!).

    Nice article! Looking forward to future posts!

    • If you have a bankroll and some guidance I guess you can make money fairly quickly with paid advertising methods, but it’s risky. You also lack a full undertsanding of how things work without going the free, organic traffic route first, in my opinion anyway. They teach some good stuff, but they force you to buy the upsells along the way, otherwise their system is incomplete and won’t work. But overall not too bad.

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