Guaranteed Income Machine Review – Is It legit?



What is the Guaranteed Income Machine? Is it a legit program or yet another make money online scam? There are so many around and many people are asking whether this one's a scam as well. Can it truly guarantee an good income, or do they just want your money?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…



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Guaranteed Income Machine ReviewCompany Name: Guaranteed Income Machine

Owners: “Bobby” an Internet Guru

Price To Join: Free to join + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10




~ Guaranteed Income Machine Review ~


What Is Guaranteed Income Machine and How Does It Work?

The sales video is very typical of get rich scams, where they show a bunch of news footage that has absolutely nothing to do with the actual program. They also make the usual claims of their product being endorsed by the various news and big TV channels, such as CNN, CNBC and so on. They all do this in a bid to lend their program legitimacy. However, it’s all fake.

The advertising states that you will be making anywhere from $125 to $461 per day every day. I’m not sure how they arrive at those rather odd figures, but there you are. Apparently this just takes up 10 minutes of your day, so sounds absolutely perfect, doesn’t it? If I decide to go hard and work for 20 minutes, does that mean I will double my income?

So how do we achieve this kind of money in just 10 minutes a day with the Guaranteed Income Machine?


By sending emails.

Yes, email marketing, if you have a sizeable and active list, can prove very lucrative, but exactly how does sending emails the GIM way lead to such instant profits?

Well, according to our resident guru Bobby, the subscribers will be given to us, along with all the expert sales copy we need to send them. Of course, the tools you will need and the list of subscribers is all going to come to you at a cost.

Despite the video constantly trying to reassure us that GIM is totally free and we will “never pay a single dime”, there are costs involved if you actually want to use anything the program offers. First, you need an autoresponder and are directed to purchase a subscription from My Inbox Pro to serve this purpose.

Guaranteed Income Machine is actually a feeder site for another platform called “Profit With Mike”. When you join up, that’s where you’ll be directed to.

So, step one will set you back $27 per month. Now onto step number 2, which is to buy 3000 email subscribers to send your information to. This will cost you a cool $177. Step 3 entails actually sending out emails from your dashboard and hoping for the best. Now when you arrive at step number 4 you will be enticed to join the rather bogus Profit With Mike system, where you are presented with some expensive upsells for your viewing pleasure. Step 5 is to simply sit back and watch those juicy commissions flood into your account like an overflowing river in wet season.

We are told the money goes into our “Click Force” account, whatever that is, but it is not clear how this integrates with our GIM dashboard, nor how we can get our hands on the cold, hard cash.

Basically you are just paying money to spam people while the creators of this program and Profit With Mike get commissions for referring you to My Inbox Pro, as well as collecting the cash from selling you some bogus unqualified (and likely irrelevant) subscriber list. It also never really tells you how you actually make money. From what exactly? Selling others into the Guaranteed Income Machine scam?


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Target Audience

Newcomers to online marketing and making money in the internet space. It also targets people who want to make easy money every day for the least amount of effort possible. It’s all just a fantasy.


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The Pros

  • Nothing to speak of


The Cons

  • You could be participating in an illegal bulk emailing (spamming) operation
  • Not clear how you actually earn money or from what source
  • The video is all hype and no substance
  • This is a feeder site for Profit With Mike
  • The guy in the video is a well known Fiverr actor
  • You won’t make a dime with this spamming platform
  • The email list they sell you is likely the same one they sell to everyone else who joins, meaning everyone is sending the same 3000 people the exact same emails
  • This is a total waste of time and money
  • They also likely take your information and sell it to third parties

I Want To Make Money Online

Tools and Training

Not much. You have to go out and sign up with an autoresponder. You get access to the GIM dashboard, where you send out your canned emails to 3000 inactive subscribers.


How Much Does Guaranteed Income Machine Cost?

Free to join, then $27 per month for the autoresponder, followed by $177 to buy the email list. You will then be hit with a variety of upsells to join other bogus scams.


Is Guaranteed Income Machine a Scam?

This is a dodgy scam for all money. Stay well away from this and the Profit With Mike scheme. They are both the exact same thing run by the same people. You are better off spending your money down at the local casino. You’ll have more chance of making money there than with the Guaranteed Income Machine.


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2 thoughts on “Guaranteed Income Machine Review – Is It legit?

  1. Lol, nice scam. While email marketing is great and you can actually make big money with it, this program might give new people the wrong idea about email marketing, like the whole concept of it is a scam or something. Yeah, this is just the usual scam that promises you all kinds of riches!

    • You are so right. Newcomers to email marketing coming across something like Guaranteed Income Machine might just think email marketing is a scam all round, which is far from the truth. I can’t believe how many total money making scams there are online. There are more scams than there are legit platforms, unfortunately.

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