Is Premier Income Plan a Scam Or a Great Business Venture?



Is Premier Income Plan a scam or legit business opportunity? That's the question many people have been asking about this platform? Will this MLM scheme with a difference make a positive difference in your life? Or is it just designed to take your money?

Let’s take a close look at this one and find out the truth…


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Is Premier Income Plan a ScamCompany Name: Premier Income Plan

Founder: Rodney Brace

Price To Join: $79 To Join – $59/Month

My Rating: 6.5/10



~ The Premier Income Plan Review ~


What Is Premier Income Plan?

This is a MLM company started by a software producer. Rodney Brace is the CEO of Hyphen Tech Inc., which actually owns Premier Income Plan. He even makes himself available for live video chat on the website, which is kind of unique.

Unlike so many of the other MLM deals I’ve reviewed which are in the health and wellness niche, this one actually involves computer software, so already I’m more interested. I’ve never seen a MLM company dealing in software before until I cam across PIP.

So what products are they offering and what do they actually do?

AV Conferencing Software – This works a bit like Skype and allows multiple people to connect via a high definition conference call. Works well for live webinars.

VAPPSY Video App System – This app is designed to allow customers to record video feedback rather than filling out a form or completing a survey.

Video Email Postcards – Similar to the eCard idea, this allows users to email their friends and family video postcards on special occasions, or to keep people in the loop when travelling.

Website Communicator – This enables the ability to activate live stream webcam video on any website. This means you can communicate with your visitors visually in real time.

Interesting software programs. How useful a couple of them really are, I’m not sure. I like the sound of the live streaming from any website. That could have some interesting applications. They claim the programs are all original and not reseller material or repackaged PLR.

Anyway, those are the products on offer at Premier Income Plan. Now let’s look at how members can make an income from this opportunity.

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How To Earn With Premier Income Plan

The compensation plan is rather complex, as they often are with MLMs.

From what I can understand is you receive a sign up bonus of $20 for your first 2 direct referrals, then a $30 bonus for each person you recruit after that. As far as downline compensation goes, you don’t earn anything on the first 2 people that your first 2 direct referrals sign up, but you do earn a one time $20 from referrals by your third recruit onwards.

This all operates on a 3×8 matrix as the image below illustrates, but it’s probably easier to just watch the video. Like I said, it’s rather complicated to explain.


Premier Income Plan Compensation Matrix


Target Audience

Some people are just naturally attracted to multi level marketing and will give anything a try, but unless you believe you can sell people on those 4 software programs, as well as the business side, this might not suit everyone.

MLM tends to attract those who are new to business, as the hard yards have already been covered. The products and the system already exist. It’s just a matter of getting out there and selling and recruiting.


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The Pros

  • A different product line to most other MLMs
  • The founder is a genuine software developer and not just some MLM guru
  • The compensation plan appears generous enough


The Cons

  • I’m not convinced that this suite of software is particularly useful or original
  • The compensation plan is rather complex, making it hard to really work out what you can potentially earn
  • Apparently you can’t just purchase the software deal without also joining the program as a distributor
  • Rather than an outright purchase, you pay a monthly subscription for access to the software


Tools and Training

You get access to the software as part of the deal, plus the official website also has some pretty helpful videos. Apparently members also receive a replica website to get sales and recruits, but it likely won't be effective if it's not original.

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Premier Income Plan Banner


How Much Does Premier Income Plan Cost?

It costs $79 to actually join the program, then you pay $59 per month for access to the software and to remain eligible for bonuses and residual commissions. There is also another tool called the PIP Genie. This costs $630 and apparently can get you recruits without you having to go out and find them.


Is Premier Income Plan a Scam?

This platform seems pretty legit in my opinion. Software is a different take on MLM for me, and good to see something besides health and beauty products. It’s unusual that you can’t just simply sell the software services to people without them being forced to join the business opportunity side of things as well. Some people may want access to this kind of software, but might not want to sell it as a side hustle.


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