High Ticket Income System Is a Scam or Not? Just Another Ponzi Scheme?



High Ticket Income System is a scam or isn’t it? There has been a lot of buzz about this platform on social media of late, but is it a genuine online business that will make you money for years to come, or just some fly by night Ponzi scheme destined to disappear in a puff of smoke?

Let’s take a look and find out the truth…



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High Ticket Income System Is a ScamCompany Name: High Ticket Income System

Owner: DPS Marketing Group, LLC

Price To Join: $1100

My Rating: 2/10



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Chances are you’ve come across mentions of High Ticket Income System, or maybe even received an email about it, and that’s why you’re here reading this review. You obviously want to do your homework before joining any opportunity, and with all the make money online scams out there, I don’t blame you. It’s the very reason I write reviews like this one; to help people avoid falling for scams, schemes that are a waste of time and money, as well as highlighting the good opportunities out there.


What Is High Ticket Income System?

“Learn the skills of digital entrepreneurship”

That’s the slogan used by High Ticket Income System. But is that really what they teach on this platform? Or is it all a bit of a ruse to cover up the fact that they’re running some sort of pyramid scheme, where people might be able to make money in the very short term, but lose cash in the long run?

This platform was launched in 2017 and is run by a guy calling himself “Mr X”. The creator obviously wants to remain anonymous, and that’s always a major red flag for me. Why do they want to hide?

All I could discover is that High Ticket Income System is registered to a company named DPS Marketing Group, LLC. That company is owned by an online entrepreneur named Dale Payne-Sizer, so we could probably assume he’s Mr X.

Anyway, apparently this Mr X made over a million dollars with his high ticket system in 2016 and now wants to share it with the rest of us. This is a “proven business model” and “done for you” system. That’s according to the website and not my words.

In 2016 – the year Mr X made 7 figures from his system – Dale Payne-Sizer was running a Ponzi scheme called “Infinity Profit System”, which has long since collapsed (as all Ponzi schemes inevitably do). Chances are very high that High Ticket Income System is just a relaunch of the old scheme under a new name in a bid to resurrect it and make another financial killing for Mr X.


High Ticket Income System Is a Scam


How It Really Works

This is marketed as a way to jump on board and make money instantly by plugging into the done for you system. Mr X has some token digital products which are designed to be resold by members, so essentially members are buying the right (or license) to resell these digital offers.

What you’re doing in reality is just promoting High Ticket Income System to others and getting them to buy into the same scheme you bought into. It’s really nothing more than a recruitment drive, and the scheme relies solely on recruiting new members and their money to survive.

You get a sales page that replicates the original. That way, when someone joins through the unique link on your replicated page, you get credited with the referral and the commission attached.

High Ticket Income System BannerHere’s what’s inside:

  • Sales videos
  • Training videos
  • Lead tracking
  • Email swipes
  • Lead capture pages
  • Email opt in forms
  • Business back office

A guy named Paul Turner presents all the sales videos and it will cost you a minimum of $1000 to buy into this, plus a $100 admin fee. The admin fee guarantees that Mr X and co make money from this scheme no matter what happens. Even if it only lasts a few months, they’ll be guaranteed to make money while most investors will be left out of pocket.

The list above is what’s included when you join for a cool grand, but in order to advance your “business”, there are a number of other tools available which you have to pay more for. Done for you traffic to drive to your capture pages is one such example of the upsells, and without traffic your business will go nowhere, so it’s like a mandatory purchase.

The idea is to build downlines in this pyramid scheme, because that’s how you increase your earnings; by making money from your recruits.


How the Compensation Plan Works

High Ticket Income System uses a unilevel MLM system for their compensation plan and recruitment scheme. This means you can build as many downlines as you like. However, downlines are capped at only 2 levels deep, so you really need the ability to go wide anyway.

Your direct recruits land on level 1 and you earn $500 for every direct recruit that buys in. Their direct recruits land on your second level and earn you another $500. Referrals on each level are unlimited.


Unilevel Compensation Plan


So that accounts for all of someone’s $1000 joining fee, while Mr X makes money from the additional $100 admin fee on every single transaction.

This all might sound great in theory, and the money sounds awesome, but it’s incredibly hard to recruit people and convince them to fork out $1000 (a lot of cash for most people), on something that may or may not work. The risks with these types of schemes are pretty obvious, so to “try it out” for a thousand dollars is a huge ask and a really tough sell.


Is This An Illegal Ponzi Scheme?

I believe it is. Basically the products exist only as an excuse to legitimise a Ponzi scheme. In an attempt to stay within the boundaries of the law, exchanging money in this fashion can only be done if there appears to be a legitimate product or service given in exchange for that money. But in reality, all that’s happening here is people are getting paid a commission to bring in new members, who then pay money and keep the scheme going.

This is a chain system like the old-fashioned chain letter idea. It works on the MLM structure, but minus any real products of tangible value. And because it relies solely on the money of new members to pay the profits of existing investors, this is a classic Ponzi scheme.


Target Audience

This isn’t necessarily targeted at people new to making money online. There are loads of people out there who love trying their luck at schemes just like this one. What High Ticket Income System is really doing is targeting the get rich quick mentality, with the lure of seemingly big and easy money. The reality, of course, is that these schemes are never easy because you need to be a master recruiter to make them work for you.


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What I Like

  • In theory you could make some decent money with this in the short term
  • You can hire “sales closers” to close the sales for you (at a price)
  • The compensation plan is simpler and fairer than some similar schemes


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • It’s just a Ponzi scheme and nothing more than that
  • These schemes never last long and are always doomed to collapse
  • The majority of people who invest in Ponzi schemes either can’t make them work, or they don’t make a profit quickly enough before the scheme dies out
  • You need to recruit like crazy to make decent money from product-less MLM schemes
  • The owners will always make money, as they set the system up in such a way that they get paid first
  • As soon as the system collapses, the creators walk away with a bag of cash while everyone else is left high and dry
  • Mr X likes to remain anonymous
  • This is promoted as being really easy, when in fact the exact opposite is true


How Much Does High Ticket Income System Cost?

It costs $1100 to get on board with High Ticket income System. That’s $100 to be shared with your recruiters and a $100 admin fee that’s paid to those who run the operation.


High Ticket Income System


Is High Ticket Income System a Scam?

Technically illegal Ponzi schemes are scams, and this one fits the bill perfectly. However, in my personal opinion it’s not a complete and outright scam by my definition, because you can potentially make some money with this. It would be damn hard to do, but still doable.

The thing to keep in mind is that these schemes can collapse and disappear overnight, as they rely entirely on the recruitment of new members and the injection of new member money to stay alive.

You could invest $1100 today, only to see High Ticket Income System vanish tomorrow, and to me that’s not a risk anyone should be willing to take. Buying lotto tickets would be a far safer option than investing in this scheme.


Build a Real Online Business the Way I Did

Schemes like High Ticket Income System are all doomed to fail at some point, and most people make nothing from them. If you want to make some money online, then you are far better off chasing something with stability and that will be around for the long term.

That’s why I recommend setting up a simple online business that costs virtually nothing to get started and run. The business I’m talking about is affiliate marketing. It’s what I’ve been doing for years now and it makes me a very healthy monthly income.

Anyone can do affiliate marketing. It’s really not that hard, and you don’t need to be some sort of gun salesperson. With a bit of training to get you started on the right path, you can be successful at it and create a life of time and money freedom for yourself.

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