Laptop Lifestyle System Is a Scam or Not? Can You Really Earn $11k a Month?



Laptop Lifestyle System is a scam or not? Website owner, Carolina Millan, claims you can make over 6 figures per year with her system, but is that the real truth, or just hype to get you to join and part with your money?

Let’s take a look and find out the truth…



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Laptop Lifestyle System Is a ScamCompany Name: Laptop Lifestyle System

Owner: Carolina Millan

Price To Join: $49 To Start

My Rating: 1/10



~ Laptop Lifestyle System Review ~



Maybe you received an email promoting the Laptop Lifestyle System or have heard about it on social media. Either way, it’s great that you’re here reading my review of this platform, as it shows you are smart and do your research before joining anything and handing your money over. While there are great ways to make money online, and many tools and training platforms out there designed to help people do just that, unfortunately there are lots of make money online (MMO) scams as well. On my website I attempt to highlight both the good and the bad so everyone can make educated decisions.


What Is the Laptop Lifestyle System?

The Laptop Lifestyle System is brought to us by a woman named Carolina Millan. She claims her system has allowed people to be paid out over $103 million dollars in revenue.

Now that’s massive, but is it really true?

In her sales video Carolina mentions leveraging the value of joining forces with a company that is already established, as this will fast-track your success and skyrocket your income potential. She goes on to say that the proven sales system she’s talking about will be sending you checks or deposits every two weeks in the range of $1250 to $5500.

Sounds pretty good so far.

Apparently you just generate the leads and the company will take care of closing those sales for you. All you have to do besides sending leads is count your money as it flows into your account. Your team will take care of:

  • Closing deals
  • Payment processing
  • Product delivery
  • Customer service
  • Website development
  • And more…

It’s advisable to get yourself your own website, just like Carolina has done, as well as taking advantage of social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook to generate leads to send to your team.

The real beauty of her system is you can earn yourself awesome commissions in the thousands while not even having to close any sales yourself. Apart from lead generation, this is pretty much a done for you system according to the sales pitch. In fact, you’ll even be given a personal coach to guide you through every step of the process. It’s the assistance of your coach that will guarantee you are successful, apparently.

Laptop Lifestyle System Is a Scam

How It Really Works

Now while living the laptop lifestyle is very real (I do it right now), what Carolina is selling you here is a different system to what she’s pretending to promote. Carolina doesn’t have anything of her own for you to join. Her professional looking website is nothing but a funnel into another high ticket platform called MOBE.

If you pay to join Carolina’s Laptop Lifestyle System, you’ll be buying an entry level membership into the MOBE platform, run by a guy named Matt Lloyd.

When you join MOBE you will enter into their 21 Steps program, and that’s where you come into regular contact with your coach. You can only progress through all 21 steps if you continue to spend money on other MOBE products and training.

While it’s fine for a MOBE affiliate to try and encourage people to join MOBE so they can earn affiliate commissions, Carolina isn’t at all upfront that she’s sending prospective members into MOBE, and I think that’s wrong. Just be transparent about what you’re selling so people have a better idea of what they’re getting themselves into.

This tactic reminds me a bit of Amway distributors. Because everyone has practically heard about Amway or been involved in it in the past, it was hard for Amway distributors to get anyone interested and along to meetings if they said they were selling Amway. So the distributors would make out like it was something new, then when you get to the meeting you find out it’s just Amway.

Now obviously a lot of people are tired of hearing about MOBE too, so the affiliates create websites and make out like they’ve developed a new scheme, only to send people into MOBE when they join. Whether MOBE teach this tactic or not, I’m not sure, but so many of their affiliates do exactly this.

MOBE Banner

A Little About MOBE

I’ve written a detailed review on the MOBE platform here, but I’ll briefly give a rundown of it.

MOBE is all about affiliate marketing, but it’s also all about just selling MOBE and it’s suite of digital products and trainings. MOBE doesn’t teach people how to set up and run profitable affiliate marketing businesses in the true sense, because they don’t equip you to do anything else except promote MOBE itself and get others to join the same system you bought into.

Your “coach” is just a MOBE sales rep, and it’s their job to pressure you into buying a whole range of high ticket MOBE products as you progress through MOBE’s 21 Steps program. By the time you’re done spending, you’ll be out over $50k.

You see, in order to be eligible to earn commissions selling MOBE products, you first have to own that product. So in order to earn on everything available at MOBE, you have to buy every single product they have.

MOBE recruits people to sell MOBE and that’s all they do. It’s almost like a Ponzi scheme. MOBE is not alone in this business formula either. There are quite a few high ticket platforms out there that do exactly the same thing, such as Digital Altitude.


Target Audience

These MOBE affiliates who use Carolina’s tactic of pretending to have their own system for you to join are really targeting newcomers to making money on the internet, as experienced marketers likely wouldn’t be interested and would see the deception. MOBE’s not a scam in my opinion, but their affiliates use very questionable tactics to get people to join.


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What I Like

  • You can potentially make some big commissions with MOBE


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Carolina Millan isn’t transparent about the fact that she’s sending people into MOBE
  • MOBE is high ticket and super expensive
  • You only learn how to sell MOBE and nothing else
  • To go all in will cost you over $50,000
  • Too many MOBE affiliates use bait and switch and deception to lure people into a different platform
  • MOBE is a really hard sell because of the prices they charge, so earning the kind of money Carolina talks about is often nothing more than just wishful thinking
  • You have to be a gun seller and recruiter to get anywhere with MOBE


How Much Does Laptop Lifestyle System Cost?

The $49 joining fee for Laptop Lifestyle System gets you an entry into MOBE’s 21 Steps program, where you will be pressured into spending thousands on other MOBE products. To take MOBE seriously, you almost need to be rich before you even join.


Passive Payday Cost of Mobe


Is Laptop Lifestyle System a Scam?

I don’t consider MOBE a total scam, but I certainly don’t recommend joining it either. This site – Laptop Lifestyle System – is yet another MOBE affiliate using bait and switch tactics to get people into MOBE. I don’t like the dishonesty and ambiguity. Why can’t they just be upfront?

MOBE is all about getting its members to spend up big. If you were to buy everything, you’re out of pocket bucket loads before you’ve even made any money, and even if you are good at promoting MOBE, how long is it going to take to recoup your $50k and get in the black?

I don’t recommend MOBE and I don’t recommend Carolina Millan’s fake Laptop Lifestyle System either.


Build a Real Online Business the Way I Did

While it’s possible to make some good money with MOBE, it’s also high risk because of the costs involved and the very structure of the MOBE platform. MOBE is involved in affiliate marketing, but there are far better ways of both learning affiliate marketing and running an affiliate business online.

I do affiliate marketing for a living and have been for years. I get to promote anything I want and am not just limited to the one brand of product like MOBE. Anyone can do this successfully. I’m nothing special. All I did was join a training platform that allowed me to follow a proven blueprint for success, put together by people who are already successful at it.

You can do this too and create for yourself a thriving online business that will bring in passive income and give you complete lifestyle freedom. Just take the same training I did because I know it works.

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