Is American Income Life a Scam or a Real Job Offer?



Is American Income Life a scam or not? I’ve seen a lot of talk about this insurance work opportunity, so I decided to take a look at what’s on offer and whether it’s worth joining. They claim you can get a great job out of the training, but is that the real deal or not?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…



Is American Income Life a Scam

Company Name: American Income Life


Price To Join: $490

My Rating: 1/10


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I kept seeing people mentioning this place online, although most of the mentions are actually complaints. As I write reviews on this website about ways to make money, I thought I’d look into this and see what’s really going on.

I’m glad to see you here reading my review, as it’s always a good idea to do some homework on an opportunity first before joining it. That way you can avoid any make money scams or anything that’s not worthwhile. This allows you to truly find the good stuff that’ll help you get somewhere.

Let’s see how American Income Life measures up in the good or bad stakes.


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What Is American Income Life?

Statements like “earn $50k a year, no experience and full training provided” are commonly bandied about by advertisements for American Income Life. This company is all about training people to sell life insurance policies.

Basically this is a life insurance policy product as well as an opportunity to join this company’s business, sell their products, as well as recruit new members into the scheme. Essentially it’s a network marketing gig.

American Income Life is somewhat international in scope, with representation in the United States, Canada and as far away as New Zealand. It was founded way back in 1951 by a man named Bernard Rapoport.

The company knows how to sell their deal pretty well, as many people jump on board thinking that after doing the training they’ll be raking in cash as both insurance salespeople, as well as earning from recruiting others into the business.

Unfortunately this company makes it sound like you’ll have paid employment after paying up for their training, when in fact you’re basically just going to be a sales rep for them, working on a commission and bonus only basis.

It’s a bit of a bait and switch tactic, making it sound like a genuine job interview and paid employment, but since when do you have to pay a fee to work for an employer?

That never happens, so the very fact that you have to pay out a hefty chunk of change right at the start should be a red flag that this is no ordinary job offer.

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Is American Income Life a Scam


The Products

As we’ve established, this place is all about selling people insurance policies, so let’s quickly take a look at what those policies are.

Whole Life Insurance – This insurance policy provides cover for your entire lifetime where the premiums never increase.

Term Life Insurance – This policy is designed to offer recipients cover for a limited period of time. Premiums increase after the initial cover period.

Accident & Supplemental Health Insurance – As the name suggests, this is to safeguard against having an accident or suffering from an illness.


American Income Life Insurance Policies


The MLM Business Opportunity

This company is never upfront that they operate a multi level marketing (MLM) business structure when doing their advertising. Instead, they promote their opportunity as paid employment, when it’s not.

When you apply for the “job”, you’ll enter into a classroom situation where you’ll be presented with the sales pitch. This is what happens when you are called in for an interview.

A whole bunch of people will be there at the same time so the company can put the squeeze on you to pay up and do their training, after which you’ll be able to start your lucrative new career as a door-to-door insurance salesperson.

You’ll become everyone’s new best friend as we all love door-to-door insurance sellers.

Throughout the training – if you decide to take them up on it – it’ll be drilled into you just how much money you’re going to be earning, and that you’ll be able to retire and live blissfully ever after in just 10 short years.

Generally it’s only once you’re involved in the training that you realise you’ve signed yourself up for a network marketing deal and not a real paying job offer.

Once you’ve completed the training and are armed with the skills and knowledge you need, it’s time to pound the pavement and start peddling those insurance policies, as well as trying to lure new recruits into the same scheme you joined.


Complaints About American Income Life

The company has been around for ages, and the complaints about the company’s practices have been around almost as long as the company itself. These days the negative press is even more frequent and evident with the ease of listing complaints about American Income Life online.

Just look at the screenshots below for just a small sample of the complaints that are going around.


American Income Life Complaint 1

American Income Life Complaint 2

American Income Life Complaint 3


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What I Like

  • I can’t think of much I like about it, except that they’ve been in business for a very long time and that it is possible to earn money by selling their policies and recruiting new members


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What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • They advertise it like there’s a real job offer on the other side of the training
  • They leave it until you’re well into the training to tell you they’re a MLM company and that there will be no paid employment, just commissions
  • The tactics this firm uses to hook people in are very deceptive, if not blatant lies
  • The money you can earn is really hyped up, when the reality is that most people will do loads of work for very little rewards, if any at all
  • You have to pay for the training and also travel to do it
  • One of the most common complaints is that you’ll be lied to constantly
  • The cost to join is expensive
  • Free gifts are used to lure you in


How Much Does American Income Life Cost To Join?

The training costs $490. You need to spend money travelling to where the training is taking place, as well as on accommodation and living expenses while you’re there.

Once you’ve completed the training and are working on commission, you’ll have day to day business expenses that come out of your own pocket and not the company’s.

So basically, you pay all the expenses and do all the work, only receiving income if you actually manage to sell something.


American Income Life Training


Is American Income Life a Scam?

Would I call it an outright scam?

In a way, yes, because of all the lies and deception they use to recruit people into this MLM insurance scheme.

There is no real paying job, just the promise of the wonder life after you get sucked into forking out for their training and all the other expenses that goes along with that.

The company has been in existence for almost 70 years now, but somehow they manage to keep afloat and this rather dodgy scheme continues doing the rounds.

From all accounts their life insurance policies are not that great either, when you read complaints and reviews about American Income Life.

Give this one a huge miss.


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