Is Ameriplan a Scam or a Decent Network Marketing Scheme?



What is “Ameriplan”? A scam?  Or is it a legit home-based business that can make a good income for you and your family, while at the same time saving you money on dental and healthcare costs?

Let’s take a closer look…


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Is Ameriplan a ScamCompany Name: Ameriplan

Co-Founders: Dennis and Daniel Bloom

Price To Join: $24.95/Year (to start)

My Rating: 6.5/10


~ The “Ameriplan” Review ~


What Is Ameriplan?

First up, to be clear, this is not a review of the pros and cons of being a member of Ameriplan for dental and healthcare savings. This review is about Ameriplan’s home-based business opportunity for those online and offline entrepreneurs who want to make money by recommending and selling Ameriplan to others.

Basically the idea is you join Ameriplan yourself at the initial $24.95 per year rate. This gives you the opportunity to become a distributor. Essentially it’s a Network Marketing opportunity. The more people you can sign up to Ameriplan – on their variety of plans – the more money in commissions you can potentially make.

Ameriplan started out in 1992 as a healthcare plan to save on dental costs. It’s now evolved to include more general healthcare and savings on pharmaceuticals as well.

As an Ameriplan consultant you first start off on the base level and will receive a personalised website and access to the back office for 12 months. You can now start building your business promoting Ameriplan.

To be eligible to earn commissions, you are not considered “active” until you buy or sell at least one Dental Plus, Med Plus or Deluxe Plus Membership.

In all there are 5 membership levels. While you pay extra to join each level, this both allows you to claim commissions when you sell a package to someone, as well as giving you access to those dental and healthcare benefits on offer at Ameriplan.

As far as the business side of things go, you can merely be a consultant, directly selling Ameriplan products to others. Or you can go one step further and take the MLM route, where you also recruit others into Ameriplan as consultants and they become your down line.

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Ameriplan Headquarters


Who Is The Target Audience?

This opportunity as a business model has been heavily marketed to stay at home moms. It’s something that can be done both online and offline, such is the case with most Network Marketing and MLM systems today.

People who want to make some cash on the side while at the same time getting themselves some form of dental and health cover would be well suited to this. Really, anyone wanting to make part-time or fulltime cash could have a go at selling the Ameriplan scheme. Beginners and experienced sellers alike could get involved.


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The Pros

  • Quite affordable healthcare and dental plans
  • Cheap to get a business started
  • Has been around for 25 years
  • Good training and phone support


The Cons

  • A hard sell from a business perspective
  • Quite a lot of people already involved as consultants
  • The dental and healthcare coverage is quite limited
  • To take advantage of discount dental, medical etc., you have to see a professional within their recommended network, otherwise no discount applies. Many doctors and dentists won’t accept Ameriplan
  • If you do your research you will find quite a few negative reviews about Ameriplan; both from the business side of things, and as a way to receive discount health and dental care


Tools and Training

As mentioned earlier, you get given a free personalised website as an Ameriplan consultant. This is your online reference point and place to send interested people. Some other tools, training and benefits include:

  • Ameriplan Dental PlusIndependent Business Ownership (IBO)
  • Residual and Passive Income Opportunities
  • Work From Home – Lifestyle Freedom
  • Inexpensive To Start
  • Work With An Established Corporation
  • Bonuses and Rewards On Offer
  • Compensation Plans
  • Team and Customer Support
  • Be Your Own Boss


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How Much Does “Ameriplan” Really Cost?

The cheapest package to get started is $24.95 per year, while the most expensive and most comprehensive package will set you back $269.95 to be an eligible consultant. With the dearest package you stand to make bigger commissions, as well as getting yourself more healthcare coverage. It’s not a bad deal really, from the healthcare point of view.


Is “Ameriplan” A Scam?

It’s not a scam in either direction. I do believe there is more benefit to be had from the healthcare benefits, rather than the money earned as a consultant.

The reason I didn’t rate the business opportunity more highly is because it can be a bit of a hard sell, as a lot of Network Marketing systems are. It can be done, but it takes a lot of hustling to make sales and also recruit new consultants under you. It’s not easy.

It might be worth a go. Try and do it part-time for a while and test it out. If it goes well and looks like it has fulltime income potential, then go all in with your efforts.


I Prefer Affiliate Marketing

Those who are regular readers of this site will know I’m not a huge fan of MLM or Network Marketing. I prefer affiliate marketing. For one reason, you don’t need to annoy the hell out of everyone you know so you can make money. Just about all affiliate marketing efforts can be conducted online and you have a global marketplace to promote and sell to.

It involves a lot more freedoms than what MLM and Network Marketing can provide, and you are in no way restricted to one location. In fact, you can work from anywhere in the world and make money. That’s just one reason why I love and endorse affiliate marketing as a business.

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2 thoughts on “Is Ameriplan a Scam or a Decent Network Marketing Scheme?

  1. I agree with you that affiliate marketing is a better, more consistently productive, and, probably, more legal way to go.

    AmeriPlan looks to be a Multi-Level Marketing scheme…otherwise known as a pyramid design. This means that the only ones who truly benefit are those folks who got in at the beginning.

    Besides, I have never been a good “used car salesman” anyway. So, I think I will opt for the pure freedom of affiliate marketing and keep a clear conscious, as well as a calm working environment.

    Great article!


    • Thanks. Jim. Ameriplan is probably not a bad deal from a consumer perspective, but as far as selling it goes, I think it would be really hard work. Plus you are limited in who you can sell it too, as well as limitations on which dentists etc., people can actually use. At least with affiliate marketing, for the most part you have a global market.

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