Is Auto Money System a Scam? Big Payday or Bait and Switch?



Is Auto Money System a scam or a great opportunity to make some genuine cash? The creator of the platform claims you’ll be making money almost instantly on autopilot, but is this really true? It sounds like a sales pitch to me, but you never know.

Let’s take a closer look and uncover the truth…


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Is Auto Money System a ScamCompany Name: Auto Money System

Owner: Samantha Horvath

Price To Join: $47 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10




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What Is Auto Money System?

This platform claims it can make you a fortune by giving you access to a special make money online system.

If I had a dollar for every time I read or heard a line like that, I’d be a millionaire.

Another instant red flag for me from the sales pitch for Auto Money System is the owner claims you won’t have to do any work at all.

Seriously? It’s really that easy? Make a fortune without having to do any work? What is this? A lotto system?

No, it’s not. In fact, the video or website never do really explain how we are going to be making all this easy cash, just that we will be. The sales pitch just hypes up this scheme with convoluted earnings claims and other hype, designed to get us excited enough to buy into it without doing our research or giving it any real thought.

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Auto Money System Sign Up


How It Works

The internet is full of these types of schemes that make huge promises of money for a small amount of effort, and these guys and girls are all willing to sell us their cash cow for a small amount of money in comparison to what they claim we will be making.

Makes you wonder why they would even bother if they’re making so much money from their system themselves. Truth is, it’s the program they’re selling that they’re making the actual money from and not their secret system.

Somehow the Auto Money System says it’s creating an account for you as you watch the sales video. It doesn’t obviously, but that’s what they actually say. They even take this lie a step further – in a big way – and state that money will be going into that new account for you while you watch the remainder of the video.


If anyone ends up buying into the sales BS and actually purchases a membership to this scheme, they’ll discover that they still actually have to create an account and that there is no money already in that account, despite sitting through the entire video.

Once inside the platform all that will happen is you’ll be hit with a series of upsells that could potentially cost you hundreds of dollars more, or even thousands.

All this platform is, is a portal to try and sell you affiliate products through the notorious affiliate platform called ClickBetter. This affiliate platform is well known for allowing people to sell scams through the site, and that’s all Auto Money System is trying to do, plus take your joining fee for the privilege.

ClickBetter may not actually endorse the products that are sold on their site, but they don’t refuse the scams and dodgy systems either. Not everything on their site is a scam, but there are plenty.

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Fake Testimonials

So many sites do this to try and give themselves credibility so people will sign up. They’ll either hire actors or freelancers to do video or written testimonials, making statements about how great the program is and how much easy money they’ve made with it. These people are paid to write or record this stuff, and are probably just following a prewritten script that was given to them.


Auto Money System Fake Testimonials

Auto Money System Paid Fiverr Actor


Limited Spots Available

This is also another common ploy among make money scams, but it’s a tactic that’s also employed by genuine businesses as well. Stating there are limited spots left makes people take quick action so they won’t miss out.

In the case of Auto Money System, they don’t want you thinking about anything or doing any research (such as reading product reviews). They just want you to hurry up and join and hand over your cash.


Target Audience

This is definitely targeted at the get rich quick crowd, as well as newcomers to making money on the internet. Experienced online marketers know instantly that schemes that peddle BS like this one are just hyping up a bunch of lies to make money. Experienced marketers know how things work, and they also know legit training programs and make money ideas are more transparent and forthcoming with information before you join.


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What I Like

  • I can’t find anything I like about Auto Money System


What I Don’t Like

  • The income claims are ridiculous
  • They tell you nothing about how you will be making money
  • Once inside, the entire platform is just designed to suck more money out of you
  • The testimonials are bogus
  • There is really nothing to this program at all, no real way to make any money with it
  • This platform is simply a money pit to try and suck you dry
  • The claim that you will be able to make a fortune on autopilot with no work is a huge red flag
  • ClickBetter is renowned for allowing make money scams on their website


Automated Daily Income Dream


How Much Does Auto Money System Cost?

It costs $47 to join this empty shell of a scheme, but sometimes if you click away they’ll drop the price to $37. For that you get the joy of being hit with upsell after upsell, many of them dodgy platforms if not outright scams.


Is Auto Money System a Scam?

I’d classify this as a scam, because it just blows a lot of hype and actually doesn’t offer you anything other than the opportunity to spend more money once inside its virtual doors.

The Auto Money System is a worthless piece of junk, so do yourself a favour and stay clear of this one.


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2 thoughts on “Is Auto Money System a Scam? Big Payday or Bait and Switch?

  1. I really hate this kind of testimonials and they are generally just actors. It might work a decade ago but I think many people are aware of this situation. Actually my friend wanted me to do a research since I have experiences about online marketing. He was thinking of joining this program and I will tell him to avoid it. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Yep, best to avoid this one that’s for sure. Tell your friend not to bother. They’ll just lsoe a bunch of money. Auto Money System is nothing but bait and switch designed to sell you other stuff, and the guy in the video I’ve seen in countless sales videos for other products. He’s just an actor. Give my top recommendation a go. It’ll teach your friend the best ways to make money online. Cheers.

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