Is Copy My Commissions a Scam? Can Making $60K Really Be That Easy?



Is Copy My Commissions a scam? Can we really make $60,000 in just 29 days with this magic make money online system? It sounds a bit too good to be true to me.

Let’s take a look at it….



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Is Copy My Commissions a ScamCompany Name: Copy My Commissions

Owners: James Johnson

Price To Join: $7 to start

My Rating: 0/10



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What Is Copy My Commissions?

This is yet another make money online product that promises you will make an income completely on autopilot. Although making passive income streams online is entirely possible, when platforms start out promising this right off the bat it does make me skeptical.

This company also immediately uses the limited time offer ploy to make you hurry up and act. Instead of a countdown timer, they claim their video is only going to be online for 24 hours and then will be taken down, after which you won’t be able to join.

Yeah?…I don’t think so.

The third immediate red flag is the claim that their software can make members $60K in less than 30 days. That’s a hell of a statement to make. The sales video is also full of “success stories” (likely hired actors), spewing out nothing but praise for Copy My Commissions and how it’s changed their life. Sounds like a fantasy get rich quick scheme.

The problem with platforms like this one and their sales pitches, is they love to hype up all the good stuff you want to hear, but they rarely, if ever, get around to telling you what you will have to do to make all this quick and easy money. They don’t want to reveal this until you actually pay up and join. Which I don’t agree with. No one should be requesting you spend money on a product BEFORE revealing what it is you’re actually buying into. And this video runs for close to an hour!

While a genuine product will tend to focus on what the product is and how it will benefit the customer, this video spends all it’s time talking about anything but the actual product. Bashing other gurus, hyping up the income potential, living the high life.

To me that screams scam. What are they hiding?

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Copy My Commissions Limited Time Offer


How Does It Work?

It seems that Copy My Commissions is an exact duplicate of another well-known scam site called Instant Income Code. Just like with that platform, it’s the exact same video used, and the video claims that their magic secret software (because it’s a secret, they can’t tell you what it is in the video) will miraculously make you thousands of dollars a day on complete autopilot.

After some digging I discovered that the actual software their platform uses is freely available for purchase on various online marketplaces for around $20. It’s nothing exclusive to Copy My Commissions. All it is, is a plugin that enables you to collect visitor’s email addresses when they come to your website, allowing you to build an email list of subscribers. Copy My Commissions charge you a small fee to join their platform, then have you go purchase the software and they make an affiliate commission.

The actual “copy” part of the Copy My Commissions system is for members to recruit other people into the system and make commissions on those new recruits. This kind of simplistic, basic system has been done to death. The creators are not really selling you a product, just bringing you into an affiliate sales funnel, then getting you to copy what they do.

After some further digging, apparently this mob use your credit card to sign you up for subscriptions to other products you didn’t even authorise and don’t want.


Is Copy My Commissions a Scam


Target Audience

Definitely aimed at newbies to online marketing that’s for sure. They lure people into their affiliate funnel. They essentially prey on those who just don’t know any better and are unaware of all the scams out there.


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What I Like

  • There isn’t really anything that I “like” about Copy My Commissions


What I Don’t Like

  • There are a lot of instant red flags with this system
  • Loads of hype in the sales video, but no real substance
  • Ridiculous claims of being able to earn $60K in less than a month
  • Actors in the video pretending the system has allowed them to live the high life
  • The secret software they go on about is available for sale elsewhere and has nothing to do with Copy My Commissions
  • It’s the same platform as Instant Income Code
  • They use the very limited time ploy to get you to act and hand over your credit card details, which they’ll then use against you and sign you up for all manner of things you don’t want
  • It’s a nothing, empty shell of a platform that doesn’t teach you anything, let alone help you make $60K
  • There are complaints about it everywhere on the internet


This is an actual compliant about Copy My Commissions on Ripoff Report.

Copy My Commissions Complaints


How Much Does Copy My Commissions Cost?

They initially charge you just $7 to join, but this is to get your credit card details on file so they can automatically sign you up for a bunch of other stuff that you don’t want. You also have to purchase the secret software email client plugin once you’re on board. But don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll do that for you automatically and bill your credit card. You just sit back and relax and wait for that $60,000 to fall into your lap in 29 days time.


Is Copy My Commissions a Scam?

I definitely rate this as a scam. It doesn’t technically offer anything. The software can be bought elsewhere, there is no training on how to make money and they use your CC to sign you on for other stuff you don’t want or need. It’s a total rort. Give it a miss.


There Is a Better Way

If you avoid all the scams out there and their fake promises that they can’t live up to, making money online – good money – is entirely possible and actually not that difficult. But you need to get the notion of big money made easily completely on autopilot out of your head.

Name one thing – other than winning the lottery – that gives you big, easy money in quick time?

There isn’t anything, and that’s just the way it is.

Everything takes some time and effort, but if you are willing to put that effort and commitment in, then you can make some awesome money on the internet; and in time much of that money will start to come in rather passively and on autopilot, but you have to put the work in first.

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2 thoughts on “Is Copy My Commissions a Scam? Can Making $60K Really Be That Easy?

  1. Hi Darren, For an absolute fact get-rich-quick schemes, such as what constitutes the company that is the focus of your review, “Copy My Commissions” are nothing but unmitigated lies.

    There is not a legit online business venture in the world that can allow a person to earn 60 grand within a month’s time period shortly after he/she got involved with the company.

    However, because of one of mankind’s 7 deadly sins, greed, there are people who inhabit this Earth who delusionally believe that fraud programs such as Copy My Commissions would easily allow them to make so much money very quickly.

    I noticed the image embedded into your review stating that the video presentation could be deleted within the next 24 hours – so any interested person had better act fast before the company pulled back their enticing, (joke-joke) offer. A well-worn tactic that has been used for decades, mostly by con-artist used car salespersons, in getting people to join immediately. sometimes handing over a lot of money without understanding the full consequences of what they’d be doing. Until it was much too late!

    As you also stated, this fraud program’s “unique” software that would enable a person to have money coming in by the boatload is something that in fact HAS been seen before – by similar scam programs making the same bodacious promises of making money easily.

    Copy My Commissions would be a total waste of time, and money thrown away to any individual foolish enough to join. And most definitely NO he/she will not be depositing $60,000 into his/her bank account in a month’s time after joining!

    Thank you for the forthright review, Darren as you were quite upfront in telling readers to simply walk away from this bogus program without ever looking back!


    • Hi Jeff, and thanks for a great response. Luckily this scam only costs $7 to find out it’s a scam, but unfortunately they do get your sign up details and credit card details once someone does join which is a bit of a worry.

      Yes, the $60k earnings within a month is totally laughable and not very likely to happen. Maybe if they were selling lotto tickets it might be more possible, with an extreme stroke of luck.

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