Is the Cash Code a Scam? Or Way To Cash Up Big?



Is the “Cash Code” a scam or not? Or can you really set your life up and live the dream by using the Cash Code system? They make some huge claims about the money you can potentially earn so easily, but is this for real, or just some sales hype to get you to invest?

Read on to find out the truth…



Is The Cash Code A ScamCompany Name: The Cash Code

Owners: Robert Allen

Price To Join: $250 Initial investment

My Rating: 1/10




~ The “Cash Code” Review ~



Binary options trading software and robots seem to be a dime a dozen on the internet today. I’ve reviewed a number of them on this website. The Cash Code is yet another installment of this robot gambling software.

Let’s take a closer look at what it’s all about.


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What Is The “Cash Code”?

As mentioned above the Cash Code is yet another binary options trading platform and associated automated software. I believe it’s exactly the same as another program I recently reviewed called the Millionaire Blueprint. And I wouldn’t be surprised if the same creators own a whole bunch of these systems with different websites, but are basically just peddling the exact same software and promoting the exact same trading brokers.

While the Millionaire Blueprint claims you can make over $1.8 million in just 90 days, Cash Code says you will become a millionaire in 60 days.

If only it were that easy.


How It Works

Basically how it works is this: You join through Robert Allen (or in some cases it might be a guy called Walter Green. They could even be the same guy). Once you’ve joined Cash Code you will be asked to choose a broker and then invest your $250 to use to place trades.

Now, apparently the bot driven, push button software that logs trading signals will make all the right trades for you at just the right time. All you have to do is press the button and walk away. Go to the beach, go shopping, meet up with your friends for lunch. Never fear because while you’re away the Cash Code software will be at play, placing winning trades and filling your bank account with multitudes of cash in your absence.

Sounds awesome in theory, but it’s not reality.


Cash Code Sign Up Screen


Why It Won’t Work

Cash Code is just a rehash of all the other binary options trading software out there. In fact, it’s likely the exact same software as a whole bunch of other systems, possibly even run by the same people. They just keep reinventing the same scam over and over again.

Yes, of course it’s possible to make money trading the market, and yes it’s possible that some bot software can help you achieve a few winning trades, but it’s far from guaranteed and you would have to be the luckiest person on Earth to become a millionaire from it in 60 days, with an initial investment of only $250.

While automated software can have its place in many different areas of life and business, it also has its drawbacks. For starters, software has no instincts. Sometimes you just know, deep down, that it’s either right or its wrong, and software can’t tell the difference. Software also doesn’t feel the slightest bit guilty or nervous about trading with your money either. Software doesn’t read the financial sector of newspapers or watch the news on TV.

There are a lot of factors that go into trading successfully, and automated software can’t cover them all. Besides, it’s been highly documented that many of these automated systems are rigged to take your money – which, unfortunately, is something you can accomplish with software.

Now, while Robert Allen and his broker friends are getting fat on your money and the money of everyone else who buys in, you and the others will likely be forever out of pocket; possibly many times over until you decide to give it a miss, count your losses and move on to a more genuine and profitable venture.


Who Is The Target Audience?

This software and automated system is aimed at the get rich quick with no effort marketplace. It’s a fantasy! Serious traders who work the markets every day know that you can’t really automate the process successfully on a consistent basis. There is a lot to learn. It’s a steep learning curve. Really the Cash Code is directed at people who are willing to hand over a minimum of $250 just to see if it’s for real. Maybe even people who are in a bind and are looking for a quick fix, a fast way out.


Cash Code Members

The guy in the middle is Walter Green. He runs the "Millionaire Blueprint" binary options trading scam.


The Pros

  • Not a thing


The Cons

  • Unbelievable claims of money that can be made in such a short space of time
  • It’s a get rich quick scam
  • Robert Allen, I’m betting, is the same guy as Walter Green from Millionaire Blueprint
  • This system appears in many forms and under many different names
  • Fake testimonials and ludicrous claims of money made
  • The people who feature in their video and testimonials are actors or fake profiles
  • The whole thing is a con job


Tools and Training

The Cash Code automated, magic, make money at a simple push of a button is the only tool you will need to become a millionaire virtually overnight (sarcasm intended). I don’t know if there is much in the way of training to actually use the software, but I’m sure the broker will offer extensive assistance in exactly how to go about investing your money into the system.


How Much Does The “Cash Code” Really Cost?

It’s a $250 minimum investment and, if you don’t get lucky when trading with that (which likely you won’t, as the system is probably rigged), you will soon be pressured to invest even more money, throwing good money after bad.

Mind you, the brokers and Robert Allen will be making money, as they will be skimming margins off every trade you place whether you win or lose. And if the system truly is rigged, then they’ll just be pocketing all your coin, and not just the margins and commissions.


Is The Global “Cash Code” A Scam?

Absolutely it’s a scam, and everyone would be well advised to steer clear of it. You’d be better off investing your initial $250 in lotto tickets than buying into this dodgy scheme.

It should be called the “Cash Con” or something similar.

Give it a miss, save yourself the headache and heartache, and look for better ways to spend your money, real opportunities that can genuinely pay off if you’re willing to have some patience and put the time into them.

Schemes like this one are a lot like gambling, so you might have better luck with this lotto system.


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4 thoughts on “Is the Cash Code a Scam? Or Way To Cash Up Big?

  1. I have read through your review, and I agree with you all through.

    Are you saying that the cash code and Millionaire Blue Print is likely to be the same, wearing different names?

    You are also giving warning advice to the public, to keep clear of these offers are you?

    Do you know why people like Walt Green, Peter Morgan and the many others are allowed to commit financial murder on people publicly on a daily basis and no one in authority take action to stop them?

    Legal action should be taken against them. Don’t you think?

    • Yes, I believe there are the same people running them.

      As far as legal action, the internet is very hard to police. There are dodgy scams all over th place, hence one of the reasons why I look into programs and review them.

  2. I’ve gone through your review and in-fact this is a very in-depth review. It’s really hard to believe that so many scam sites are available in the net and all these scam sites attract people who want to be rich quickly.
    These types of reviews really save many people from being victim of scam.
    I think only Google Adsense, affiliate marketing, online tutoring and a few online businesses are good and scam free which help earn money online.

    • Unfortunately when it comes to making money online, there seems to be so many scammers and people offering worthless, dodgy products trying to sucker people in with the dream of big bucks and a great lifestyle. These things are all possible online, especially with the methods you point out, but not by joining these scams.

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