Is Crowdology a Scam? Do Surveys Really Pay Good Money?



Is Crowdology a scam or not? This is yet another online survey site in a long list of survey sites, but is this one worth jumping on board with, or is it a complete waste of time?

Read on to find out what it’s all about…


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Is Crowdology a Scam

Company Name: Crowdology


Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 6/10


~ The Crowdology Review ~


What Is Crowdology?

Run by a company called Redshift Research Ltd, Crowdology is based out of the UK and is yet another online paid survey platform. There are literally hundreds (maybe even thousands by now) of survey sites on the internet.

I’ve done quite a few paid surveys myself over the years, and they can be an easy way to get your feet wet – so to speak – with making some money online, however small. At least it shows it’s possible and real and not just some sort of fantasy. Surveys can be an online confidence builder.

So, does Crowdology offer anything different to all the others? Do they pay a little more for survey completion, or the same packet of peanuts most of the others pay?

Well, they actually make the claim that they pay up to $10 for a single survey. In my experience that’s very high, but getting that kind of coin is probably pretty rare, and the survey would likely take well over an hour to complete.

Surveys are okay, but you really don't make much money for all the time you spend on them, and time is valuable.

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Is Crowdology a Scam


How It Works

The first thing to do is sign up for a free account on the Crowdology platform. Make sure you fill out all the profile information they ask for. The more complete your profile is, the more Crowdology learn about you, and the more surveys you’ll be invited to complete. More surveys equals more money for you.

The good thing about doing surveys is that it’s easy. Yeah, they can get a bit monotonous to do once you’ve done quite a lot of them, but it’s generally just multiple choice kinds of answers, so not a lot of thinking or skill involved.

You can also do them basically whenever you like, so no need to have any sort of strict schedule. However, do keep in mind that most surveys will only require a certain number of participants, and when the quota is filled, the survey invite will be closed. If you leave it too long to respond, you can miss out on surveys you were invited to complete.

According to their website the average length of their surveys is between 2 minutes and 15 minutes long, which is pretty standard for most paid survey platforms.

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How Much Money Can You Make?

This is really the bottom line and what it’s all about. For starters, if you’re based in the UK and accessing the UK version of Crowdology, you only need to reach a threshold of £4 to request a payout. In the US it’s $8. Crowdology make payments to its members via PayPal.

If you do decide to do paid surveys, then just look at it as a way of making a bit of pocket money, because that’s all it’s going to get you. Even if you joined heaps of survey sites and could complete surveys fulltime, you would never make a fulltime wage from it. They just don’t pay enough compared to the amount of time it takes.

The average amount you would likely earn per survey, depending on the length, would be somewhere in the vicinity of around 50 cents and maybe up to $2 or $3. Very occasionally you might get a $10 one.


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Target Audience

Surveys  are an easy way to make your first dollars online, but after that, if you are looking to make some real money, it’ll be time to trade up to something with a lot more potential and less labour intensive.


What I Like


What I Don’t Like

  • Surveys are a very poor trade off for your valuable time
  • You would have to spend a lot of time doing a lot of surveys to make it add up to something decent
  • Crowdology alone just isn’t going to send you enough surveys to make decent cash in reasonable time
  • It can be quite common to get screened out of surveys after answering the qualifying questions, meaning you earn nothing for that time
  • Sometimes the surveys will take longer than quoted


Crowdology Points


How Much Does Crowdology Cost?

It’s totally free to join Crowdology as a member and participate in their paid surveys. It’s very rare that a survey site will actually charge it’s members a joining fee. It might not pay much, but it’s risk-free.


Is Crowdology a Scam?

No, Crowdology is not a scam in any way. It’s a totally legitimate survey platform and actually pays marginally better for your time than many others out there do. I don’t advise people to get too tied up doing heaps of surveys though, not if the goal is to make decent money.

Sure, get your feet wet online and earn some coin with it, but then move on to something much more lucrative.


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