Survey Club Is a Scam or Not? Read This First!



Survey Club is a scam or not? Some people are quick to label platforms like these as scams for some reason, but is that really true? Can you even make money with Survey Club?

Let’s take a closer look and find out….


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Survey Club Is a Scam

Company Name: Survey Club

Owner:, LLC.

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 4/10



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What Is Survey Club?

Survey Club is huge! It currently has more than 16 million active members spread across 6 continents, so it’s definitely a worldwide opportunity.

What Survey Club do is take on board the research requirements of various companies, collecting data from across a broad selection of demographics by getting members to fill out surveys. Members are then compensated for their time to fill out the survey, so everyone wins.

The companies requiring research pay Survey Club, then Survey Club pays you and I.

There are many survey websites on the internet these days, but Survey Club is one of the oldest and biggest. They kicked off back in 2005 and quickly established themselves as one of the best survey sites around.

But is it all as it first seems? Let’s look at how it really works now.

While doing surveys can make you very small amounts of money, it's not the most profitable way to spend your time online, not by a long shot.

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Survey Club Is a Scam


How It Works

First thing to do is actually register and join. It’s a very simple process and it doesn’t cost you anything. It takes less than a minute.

After you have registered to become a member, you will now need to fill out your profile information and answer any questions they ask. It’s very important to complete this step thoroughly, as Survey Club uses this information to match you up with appropriate surveys.

A lack of information on your profile will lead to a lack of surveys to complete.

Now you will be able to periodically check out the “Available Studies” tab. Under this section of the Survey Club website you will discover all surveys matched up for you. They won’t remain available indefinitely, as each survey only requires a certain number of participants to complete it and then it closes.

Details such as what the survey is about, approximately how long it will take to complete, as well as how much you will earn for successful completion is all laid out there for you under this tab. It’s totally up to you whether you choose to do a particular survey or pass on it, and you can work whenever you like.

Many of the surveys offered on the Survey Club platform are run by other survey companies, so you have to individually join these other sites as well to take the surveys. You still get paid out by Survey Club, but there are just a lot of extra steps involved.


Survey Club Surveys


How Much Money Can You Make?

You are never going to get rich from doing surveys, no matter how great the survey site is, how many survey sites you happen to join, or how many surveys you complete all up per month. They just don’t pay enough. It’s also highly unlikely that you could earn enough per month doing surveys to even replace your job. It’s part-time money at best.

The amount you can earn per survey on Survey Club varies greatly. Shorter surveys obviously tend to pay less than longer surveys. The rewards range anywhere from 25 cents for really brief questionnaires, up to $6 for long surveys. The average would be a couple of dollars per survey.

Payouts can be in the form of:

  • Check
  • Gift card
  • PayPal
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Target Audience

Survey sites like Survey Club are pretty much targeted at anyone who has a bit of spare time and wants to make some extra pocket money or gift cards online.


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What I Like

  • Participating in Survey Club is available worldwide
  • They pay in real cash via PayPal
  • The company is huge and has been around since 2005


What I Don’t Like

  • Most of the surveys are conducted through other external survey platforms, and you need to join each one in turn
  • The amount you earn per survey is not much considering how much time you might actually spend filling out a survey
  • You must first pass the qualifying questions to take part in the actual “paid” section of the survey. If you don’t qualify, you’ve essentially wasted your valuable time answering a bunch of questions for nothing
  • They send a lot of spam to your email account
  • You won’t be able to make a consistent income from surveys, and the pay is too low for it to become a profitable or viable fulltime gig


How Much Does Survey Club Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to join Survey Club or any of the other survey sites they refer you to. It’s totally free to take part in paid surveys online.


Survey Club Banner


Is Survey Club a Scam?

It’s not a scam in any way, but I don’t really like the way the platform acts as a middleman for all the other survey platforms out there. Sure, in some ways this could be viewed as convenient, but Survey Club are taking a percentage of the money for every single person they refer to these sites.

That doesn’t mean it comes out of your share, but they do portray themselves as an actual independent survey platform that provides its own surveys, when in reality they do not.

It’s okay, and likely has some advantages, but there are better platforms out there than this one, and there is a lot of mucking around having to fill out all the details for a new platform every single time you want to fill out a survey.

Overall, doing paid surveys on any platform is not a profitable way to spend your time. If you want to make some real money online, then don’t waste your valuable time on surveys and look for something else.


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I’ve done paid surveys on a number of platforms in the past. You can do them whenever you like, and I can’t say I’ve ever been scammed in any way. I’ve earned gift cards as well as cash.

They do get really tedious to do after a while though, and making any reasonable money from them can take forever. So can the payouts.

These days I focus my time and energy on my flourishing affiliate marketing business. It’s become my fulltime gig and pays me far more than a fulltime wage per month.

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