Is Dumb Little System a Scam? Dumb System or Smart Money Making Scheme?



Is Dumb Little System a scam or not? The name alone makes me wonder. The owner claims you can make $90 commissions all on autopilot, but is this really true?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…



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Is Dumb Little System a ScamCompany Name: Dumb Little System

Owners: Bryan Winters

Price To Join: $10

My Rating: 2.5/10



~ Dumb Little System Review ~


Who Is Bryan Winters?

Apart from being the creator of the Dumb Little System, Bryan has been floating around the internet marketing scene for quite a while now and makes his living online. He’s kind of renowned for making a few good products that are sometimes a little on the suspect or shady side.

One of his better known offerings is a platform called “Commission Miner”, which was fairly popular a few years back.


What Is Dumb Little System?

Is Dumb Little System a ScamJust the name of this platform caught my eye – “Dumb Little System”. I felt almost compelled to look into it. I was wondering if the creator meant the system he made was just really stupid, or whether he was referring to a method of making money that is so simple that even the most mentally challenged people could make money with it.

The official website is pretty much the usual fare when it comes to make money online platforms. It’s basically just one page with a hyped up sales video presentation. In the video Bryan refers to himself as a genius, so he’s not exactly humble. The main message of the video is that his autopilot system will be adding commissions ranging from $10 up to $90 into your ClickBank account continuously.

Essentially the platform involves being an affiliate, but at the same time also making commissions from other affiliates that you recruit into a downline, like MLM.


How It Works

Let’s take a look at the sign up process and how you get started with the Dumb Little System.

It’s actually free to join initially, but once inside, if you want to take advantage of the affiliate funnel and earn money, you will first need to pay some money. While Bryan claims it’s all 100% free, unless you buy into the system, you can’t actually earn any cash, so it’s not free at all. The only free part is creating your initial account.

Step #1

You are presented with 3 ClickBank products to purchase. Until you buy at least one, you cannot participate. When you do buy one or more ClickBank products, Brian earns an affiliate commission. This is the basis of Dumb Little System. Bryan gets people in and earns affiliate commissions on the products they purchase.

After purchasing a product from the selection offered to you, you can now move on to the next phase.

DLS 3 ClickBank Products

Step #2

The next step is buying one of Bryan Winters’ other programs, a platform called Cash Blurb. This will cost you $27 for your first month and $20 a month after that.

Completing this step of the process now qualifies you to earn commissions on any products bought by one of your referrals. Apart from Bryan earning commissions on all sales, this is the part where you can actually earn from Bryan’s system. In fact, it’s this step that is the ONLY reason you would join Bryan’s program, as you can earn commissions on all ClickBank products without having to join Dumb Little System or even purchasing the ClickBank product yourself.

You are making a commission when you refer a new member who refers a new member who buys into the Cash Blurb platform. Meaning, your direct referrals won’t earn you a commission when they buy Cash Blurb, but their direct referrals will.

So far you are making money in 2 ways:

  1. A small commission on the first program purchase by your direct referrals
  2. Commissions on sales of Cash Blurb when your referrals manage to get their referrals to buy Cash Blurb

Step #3

Now we arrive at one of the more expensive upsells. You will be asked to purchase access to an advertising directory called “Directory of Ezines”. This will cost you $197, but you must purchase it if you want to qualify to earn $90 commissions when you referrals buy it. You stand to earn commissions from all levels of your referrals on this one.

DLS Directory of Ezines

Step #4

In order to recruit people and actually make any money at all, you need traffic. The last step in this process is designed to get you that traffic and drive people into your emulated sales funnel that your membership in the Dumb Little System provides.

The idea of this step is to purchase solo ads, where you buy advertising space on email lists. This could cost you anywhere from 100s of dollars and into the 1000s of dollars. You do get given some email swipes (templates) to send to the person who will be running your solo ad.

Solo ads are a bit of a lottery. They can work, but much of the time they yield little to no result as you have no idea what kind of email list your message is being blasted out to.

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Target Audience

I believe this platform is definitely targeted at newcomers to affiliate marketing, but those who have a budget to spend on getting something started. This process is going to really need a minimum bankroll of more than $200 at least to try it out.


What I Like

  • The name of the platform
  • It could potentially make money


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What I Don’t Like

  • Bryan’s sales tactics are deceptive – namely it’s not free and it won’t run on autopilot
  • You will likely need to spend 1000s of dollars to try this system out in its entirety
  • The ClickBank products you can promote for free without buying DLS
  • Too much hype and not a lot of substance with this platform


How Much Does Dumb Little System Cost?

To get actively involved you will need to spend at a bare minimum $37 (+ $20 a month). This is $10 for the cheapest initial product purchase on ClickBank and to buy Cash Blurb. You’re not going to make much cash staying on this level, though, so you are almost forced to buy the next upsell, which is $197, and then probably have to pay for traffic. Without traffic you will make zero dollars. It’s that simple.


DLS Sign Up


Is Dumb Little System a Scam?

It’s not an outright scam and you can potentially make money with this, but a lot of it is unnecessary in my opinion, as you can make commissions selling ClickBank products and other products without the need for DLS.

Also, the primary purpose of all this is for Bryan to earn affiliate commissions on that first sale everyone makes when they join, as well as on the purchase of Directory of Ezines. It’s a tiered system and Bryan is positioned at the top of that tier, so he stands to make way more money than everyone else.

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A Better Way To Make Money Online

I do affiliate marketing for a living and quite successfully. There are far better ways to go about it that the Dumb Little System, and ways that are actually a lot cheaper.

My best advice is to first do the training I did; training that showed me the way to success without costing much money at all. You can even earn while you learn.

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2 thoughts on “Is Dumb Little System a Scam? Dumb System or Smart Money Making Scheme?

  1. Darren, funnily enough the name caught my attention too. So I did some research on it. The reviews go from it’s great to it’s not exactily a scam.

    I found your article well defined and quite revealing. Basically if one is good at building lists and recruiting you can make money. But otherwise this could be a lot of hard work for little return.

    The better way that you revealed sounds like, may I say it, a BETTER way!

    Thanks for the information.


    • “Dumb Little System” is an unusual name that works in getting attention, so the creator did well with that.

      In some ways it’s not a bad system the way it’s been set up, but the problem lies in the cost. You ened to purchase each upsell, and every time the price is higher. The last upsell – the solo ads to get traffic – could end up costing $1000s before they generate the results you want.

      I wouldn’t get involved in it. There are far better ways to make money than the Dumb Little System. But like I said in my review, I don’t consider it a scam.

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