Is “EZ Money Team” A Scam? Is Making Cash This Easy?



Is “EZ Money Team” a scam, or a legitimate way to make money on the internet? Does it live up to its hype of being able to make you money within the first hour of starting this system? Or is that just sales talk to hook people in?

Pay close attention and find out….


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ez-money-teamCompany Name: EZ Money Team

Owners: Jeffery Hart

Price To Join: $67 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10


~ EZ Money Team Review ~


What Is “EZ Money Team”?

A guy named Jeffery Hart started the EZ Money Team and he is a self-professed millionaire because of it. In fact, he even states in one of his sales videos that if you put just a couple of hours work into the system per day, you too will be a millionaire within 12 months.

Huge claims indeed.

So many of these systems promise massive returns for very little effort, but in my years of experience there is nothing online that works like that. Especially not when you are just starting out.

So what is the EZ Money Team exactly?

In the sales videos they use the classic example of a rags to riches story, where a single mother is living on the poverty line, joins the EZ Money Team, then starts making a 6 figure income in no time with very little effort. She just spends all her time enjoying the company of her children while the money floods into her bank account.

ez-money-team-scamAs usual not much about the system is revealed in the two sales videos I sat through, just hype about how much you can make and how they are going to give you all this secret stuff for free.

But you’re not allowed to share anything you hear in the sales videos because it’s a secret, and Jeffery doesn’t want too many people knowing about his system, or paying him money to join his system.

Yeah, right.

Oh, and there is a limit to how many people can join. Jeffery only wants to make a limited amount of money from paid memberships.

When does that ever happen?

EZ Money Team is a training platform with loads of upsells for more training and tools. You create a website and an account with an affiliate company called Clicksure. You then pay for web hosting with CoolHandle.

You then buy into Clickdrop so you can run email marketing campaigns. After this you sign up to a few more traffic generation sites to get paid traffic to your new website. You are then encouraged to upgrade to a Platinum Membership so you can learn how to create and sell your own product. After that, an expensive Gold Membership is recommended.

Can you see the sales funnel here?

Jeffery is obviously tied into all these other programs, so when you join his EZ Money Team you are funnelled into all these upsells you need to spend money on so you can actually get access to the tools you need to start making money. Easy money for Jeffery, that’s for sure.

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Who Is The Target Audience?

People with no online experience who want to start an online money making business, but don’t want to have to put much effort into it. Those who are naive to these money sucking scams that continually try to upsell you every step of the way, bleeding money from you with the promise of riches down the track, despite stating in the sales videos that you’ll be magically making money within the first hour of joining.


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The Pros

  • There are some useful tools on offer, but generally at an extra cost.
  • A limited amount of helpful training available for beginners.


The Cons

  • What they say about making money instantly in the sales videos is a blatant lie.
  • EZ Money Team utilises the fake “as seen on TV” spin to hook you in. Thousands of these systems use this ploy. This is used to gain your trust and make you think there is an affiliation between the system and the TV channel.
  • Constant upsells, stating that you really need to buy into this or that, or upgrade your membership so you can actually make the bogus amounts of money that they promise you.


Tools and Training

jeffery-hart-ez-money-teamI pretty much covered the extent of the training above under “What Is EZ Money Team?”.

The system is basically designed to get you to sign up for other systems and tools, promoting these along the way to other unsuspecting would-be marketers who are suckered into this bogus money making platform.

  1. You create a website and host it on their platform.
  2. You set up an email campaign and host it on their platform.
  3. You upgrade your membership over and over again so you can make money online, but probably never do.
  4. You start paying for traffic clicks to get visitors to your website. Again using their platform.

The only people getting rich here are Jeffery and everyone who works with him on all these systems, tools and platforms. It’s smart business for him, but not for the little first time marketer trying his or her hand at online marketing with big dreams in mind.

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How Much Does “EZ Money Team” Cost to Join?

Well, this varies. If you go to their initial sign up page the price is currently $67. If you click to leave, they offer you a discount. You stay on the page and the price drops to $49. If you try the leave the page this time without buying, the price gets discounted to $37.

Following yet another click to leave without buying, I now get offered the EZ Money System for just $9. No further discounts offered after this much lower price point.

When you enter the program (if you decide to buy into it), then you are hit with upsells for various other systems and tools that Jeffery is also involved with. So there is a constant push for you to keep handing over money so you can make money.

The initial $9 is just an introduction into the money funnel, where you get hammered with the upsells. This is where Jeffery and the team make all their real money on the back end, not with what they try to sell you initially.




Is “EZ Money Team” A Scam?

It’s a scam, the sales funnel is a scam, and throughout this program you will be promoting other products which are scams. Stay away from the EZ Money Team. It’s just designed to easily suck the money from your wallet one step at a time.

This program is nothing more than a sales funnel to suck you into the endless vacuum of upsells.


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A Legitimate Way To Make Money Online

There are numerous ways to make money online and one of my favourites is affiliate marketing. It takes some time and effort, but it’s a legit long-term business that does actually pay off. And you don’t need to be constantly spending money on upsells all the time to do it.

Yes, as you progress in your business there will be times when you spend money for email marketing, advertising and other things, but those are a choice and not a necessity for success.

To be successful in business online, the very best thing you could spend just a little bit of money on is quality training that will provide the roadmap for a successful online business venture.

I trained with Wealthy Affiliate and so have hundreds of thousands of others before me and since. Their training works, and you can even join up absolutely free to try it all out. They don’t ask for any credit card details or personal details when you first join.

You simply open a free account and have a look around, interact with the very active and helpful community, and you can even do the first 10 lessons of the training for nothing.

After that, if you decide you want to continue, there is only one upgrade to a paid Premium Membership. That’s it. Nothing more to buy with the promise of riches.

Training with Wealthy Affiliate won’t guarantee you will make it big online. How successful you will be is up to you. What it will guarantee you is that you will learn how to set up the right foundation to build on for business success. That’s the most important part of all.

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2 thoughts on “Is “EZ Money Team” A Scam? Is Making Cash This Easy?

  1. Hi Darren,
    Jeffery must have a lot of other strings to his bow if he became a millionaire in such a short space of time! there is no way on earth he could possibly have achieved it with what is so obviously a blatant scam site.
    Having said that, there are plenty of people out there with little or no internet experience who will get drawn in by him so thanks for putting the word out.

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