Is GIM System a Scam or Pathway To Earning $100s a Day?



Is GIM System a scam or an easy and legit system to make hundreds of dollars a day online? So many MMO (make money online) schemes are dodgy as hell. Is Michael Beeson’s platform any better or just like the many scams out there?

Let’s take a look and find out the truth…



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Is GIM System a ScamCompany Name: GIM System

Owner: Michael Beeson

Price To Join: Claimed To Be Free

My Rating: 0/10



~ GIM System Review ~



On my website I mostly write reviews about make money online programs and various ways to make extra income. There are definitely a lot of legit ways to make money on the internet, but unfortunately it’s become a breeding ground for multitudes of scams as well. It’s good that you have found my review, as it means you are doing your research before getting on board with GIM System.


What Is GIM System?

With the GIM System, which is shortened from Guaranteed Income Machine, you can be earning hundreds of dollars a day on the internet. Apparently you can achieve this simply by sending out a few emails.

There’s no secret there, as there are many programs that teach this tactic, some good, some very ineffectual.

When you join Michael Beeson’s GIM System you are given an email list of 500 names to start with, and you’ll allegedly earn 20 cents a click that happens as a result of sending out emails to this list.

Bobby is the guy who presents the sales video, and one of the claims he makes in the pitch is that their email list is so big that they simply don’t have the time to email everyone on it. Therefore, to solve this dilemma they need people like you and I to help them, and that’s why they start us off with 500 people each from their list and are willing to pay us 20 cents for every single click through from the emails.

Now, if you know anything about email marketing then you’ll know that this is all a croc. With any email service, such as that provided by companies like GetResponse, Aweber and co, you can blast an email out to every single person on your list all at the same time, even if your email list is a million subscribers. GIM System don’t need to pay us to send their emails for them.


Is GIM System a Scam


How It Really Works

What I talked about above is simply just a ruse to act as an enticing cover story for the real agenda behind the GIM System.

When you join, instead of instantly being able to make money from sending out emails to your list of 500 subscribers, you will be hit with other things to sign up for, tools you’ll need to do the job at hand.

Those who run GIM System make commissions off everything you are forced to buy, so it’s a great deal for them, but not for the members.

The idea is that when you join for free and establish your account, you then have to spend $25 per month on a software system known as My Inbox Pro in order to be able to send emails to your list. When your commissions from clicks totals a minimum of $500, you can request to cash out.

If you want to earn money quicker, then you’ll need a much bigger list to email, so you can purchase a list of 3000 subscribers for a further $47. That’s $47 a month, not a one-off fee. That now brings the tally to $62 you have to pay out every month, so not looking so “free” to join now, even though that’s how they advertise it.

If you really want to kick things up several more gears, you can purchase a 10,000 strong email list for $97.


Good Luck Getting a Cash Out

Everything I wrote above is just a GIM System con. After spending all this money on tools and email lists, diligently sending out your emails until you have earned $500 and are eligible for a payout, you will never see your commissions.

All these scammers want is your money. They create this commission system with a red counter to keep you excited about your growing income, all because they want you to keep paying them money.


Target Audience

Definitely the target market of these scammers is newbies to making money online and those who have no experience in how email marketing actually works. Most scammers will target beginners, as they are the ones most likely to be sucked in through inexperience.


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What I Like

  • There is nothing to like about this total con job


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Everything about the GIM System is a scam
  • The email lists you purchase are pretty worthless
  • Michael Beeson makes money from everything members spend
  • Members make no money, they just get to pay out money
  • When you put the work in and finally reach the $500 cash out level, you won’t get paid a cent
  • Email marketing doesn’t really work the way this mob claims
  • The done for you emails they give you are the exact same emails everyone is going to be sending to their list, which is also very likely the exact same list of subscribers for everybody
  • It’s far from being a free system like the creators claim it to be
  • You’ll simply be blacklisted as a spammer


How Much Does GIM System Cost?

Well, we’ve established that this certainly isn’t a free ride to hundreds of dollars a day. At the bare minimum you’ll be spending a minimum of $25 a month for your My Inbox Pro account, and if you don’t want to take forever to reach the fictitious $500, you will need to spend at least a further $47 a month for a bigger list.


my inbox pro logo


Is GIM System a Scam?

This one is most definitely a scam. There is absolutely nothing of value here for GIM System members. This is all a sales funnel for the creators of this scam, while promising members everything and delivering zero value.

The bottom line – GIM System is nothing but a blatant rip off!


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