Is Global Market Wealth Online a Scam? Read This First!



Is Global Market Wealth Online a scam or legit? Is it truly the #1 choice for an internet career, or just another hyped up opportunity that fails to deliver like so many others? I kept seeing people talking about this program, so I felt compelled to look into it and find out what it's about.

To learn the truth, pay close attention and read on…



Is Global Market Wealth Online a ScamCompany Name: Global Market Wealth Online

Owners: Unknown

Price To Join: Uncertain

My Rating: 0/10



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I created this website to both bring attention to all the online money making scams out there, as well as to highlight platforms that are worth your time and joining fee. Researching an opportunity before joining is always a wise idea, so I'm really glad to see you here reading this review.

You never can be too careful online, especially when it comes to anything that's about making money, or teaching people how to make money. There are genuine platforms out there, for sure, but also a lot of dodgy ones.

Let's now see how Global Market Wealth Online measures up.


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What Is Global Market Wealth Online?

Originally I came across 4 websites all with the same name, but with different extensions. By the time I got around to actually writing this review, 3 out of the 4 now appear to be defunct, so not a good sign. The only one left functioning is the site with the dot ORG extension.

Anyway, so what is it actually about? What does it do?

Apparently Global Market Wealth Online is a system that allows you to work at home and make money online. They claim that it is an online job that’s easy to do, you don’t need experience and you can start making cash almost immediately. They also claim there are limited spots available.

I make money online with affiliate marketing, and I learnt how to be successful because of the awesome training at Wealthy Affiliate. Check it out. It's free to join.


How Does Global Market Wealth Online Work?

It sounds like it’s something to do with affiliate marketing, saying you will be responsible for making advertisements, and if somebody buys something through the ad you create, you’ll be paid a commission.

From what I can gather through further research, originally these websites were directing traffic to another dodgy “make money online” program called Home Wealth Remedy. That web page does still exist, but it’s basically just a copy of the others I have found.

When you click on the Join Now button, it just redirects to a 404 error page. Not good at all.


Is Global Market Wealth Online a Scam


Target Audience

Those looking to make money online and likely people who are new to making an internet income. Many people come online looking for ways to either make extra cash on the side, or hope to find something to replace their job and improve their quality of life.

Unfortunately scams are often really good at simply telling people what they want to hear, and that's pretty much what Global Market Wealth Online does.


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The Pros

  • Nothing I can come up with for this one


The Cons

  • There's hardly any real information available on what it is (or was) about
  • 3 of the 4 official websites are no longer available to view
  • Clicking the sign up button just redirects to a 404 error page
  • This con has obviously gone out of business


Tools and Training

Apparently there is supposed to be loads of video tutorials to guide you through the process of creating affiliate ads and getting traffic to them, but as I was unable to access the sign up page, I really have no more idea than that.


Global Market Wealth Online Banner


How Much Does Global Market Wealth Online Cost To Join?

Without being able to access the sign up page, I’ve no idea what it costs or originally cost. Whether there is a temporary glitch the platform is suffering, or it’s gone out of business, I’m not 1000% certain. It all seems rather suspect at any rate.


Is Global Market Wealth Online a Scam?

There very fact that all these websites have been disappearing, and websites that still promote it have sign up buttons that access an error page, I’d say this was indeed a scam and that the owners have likely felt the heat and done a runner with everyone’s cash. If they’ve vanished, at least they won’t be taking any more of anyone’s hard earned money.

They offer very little information on their website, and what is available on there looks rather dodgy, such as fake testimonials singing the program's praises and the like.

I recommend giving it a miss, but it looks like you can't join now anyway, which would be a blessing.


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I do real affiliate marketing online, and it is a very real business. In fact, when you do it right, it can be very lucrative. Affiliate marketing is a simple business model. You just promote the products of other companies and get paid a commission if your promotions lead to a sale. You don’t need products, or to pack and ship anything. You are merely the rep guiding people toward products they already want and earn commissions when sales are made.

Some of the advantages at a glance:

  • Work from home
  • No boss
  • Lifestyle freedom
  • No limit on your income potential
  • No products, taking orders or shipping
  • Can all be done entirely online
  • Spend more time with your family
  • No commute to work
  • Costs hardly anything to run

This list is just scratching the surface. There are countless advantages to working online and doing affiliate marketing.

To have your best chance of success in this business it’s important to get shown the right way to go about it, in a step by step fashion. To learn more about how I got started, just click on the banner below.


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2 thoughts on “Is Global Market Wealth Online a Scam? Read This First!

  1. I was always get very leery of programs that promise that you’ll make money immediately. Thats almost always a red flag! Making money online takes patience and perseverance but almost always rewards those who stick with it! There is so much opportunity out there for someone thats willing to work hard for it!

    • Yeah, same here. The minute they claim you can make money instantly, then back it up with big figures and all practically on autopilot, you know it’s either a scam, or a lot of sales talk that won’t live up to the hype. I wish making money onlin was that quick and easy, but in reality it just isn’t. Big money can be made, but it takes time and work and commitment.

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