Is iCharity Club a Scam or Money Matrix Genius?



Is iCharity Club a scam or not? That's the question many people have been asking about this make money platform. Is this just another empty and useless cash gifting scheme, or something far more tangible and profitable? Is it really worth getting involved in?

Let’s find out the truth about this one…


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Is iCharity Club a ScamCompany Name: iCharity

Owners: Llya Ravich

Price To Join: $20 to start

My Rating: 1/10



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My website is all about helping people find decent ways to make an online income while avoiding falling for a make money scam. That's why it's great to see you here reading this review. It means you are far less likely to fall for scams because you do some research first before joining anything.

Let's now see how iCharity Club rates overall.


What Is iCharity Club and How Does it Work?

iCharity Club is yet another iteration of the ever-popular revenue sharing money matrix system, which works a bit like a pyramid scheme, only you aren’t selling any products or services. Rather, your job is to get others involved in the matrix so that you can move on up the matrix and make more money.

This is a Ponzi scheme, and these are not capable of financially sustaining themselves as there is no real product. Eventually someone gets left holding the bag and missing out completely when the money dries up. People need to be constantly joining the matrix or the entire scheme stops dead.

They use the “charity” or “gifting” theme to make the system sound legal, but it’s still nothing more than your typical Ponzi scheme.

These matrix systems all work on a similar formula to the old chain letter idea back in the pre-internet snail mail days.If you want to learn how to set up sustainable online income streams that bring in genuine passive income, check out the free training at Wealthy Affiliate.


The Compensation Plan

All up there are 10 levels you can reach in the iCharity Club matrix and it costs $20 to get in on the first level. This twenty goes directly to your upline. Now you need to recruit 5 people into the matrix. All 5 will donate $20 to you. This is a total of $100, or $80 profit minus your initial investment to join Level 1. Level 2 will cost you $40 to participate.

Essentially you buy into each new level with a portion of the profits you made from the last level. Level 10, the highest you can reach, costs a cool $1670.

If you manage to negotiate the entire level 10 plateau of the matrix, you will stand to make a massive $16,308,593,750. You read that right. That’s over $16 billion! And all this from a one time small investment of just $20.

Sounds awesome, right? But it’s all bullshit!

iCharity Club Compensation MatrixThese matrix scams are everywhere. Some people make a few dollars out of them, but most don’t. I’ve certainly never heard of anyone becoming a millionaire from a money matrix, let alone a multiple BILLIONAIRE!!

When you want to collect your billions, payout options include:

  • PayPal
  • Skrill
  • Payza
  • Neteller
  • OKPay
  • BTC


Target Audience

People hoping to make money the easy way. Don’t get me wrong. I’d love to make really easy, big money too, and I’ve searched high and low for it, yet I’ve never found it.


Because it’s a fantasy for the most part. It doesn’t exist. These scams target the “get rich fast” mentality, and it works.

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The Pros

  • It sounds enticing – easy money, big money, all for $20
  • The money matrix looks nice in theory
  • These schemes are popular


The Cons

  • It’s a Ponzi scheme
  • These matrix systems cannot sustain themselves financially
  • Some will make money, but most won’t make anything
  • The person who starts it makes most of the money, just like any pyramid-shaped system
  • The website looks really cheap and nasty


Tools and Training

Well you don’t really need any training or tools, but you will need methods of recruiting other members using your unique iCharity Club link, otherwise you will be guaranteed to make zero dollars. Your own website (or several), social media accounts, Facebook groups and forums are ways you could promote.


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How Much Does iCharity Club Cost To Join?

Your initial investment is $20 and, if all goes well, you’ll keep moving up the ranks by spending your money earned. Most likely though, is you will spend $20 and make nothing. Even if you do move up the ranks, how easy is it to get paid out when you want to cash in your chips?


iCharity Matrix


Is iCharity Club a Scam?

Maybe it’s not a total scam. The matrix does exist and I’m sure someone has made some money out of it. While the initial investment is not much, these Ponzi schemes are still risky. You might make something, just don’t expect to get anywhere near the $16 billion though.

I’d give it a miss, but I’m not a fan of these money matrix schemes anyway. I’ve tried a few over the years and they’re not my thing.

Schemes like this one are a lot like gambling, so you might have better luck with this lotto system.


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