Is Kypron a Scam? Can You Make Money With This?



Is Kypron a scam or a great way to generate leads online? This platform provides tools for online marketers, but is it any good and is it worth joining to promote?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…


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Is Kypron a ScamCompany Name: Kypron

Owner: Kevin Hokoana

Price To Join: Free to start

My Rating: 5.5/10



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What Is Kypron?

Kypron is a platform that starts out free but has a paid upgrade option. It was created by entrepreneur, Kevin Hokoana, who has been involved in a number of successful online gigs over recent years.

This is an online marketing program that revolves around lead generation that is aimed at both people new to online marketing, and also those with some experience as well. It will either help you get started making some money on the internet, or for those already underway, help you increase your conversions and income.

It's all way over-hyped though, with the video making claims that you can earn 8 figures with this system. That's one hell of a statement.

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How It Works

Kypron LifeKypron is a suite of tools and training to help you generate leads and make money online. There is also an affiliate program attached, where members can earn commissions by referring other people to the platform.

Obviously they’ll need to upgrade to a paid membership for you to earn any money, but that’s essentially what Kypron is all about.

The whole idea, really, is to buy into Kypron, then make money by selling Kypron. Many platforms do this. MOBE springs to mind. It’s a common ploy.

Yes, you can use the tools and training to put to use in your own business outside of Kypron, but the real focus is on selling a Kypron membership to others. It’s almost like a Ponzi scheme, except there are some actual products in training and tools.

One of the main ways to earn by selling Kypron is with paid advertising, so to get involved you’re going to need an advertising budget as well as paying for the Kypron “Life” membership.

The whole idea is to pay for advertising to drive people to your website or landing page, get them to sign up for a free Kypron membership, then they will go through the training and sales funnel, where they hopefully upgrade to a paid membership and you earn some cash for your troubles.

Paid advertising can blow out to become really expensive if you don’t know what you’re doing, though, so any platforms that rely on it will require a degree of both caution and learning how to do it effectively.

Commissions are set quite high at 70%.

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Tools, Training and What You Get

As a free member you can get started on the training, but you’ll soon reach a point where you can’t progress any further until you upgrade to a paid Life membership. After upgrading, you have complete access to all the training and tools required so you can start earning by selling Kypron to others.

Some of what you get includes:

  • Video training modules
  • Learn about Facebook, YouTube and PPC advertising
  • Unique affiliate link for promoting Kypron
  • Pre-made sales funnels
  • Pre-made ad campaigns
  • Access to a private Facebook group for idea swapping and mentoring


Kypron Banner


Getting Paid As a Kypron Affiliate

At the moment they don’t have a PayPal payout option and have gone with Stripe instead, so if you want to sell Kypron but don’t yet have a Stripe account, then you will need to organise one. Why PayPal is not an option I’m not sure, but there you are.


Target Audience

Kypron is a platform targeted at newcomers as well as those more experienced in online marketing and business.


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What I Like

  • It starts with a free trial
  • Some of the tools and training are quite good
  • There is a generous affiliate program with 70% commissions


What I Don’t Like

  • The monthly membership for Life is expensive
  • This program is really just about selling itself
  • No PayPal option
  • Paid advertising is not easy and it’s risky
  • You will need an advertising budget of at least several hundred dollars or more
  • They over-hype the earning potential


How Much Does Kypron Cost?

It starts with the free trial, but to complete the training and be eligible to sell Kypron to others for a commission, you need to upgrade to the Life membership, which costs $97 per month. If you can get affiliate sales regularly, that cost won’t mean much. You will also need an advertising budget in the hundreds to have a good shot of making your PPC campaigns successful.


Is Kypron a Scam


Is Kypron a Scam?

I don’t believe Kypron is a scam at all. After the free trial part it’s not cheap, and doing paid advertising successfully takes a learning curve and a bankroll to get it profitable. If you get into this, then do it with the mindset of being an affiliate of Kypron, so hopefully you can offset your costs with commissions and earn a profit.

A beginner paying out $97 a month on this platform is likely going to struggle to sell Kypron to others. The marketing of Kypron, plus the paid advertising component, really are geared towards people with more experience in my opinion.


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If you are just thinking about getting started making money online, then affiliate marketing is a great option. It costs virtually nothing to give it a go and it’s perfect for beginners to online marketing.

The training I did actually shows you how to set up a successful affiliate marketing business in any niche or interest group you choose. The training modules are very easy to follow and all work in a logical step by step formula. You actually build your business as you train and can earn as you learn.

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