Is DasCoin a Scam or a Real Cryptocurrency Goldmine?



Is DasCoin a scam or an awesome way to increase your wealth? It’s yet another scheme involving a cryptocurrency, but is it on the level and does it really work?

Let’s take a closer look and uncover the truth…


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is dascoin a scam

Company Name: DasCoin

Owner: DasCoin Limited

Price To Join: €100 Minimum

My Rating: 1/10


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What Is DasCoin?

DasCoin calls itself the “Currency of Trust”, but is that really true? Can DasCoin be trusted?

If you invest in DasCoin you are doing so through NetLeaders. Using real money and not digital currency, you pay for your NetLeaders licence. You then have access to the DasNet platform, where you have a chance to increase the value of your DasCoin investment through a MLM scheme.

DasCoin uses a referral program, whereby you need to recruit new members who invest in DasCoin so you have a chance of making a profit. It works very similar to other hybrid cryptocurrencies such as OneCoin and so on.

DasCoin has no products, physical or otherwise, although some might argue that DasCoin itself is the product. But that’s like claiming a Ponzi scheme is not a Ponzi scheme because people are swapping real money. DasCoin doesn’t count as a product.

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is dascoin a scam


How It Works

As mentioned above, you invest real dollars into your NetLeaders license so you have access to the DasNet hub to invest your new DasCoin into the DasCoin MLM machine. Now you will be required to recruit like crazy to entice other investors to join, because without being able to recruit new people, you won’t make any money (DasCoin) at all.

It doesn’t matter what the multi level marketing scheme is, they are all set up in such a way that the only real chance you have of making a profit is through mass recruitment and building teams and downlines.

It’s just a MLM scheme with no tangible products using cryptocurrency instead of dollars as the currency. The DasCoin side of it is really just a gimmick to cash in on the popularity of cryptocurrencies.

This isn’t cryptocurrency investment in the traditional sense. It’s a revenue sharing scheme just like so many hundreds of others you come across in Facebook groups and so on. It’s nothing more than a Ponzi scheme using digital currency instead of cold, hard cash.

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How You Make Money With DasCoin

To get started making money with the DasCoin money matrix scheme, you first need to invest real money for DasCoin, and the minimum investment to get started is €100. This will gain you entry into the lowest level of the matrix. Obviously the higher you invest the more money you stand to make – in theory.

  1. Standard = invest €100 EUR and receive 1265 cycles and 1 upgrade
  2. Manager = invest €500 EUR and receive 6325 cycles and 1 upgrade
  3. Pro = invest €2000 EUR and receive 27,600 cycles and 1 upgrade
  4. Executive = invest €5000 EUR and receive 74,750 cycles and 2 upgrades
  5. Vice-President = invest €12,500 and receive 247,500 cycles and 2 upgrades
  6. President = invest €25,000 EUR and receive 373,750 cycles and 3 upgrades


DasCoin Compensation


The Compensation Plan

There are a number of ways you can earn DasCoin in the scheme. Firstly there are direct sales which net you 10% of the buy in price. 6% goes into your account while another 4% is held in a reserve account.

As far as the recruitment side goes, apart from your direct referral commissions, you can earn additional DasCoins with the Network Bonus and Matching Bonus.

The matrix works on a binary model, meaning there is both a left leg of your downline and a right leg. €500 in direct sales in both legs of your downline are required to earn the Network Bonus.

It’s the same with the Matching Bonus. You need to achieve €500 in direct sales on both sides of your downline and Matching Bonuses go 5 levels deep.

This all sounds very expensive, complicated and risky. There are better ways to make money.


Target Audience

This is definitely targeted at people looking to jump aboard the fast moving cryptocurrency bandwagon. It also appeals to people who believe they’ll be making a quick and easy return on their investment. Might be better off buying lotto tickets.


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What I Like

  • Nothing to be honest


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Is DasCoin even worth anything?
  • You are investing Euros in exchange for an unproven currency
  • This is nothing but a Ponzi scheme
  • It’s super risky investing in these schemes as it is, without swapping cash for DasCoin
  • It’s expensive to get fully involved
  • This is no get rich quick scheme, as you will have to sell and recruit hard, and making money (if you make any at all) will actually take quite a bit of time


How Much Does DasCoin Cost?

There is a minimum €100 investment to get in on the ground floor with this cryptocurrency, money matrix, revenue sharing scheme. To go all in would cost you close to €50,000.


DasCoin Press


Is DasCoin a Scam?

DasCoin presents itself as a legitimate corporate identity, but they are really running nothing more than a Ponzi scheme here. This isn’t genuine investment in a newish cryptocurrency, it’s just a revenue sharing money matrix that fully relies on new investors coming in the keep the thing going. Without this new investment, no one makes any money.

The DasCoin cryptocurrency is really nothing more than a gimmick to cash in on the popularity of digital currencies like Bitcoin. It’s used as a drawcard to bring people into a matrix system which requires new money to pay the profits of previous investors. It’s no different to the multitudes of other money matrix schemes doing the rounds on the internet, except they are paying out in DasCoins instead of real money.

Which makes this scheme even riskier than the other ones, because DasCoin could prove to be completely worthless in time. Meanwhile, the people who run this scheme collect real Euros in exchange for their cryptocurrency, so they’re covered whether DasCoin proves to be of value or not.

Give it a miss. It’s not a total scam as you could make something out of it, but the risks with this one are way too high.

Schemes like this one are a lot like gambling.


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2 thoughts on “Is DasCoin a Scam or a Real Cryptocurrency Goldmine?

  1. Hey Darren, I really enjoyed reading your review of Das Coin. I don’t know how many new cryptocurrencies are available now, but I only trust Bitcoin. Das Coin really remindeds me of the Bitconneeeeeeeeeect fraud which was basically the same thing in green. I really appreciate that you take your time to tell people about it before they invest. 🙂 One last question which coin would you invest in at the moment?

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