Is Life Matters a Scam or Can It Make You Money?



Is Life Matters a scam? Can you make money with this network marketing opportunity? They operate in the saturated health and wellness niche, but do they offer anything different?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…


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Is Life Matters a ScamCompany Name: Life Matters

Owners: Richard and Kimmy Brooke

Price To Join: $100 Minimum

My Rating: 5/10



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What Is Life Matters?

Originally this company started out using the name Life Shotz, but soon changed it to Life Matters. Now, for some reason, they’ve gone for another name change and have switched to “Oxyfresh”.

Not sure why they keep changing the name, as recognisable branding is important. Perhaps their company keeps developing a poor reputation so they change the name of it. I don’t know for sure.

I’ll stick to using Life Matters for this review, but if you do happen to visit their website, you’ll see it’s called Oxyfresh.

This company sells health supplements, pet products and personal care products via the multi level marketing (MLM) method. This is a very competitive niche, so if you are looking to make money with a MLM opportunity, then you might want to look elsewhere.

While you might make a little bit of money with this network marketing opportunity, any MLM scheme is always going to be really hard. I much prefer affiliate marketing. No selling and no recruiting. Just earn commissions for promotions.

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Is Life Matters a Scam


The Products

I won’t go deep into the product range for Life Matters here, as this review is more targeted at assessing the business opportunity attached to Life Matters. We’ll briefly have a look at what’s on offer though.

They have 4 main product categories:

  1. Dental Care
  2. Nutrition
  3. Pet Care
  4. Home Care

The Dental Care section features things like special toothpastes and mouthwashes, while the Nutrition category has health shakes, joint supplements and vitamins.

I actually like the Pet Care section, as you don’t often see this included. This has specialised shampoos, products for canine oral hygiene, treats and so on.

In the Home Care category there is cleaning products and deodorisers.

MLM companies are notorious for having exceptionally high prices, and this company is no exception. The reason is the compensation structure of MLM creates high price tags. As an example, a 15 serving sachet of the Vibe Protein Shake costs $38.88.

In all honesty their prices are overall a little cheaper than other MLM companies in the same niche, but still rather pricey.


Life Matters Pet products


The MLM Business Opportunity

So many businesses choose the MLM distribution method because it gives them a plethora of advantages. It’s a great deal for the company, but a poor one for its distributors.

The company saves loads of money on wages and advertising, plus they don’t have to push very hard to expand the business. They don’t even have to seek out customers, as the distributors are generally the main customer base.

The distributors do all the work in just about every area, all with the promise of being paid some commissions and bonuses if objectives are met. MLM businesses always state that you will be owning your own business, but you don’t own anything. The company owns and controls everything. You are merely a sales rep.

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The Life Matters Compensation Plan

Life Matters calls their distributors “Brand Reps”. That’s actually closer to the truth than calling you an IBO (independent business operator) like some of them label distributors as.

With MLM there are two main ways to earn:

  1. Direct sales (retail)
  2. Recruiting

As the compensation plans are devised in such a way that massive recruitment is necessary to really have a chance of making decent money, that has to be the primary focus of any Life Matters Brand Rep. Without building downlines you just won’t make any money.

And this is where almost everyone fails at MLM. Recruiting is super hard and most people cannot do it successfully or consistently.

Some ways you can earn include:

  • Retail profit
  • Retail bonus
  • 2 star bonus
  • 3 star bonus
  • 4 star bonus
  • 5 star bonus
  • Leadership bonus
  • Unilevel bonus

There are also ranks that can be achieved, and it’s climbing these ranks that will put you in a better earning position. However, you need to recruit on a massive scale to climb these ranks and remain there.

  • Brand Rep
  • 2 Star
  • 3 Star
  • 4 Star
  • 5 Star
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Platinum National
  • Platinum International
  • Platinum Worldwide

The compensation plan is complicated, but it’s typical MLM. The way these deals are designed, it makes it really hard to make decent and consistent money. The only hope is massive downlines that are very active.

Most people make little to zero money from MLM, while only a select few at the top actually live the lifestyles these MLM companies always portray you can have.

To view the compensation plan in more detail, click here to read their PDF.


Life Matters Compensation Plan


Is Life Matters An Illegal Pyramid Scheme?

Life Matters is not an illegal pyramid scheme, despite the fact that their structure is based on a pyramid format. To be classified as illegal it would have to work like a Ponzi scheme, where new investor money is constantly required to pay previous investor profits. Also, the company must have no products. Life Matters has plenty of real products for sale.


Target Audience

Health and wellness MLM niches target people looking for a healthy lifestyle, where they can jump on board something already established and attempt to make some extra money in the process.


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What I Like

  • I like the inclusion of the pet care products
  • They have more to offer than other MLM companies in this niche
  • Their prices are a little more reasonable


What I Don’t Like

  • I don’t like the way this company keeps changing it’s name
  • The products are still over-priced
  • MLM is one of the hardest ways to make money
  • This niche is the most competitive one there is
  • 95% of people make no profit from MLM
  • Recruitment is the only way to get ahead, and that’s super tough to achieve




How Much Does Life Matters Cost?

To be eligible to become a Brand Rep for Life Matters you either have to receive an auto-ship of product to the value of $100 or more, or achieve $185 in individual sales.


Is Life Matters a Scam?

No it’s not a scam. It seems slightly better than some other MLM companies in this niche. Plus they have more products on offer at better prices. They also use a unilevel compensation plan, which is a little fairer for the Brand Reps.

MLM is such a tough way to make an income though. Doing paid surveys will probably make you more profit, and that’s saying something because they usually pay peanuts.

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Affiliate Marketing VS MLM

I’ve done MLM in the past, but these days I focus all my attention on my affiliate marketing business and establishing multiple sources of income from it.

Affiliate marketing is so much better than multi level marketing, and here are just a few of the reasons why:

  • Spend More Time With FamilyYou own your own business and be your own boss
  • Spend more time with your family
  • Work from home or anywhere you like
  • You can travel, as your business is not tied to a location
  • Create passive income streams
  • No real recruitment necessary to earn money
  • No purchasing auto-shipped products
  • No direct selling of products
  • No joining fees to promote affiliate products

The list goes on.

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