Legit Flex Job Review – Is It Really Legit?



Is Legit Flex Job a scam? The website claims you can be making $1000 or more per week from home by processing worksheets for their company, but is this all just a lie?

Let’s take a closer look and uncover the truth…


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Legit Flex Job ReviewCompany Name: Legit Flex Job Academy

Owner: Alec Herring

Price To Join: $37 + Upsells

My Rating: 0/10



~ Legit Flex Job Review ~



I write reviews to help people decide whether something is worth trying or not when it comes to money making opportunities. There are a lot of scams out there, as well as platforms that really don’t live up to their promises. There are also good opportunities too, but they are often buried beneath the rubble of dodgy schemes.

Let’s see which category Legit Flex Job fits into.


What Is Legit Flex Job?

This online company claims it will pay fixed rates for people to work from home if they join their academy. In fact, they say you can be paid more than $1000 per week doing simple tasks like processing worksheets and things like that. Even at a part-time level they say you can still make close to $400 a week from the comfort of home in your own time. Apparently these jobs are done for other companies and Legit Flex Job works as the go between from company to independent contractor.

Simple data entry can be a real job, and it’s generally not that difficult, just tedious. This is what it sounds like Legit Flex Job is offering. However, the rate of pay they claim they will give you seems a little high for this kind of work, which makes me suspect.

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Legit Flex Job Review


How It Works

If you decide to pay your joining fee (and why do you have to pay to apply for a job anyway?), once inside the platform you’ll find you’ve entered a bait and switch scenario. The bait was the steady, well paying job that you could do from home. The switch is that what you are really getting is access to Alec Herring’s (the owner of the Legit Flex Job website) training platform.

You will soon discover that it’s not a platform for doing online data entry work for other companies. What’s inside doesn’t even remotely resemble a job or paid employment.

The training is all about buying and selling products on Amazon and eBay using the drop shipping method. Drop shipping is where you act as a middleman. You list an item for sale on these giant platforms, and when someone makes a purchase, you collect the money, then put an order in with your wholesaler or supplier, pay them their price and they ship the item out to the customer. You pocket the profits.

This is what Alec is teaching once you buy into his scam. There is no online processing job. That was all just a con to get you to hit the purchase button.


Legit Flex Jobs Fake Testimonial


Now while drop shipping is a genuine business, the way Alec sold this deal was totally deceptive and falsely advertised. That’s where the scam part is. If he was upfront and told you that he was offering training on how to make money on eBay and Amazon with drop shipping, then that would be fair enough. But he didn’t. Instead he cons people into thinking they have a paying job waiting for them on the other side.

Not only is this false, but once you buy into this, you actually get hit with upsells to purchase other products.

The lessons he offers on drop shipping are in video format, but they are a bit out of date, having been recorded in 2014.

What Alec teaches here is the exact same business model that DS Domination teach. Find a product cheaper on Amazon, copy the listing and post it for sale on your eBay account at a higher price. When someone buys it on eBay, you go back to Amazon and purchase the cheaper version, using your buyer’s details. The Amazon seller then posts the item off to your buyer and nobody is any the wiser.

This is known as retail arbitrage. It can work, but it’s kind of a little deceptive and dodgy. Plus the profit margins can be really small, and you have to pay eBay and PayPal fees.

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Target Audience

This platform is actually targeting real jobseekers, people who need an income right now, basically. Instead they get funnelled into something completely unrelated, something that could take a lot of time to make any money at. Retail arbitrage takes experience and a desire to do it. Alec’s training doesn’t offer enough to accomplish that.


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What I Like

  • I don’t like anything about this highly deceptive platform


What I Don’t Like

  • The processing jobs are not even real
  • This website uses a classic bait and switch tactic to get people in
  • Retail arbitrage can work, but it’s not easy to make money with
  • The Legit Flex Job website is a complete lie
  • The training on retail arbitrage is outdated
  • Deceptive tactics are used to lure real jobseekers into something else entirely


Legit Flex Job Banner


How Much Does Legit Flex Job Cost?

It costs $37 to apparently “apply” for a job. Since when do you have to pay money for that?


Is Legit Flex Job a Scam?

While retail arbitrage is real, this website is a scam. Actually, I love the way Alec uses the word “Legit” as part of the business name, as it’s anything but legit. That word alone should be a red flag of itself. Kind of like when someone says “trust me”.

Yes, this platform is a complete con job. If you want to learn about retail arbitrage, don’t pay for the training on the Legit Flex Job website. Not just on principle because it’s a con, but because the training is old. Things have changed since then. The rules of the retail arbitrage game are a little different now.


My #1 Recommendation for Making Money Online

I make money online with affiliate marketing. Drop shipping is a good way too, but that game is getting harder by the day, and many payment processors (such as PayPal) are really cracking down on drop shippers and will often ban your payment account.

Just like drop shipping, with affiliate marketing you don’t have to handle any products. The difference is, you are not acting as a retailer, just a sales rep promoting  products and earning commissions when sales are made from your efforts.

It really is a simple business model. I love it.

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2 thoughts on “Legit Flex Job Review – Is It Really Legit?

  1. I really don’t like programs which are deceptive and it seems like legit flex job is one of them. I wonder that do you have an alternative way to learn dropshipping? After you say that it is genuine I honestly wanted to know more. Can you point some training which is free : )

    • Hi Furkan. I don’t know of any free drop shipping training off hand. I’m not saying that there isn’t any. You could check out some of the free training available on Shopify. They might have some videos on drop shipping.

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