Is Lifestyle Now a Scam or Ticket To Financial Freedom?



Is Lifestyle Now a scam or not? Maybe you’ve received an email about it or heard about it on social media, but can it make you the money they promise? Or is this “life changing” system nothing more than a hyped up sales pitch?

Let’s take a look and find out…



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Is Lifestyle Now a ScamCompany Name: Lifestyle Now

Owner: Uncertain

Price To Join: $24.97/Month

My Rating: 1/10



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The very fact that you are here reading this review is a good thing. It means you are willing to do some research before jumping into anything. That’s a wise move with so many scams and dodgy platforms on the internet that promise to help make you money. There are some really good programs online, but there are also lots of scams. I attempt to highlight the good stuff and expose the bad.


What Is Lifestyle Now?

As is typical of so many questionable make money online (MMO) schemes today, the creators of Lifestyle Now (not to be confused with the MLM company, Now Lifestyle – or maybe it should be), make it sound super quick and easy to make a financial killing on the internet.

The promise from the creator of Lifestyle Now (and I don’t know who actually runs it), is that you’ll be receiving 3 to 4 checks per week, every week when using the Lifestyle Now system. You’ll also be pleased to know that the system is 100% automated. This means that once you have it set up and running, you never have to lift a finger again and can life the dream lifestyle. The money will just keep rolling in like clockwork.

Sounds good, doesn’t it? But is it to be believed?

In my honest opinion – no.


Is Lifestyle Now a Scam


If it were that easy, then we’d all be rich and lazing on a beach somewhere, but it just doesn’t work that way. I’ve been making a living online since 2004, so I do know a bit about it.

I laughed when I watched the video, because they make some statements that no legit platform would dare to make. Things like, “our system sounds magical, but it’s real”.

In my experience I’ve never heard a real business with a real product or opportunity say stuff like that. It’s a red flag for me, and for good reason.

Essentially what people like this will do is hype everything up so much that you’re gagging to hand over your money and join. You want the promised wealth and lifestyle so bad you can taste it. They say they can deliver, so you trust them to show you the way to the promised land.

It’s all about pushing the right emotional triggers. There’s nothing wrong with wanting money and a better life, but the problem is schemes like Lifestyle Now just sell you a bunch of hype with no substance behind it. That’s why you’ll very rarely here anything about HOW you will be making money in their sales pitches, because it’s bogus.


Is Now Lifestyle a Scam


How It Really Works

If you dig deeper into Lifestyle Now, you’ll find that it’s almost exactly the same as another platform called “My Super Affiliate Mentor”. Even the video is practically identical. My Super Affiliate Mentor is run by an affiliate of Super Affiliate Network. The affiliate uses My Super Affiliate Mentor as a feeder site to funnel people into the Super Affiliate Network program.

In the case of Lifestyle Now, it’s pretty evident that the same person runs both My Super Affiliate Mentor and Lifestyle Now. However, instead of Lifestyle Now sending people over to Super Affiliate Network, it funnels people into the MLM opportunity offered by “Now Lifestyle”, the company I mentioned earlier.

Whoever runs this site and the other one is obviously an affiliate and distributor of both parent companies:

  1. Super Affiliate Network
  2. Now Lifestyle


Now Lifestyle Products


What Is Now Lifestyle?

I’ve written a full review of the Now Lifestyle MLM business opportunity, but I’ll give you a very brief synopsis of it here for convenience.

Now Lifestyle is a network marketing company that sells health supplements, along with a series of workout videos. It’s focus is on health and fitness, like so many other MLM deals out there today.

It’s a genuine opportunity, as in you can become a distributor for Now Lifestyle, recruit to grow your team and earn commissions and bonuses, but it’s also a lot of hard work to make money.

Click here to read the Now Lifestyle compensation plan.

MLM is one of the toughest gigs there is to build a decent income. You have to keep spending to remain involved in the business, and unless you can recruit lots of active members, you just can’t move higher up the company ranks where the better money is.

MLM is almost all about recruiting, and that’s where some 95% of people who try MLM fail.

Companies like Now Lifestyle really know how to sell the dream of the good life. They also claim you will have your own business if you join.

No one owns their own business with MLM, the company owns and controls everything. Distributors are merely sales reps who have to pay for the right to promote the MLM company’s products. Also, the distributors tend to be the main customers for the company as well.

It’s all a bit of a rort without being a scam, and it’s gotta be one of the hardest ways in the world to make a decent, consistent income.


Now Lifestyle Binary Options Chart


Target Audience

I’d say Lifestyle Now are marketing their scheme at people who are completely new to making money on the internet, as experienced marketers and the like would quickly take note of all the red flags. These types of scammers prey on the unwary, telling them what they want to hear just so they can take the money.


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What I Like

  • Now Lifestyle is a real company and a genuine opportunity


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The creator of the Lifestyle Now website is just using bait and switch tactics to sucker people into a MLM scheme
  • The owner doesn’t state that the site is simply a funnel in the Now Lifestyle MLM deal
  • There is too much dishonesty here. Why not just be transparent?
  • Nothing about this deal will make anyone any money 100% on autopilot
  • MLM is really tough going with lots of recruitment, so I don’t see the “autopilot” word being appropriate at all
  • Far too much sales hype and not enough substance
  • There is no “magical” system here


How Much Does Lifestyle Now Cost?

Because Lifestyle Now is just funnelling people into Now Lifestyle, the fee to be a distributor is $24.97 per month at the time of this writing. There is a special deal where you can pay $100 upfront for the first year. On top of that you’ll likely be spending money on advertising and various other business expenses.


Now Lifestyle Compensation Chart


Is Lifestyle Now a Scam?

Maybe Lifestyle Now isn’t a total scam, but the owner of this website does use some very deceptive tactics to try and lure people into a completely different opportunity to what they’re advertising. There is no mention in the sales video of it being a MLM scheme. It’s made out as a make money online opportunity, when it reality it’s something completely different.

Also, there is just way too much hype and the creator (affiliate) makes out like it’s all so much easier than what it really is.

I’d suggest giving Lifestyle Now a miss, and if you’re not chasing anything to do with MLM, then skip the Now Lifestyle opportunity as well.

There’s no way in hell you’ll be making money 100% on autopilot with any MLM gig. Far from it.


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