Legit Online Jobs Is a Scam or Not? Can You Really Make $9k Per Month?



Legit Online Jobs is a scam or not? Some people are calling it out as a scam, but is that really the case? They claim you can make around $10k a month with their online jobs, but is this the truth or just a fake sales pitch?

Let’s take a look and find out…



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Legit Online Jobs Is a ScamCompany Name: Legit Online Jobs

Owner: Ross Williams

Price To Join: $34.95

My Rating: 2/10



~ What Is Legit Online Jobs Review ~



First off, it’s great to see you here reading this review of Legit Online Jobs. It shows you are willing to do your homework on an opportunity before handing your money over to join something like this. While there are some great opportunities online to make money, the internet is also infested with scammers and dodgy deals that just want to take your money. On my site I like to highlight the good stuff and expose the bad stuff.


What Is Legit Online Jobs?

Legit Online Jobs claim that we can make close to $10,000 a month with their online gigs. That’s a massive statement, so is it even remotely true or possible?

One thing that always troubles me when I see words like “legit” in the name of a program, is why? Are they trying to convince us that it’s all legit because it really isn’t? At any rate, that’s a red flag for me right from the start.

What needs to be made clear now is that Legit Online Jobs doesn’t actually have any paying jobs or paid employment. It’s more of a business opportunity, hence the reason they are charging a sign up fee. When you apply for a regular type of job, online or offline, you normally don’t pay for the chance to do the job, you get given the job and then someone pays YOU.

Any platform online that claims to have “job” placements and then asks for money, is in fact some sort of money making scheme or online business opportunity.


Legit Online Jobs Earnings


What Is the Alleged Job Anyway?

They claim the “job” is to write ads for major companies and post these ads online. Apparently this is a worldwide opportunity and these companies are literally desperate for people to fill these ad writing positions and do the posting into online forms (not real clear on what these online forms for ads actually are). The promise is they’ll pay you very handsomely in return for your efforts.

I actually don’t know of any major (or small) companies that are desperate for this kind of thing, because there are millions of writers, copywriters and advertising agencies out there all gunning for their work. How could any company be desperate for people to write their ads for them?

It’s total BS!

It’s just a ruse to mislead people and nothing more than that. They’re trying to make it sound like a real job, something the majority of people can relate to.


Accelerated Income Link Posting


How It Really Works

The real deal with Legit Online Jobs, and the very reason I said it’s a business opportunity more than a job, is affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is a real gig. It’s what I do to make more than a fulltime income from the internet, but how does Legit Online Jobs approach affiliate marketing and is it a worthwhile business system the way they have things set up?

No, it’s not really. What they’ve got going on here is a link posting scam, which the internet is full of these days. They want you to go around spamming the internet with affiliate links. They make out like you get paid just to post these links, when in fact you don’t get paid anything.

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for years now and I’ve had proper training to show me how to do it right, so I know a lot about it. Legit Online Jobs is misleading people with their information, making affiliate marketing out to be as simple as posting links and getting money in return just for posting. It doesn’t work that way.

In order to earn money from your unique affiliate link, someone has to take action after clicking your link, like making a purchase.

Basically this company is claiming a simple 3 step process to get started and earning money:

  1. Create an account with Legit Online Jobs
  2. Select companies to work with from their list
  3. Start posting and earning

If only everything was as simple as these guys make it out to be. However, there is a bit of truth in what they’re recommending in their process. Signing up for affiliate offers is a start. Then it’s a matter of promoting those affiliate offers and earning commissions if sales are made.


How Affiliate Marketing Works


A Vital Piece Is Missing

While the basic process mentioned above is somewhat real and true, Legit Online Jobs left out one of the most vital components there is to making affiliate marketing work.

You really need a website where you can promote these affiliate offers and place your ads. Otherwise your only option is to spam social media, or create one page sales pitches and send paid traffic to those pages, which can get super expensive very quickly.


Limited Spots Available? I Don’t Think So

This ploy is so over-used online these days. It seems like everywhere you turn, someone is offering something, either for a limited time, or offering limited spots.

Legit Online Jobs says the same thing, that places are limited. It’s just designed to get people to stop thinking, take action and pay up. Ignore this whenever you see it anywhere, because in most cases it’s simply not true.


Target Audience

This is really targeting newcomers to making money online, and especially those who are seeking some sort of paid online employment. Legit Online Jobs has used rather deceptive tactics here to attract that crowd, employing a bait and switch approach to hook people into the real offer.


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What I Like

  • Affiliate marketing is a real business
  • You might make some money with this, but it won’t be much because they are not offering a complete package here to get started


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There is no easy online job like they promise in their sales pitch
  • Stock photos have been used to illustrate all the happy customers on their site
  • Legit Online Jobs has way over-simplified the affiliate marketing process
  • This opportunity is very light on with regards to training and really showing you how to make money as an online marketer
  • The anti-virus logos on their site are only there to make it look safe. They should be clickable and they’re not
  • The “limited spots available” ploy is used
  • Your personal information could be at risk by joining Legit Online Jobs
  • Big companies are NOT desperate for ad writers
  • The word “legit” in the title is an obvious red flag
  • This is promoted as a link posting scam


How Much Does Legit Online Jobs Cost?

The cost to sign up for Legit Online Jobs is $34.95. Keep in mind that if you were to do so, there is no paying job available after you join. They will be teaching you how to make money as an affiliate, and if you do happen to earn from any offers you sign up for, chances are owner Ross Williams is getting a small cut of that action as well. Likely you will be his sub-affiliate for at least some of the offers.


Legit Online Jobs Banner


Is Legit Online Jobs a Scam?

I’m reluctant to outright label this one a scam simply because he is opening the doors to affiliate marketing, and that’s a real gig. However, Ross uses some very deceptive and scammy tactics to get people to join his scheme.

I won’t state categorically that this is a scam (you could make some money), but in some ways it’s not far away from being one. There is too much misleading information here, and the claim of being able to make nearly $10k a month with his system is really just a fantasy. What Ross has got here is just too light on for that kind of money to be possible.

If you want more information on Legit Online Jobs, you can check it out here.


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