Is Money Finder USA a Scam? Can They Help You Find Lost Money?



Is Money Finder USA a scam or not? I kept hearing things about it so I decided to look into it. They make the claim that they can help you find lost money that’s owed to you, but is this really true, and do you even need Money Finder USA to find this lost money?

Let’s see what it’s all about…



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Is Money Finder USA a ScamCompany Name: Money Finder USA

Owners: Unknown

Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 0/10



~ Money Finder USA Review ~



I saw this online and I presume you did as well. It all sounds very interesting on the surface, but we’ll dig a little deeper.

At any rate, it’s good to see you here reading this review, as it shows you do your research before jumping into something without thinking it through. With so many make money online (MMO) scams on the internet, that’s always wise. That way you’ll avoid the scams.

On my Many Income Streams website I write reviews on the good and bad stuff I come across online, whether it be training, or schemes that claim they can make people money.

Let’s see if Money Finder USA rates positively or negatively.


What Is Money Finder USA?

Apparently there is lost money in various forms everywhere across the United States, and this lost money is held in government coffers waiting to be claimed by its rightful owners.

This is one fact that is true when it comes to the Money Finder USA sales pitch, but that’s about where telling the truth ends for whoever is behind this scheme.

Some common lost money or assets might include unclaimed investment dividends, checks that haven’t been claimed or cashed, forgotten bank accounts, inherited money or assets and so on.

Like I said, this stuff is real, but how does Money Finder USA propose to help people find and claim all this lost wealth?

Well, there are legitimate national registries where people can go to and search if they have any lost or unclaimed funds of some description. Money Finder USA says it can help out with the process of finding and claiming this cash “before it’s too late” to get your hands on it.

To put it bluntly, nobody needs Money Finder USA to gain access to this information or to be able to file a claim for money that is rightfully yours. Money Finder USA has no affiliation with these government agencies, nor do they serve any specific or helpful purpose.

All they really do is give you links to 2 government departments to check once you sign up with them and hand over all your personal information. You don’t need to go through Money Finder USA to get these links either. Just an internet search will provide them.

So what’s the deal with Money Finder USA then? Why do they even offer this “service”?

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Is Money Finder USA a Scam


How It Works

The goal of this organisation is to collect your personal data. Before they give you the links to start searching for, or claiming, any lost assets that are rightfully yours, they get you to fill out a form, which includes your phone number and email address.


Money Finder USA Form


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On the website there is some fine print that says you are agreeing to receive promotions from them once you complete the form and submit your details.

That’s the real goal of Money Finder USA. They offer no real service and are redundant when it comes to the processes of finding and claiming lost money. It’s merely a front, a ruse to get your details so they can spam you with other offers.

That’s where they make their money. Getting you to buy other stuff down the track.

Not only will you receive promos from Money Finder USA, but a whole bunch of other companies as well. These will be in the form of email promotions, as well as phone calls and text messages.

So the second way that the people behind the Money Finder USA scheme are making money is by either selling or renting the list of contacts they’ve compiled to these other companies.

It’s similar to another scam I recently reviewed called “NorthAmeriCorp”.

A third way they cash up at your expense is with advertising. They send you ads to click on, and when you click through on these ads, they get paid by the advertiser.

So, as you can see, Money Finder USA is nothing more than some big promotional funnel for their benefit and not yours. You’ll just be endlessly spammed for your trouble. You don’t need this mob to go searching for any lost money or assets, and Money Finder USA don’t even help you with the process anyway, except to give you 2 website links to take a look at.

I’ll give you those two links right now to save you the trouble of either looking for them, or filling out Money Finder USA’s bogus form:



Money Finder USA Process


Target Audience

This is obviously aimed at anyone who might suspect they have some lost or unclaimed money of some description. I guess that could possibly apply to just about anyone. At any rate, they’ve created this ruse by targeting the vast majority of the population in the hope of building their spam contact list.


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What I Like

  • There’s not really much to like about this obvious scam


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • Money Finder USA serves no purpose in helping you find lost money
  • They give you 2 links to check after making you hand over your details, then get you to click on a bunch of ads first
  • This is just a ruse to get your name, email address and phone number
  • They rent or sell their list to other companies
  • You’ll receive loads of spam and promotions via email, phone calls and text messages


How Much Does Money Finder USA Cost?

It doesn’t cost money to join this scheme directly, but it could cost you some cash down the track if you accidentally sign up for some promotions they send you, then forget to cancel before the trial period is up, after which they’ll start billing your credit card.

It may be free, but you’re not receiving any of the promised service, and you’ll be surrendering your details to a bunch of spammers and scammers.


Money Finder USA Terms


Is Money Finder USA a Scam?

Well, I believe it’s a scam despite the fact that they’re not charging you any money. They’re getting your details under false pretences and then selling that information to others for their own financial gain.

Technically they may not be stealing any money from you, but they are gathering your data. Yes, you do give them permission to do so, but only because they’re promising to help you find lost money, a promise they fail to fully deliver on.

This is a total waste of time, so give it a miss.


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