Is NorthAmeriCorp a Scam? Are Their Easy Online Jobs Even Real?



Is NorthAmeriCorp a scam or not? This platform claims you can be making a good hourly rate online with their “copy and paste” jobs, but are these jobs even real, or is this platform promoting something else entirely?

Let’s take a look and uncover the truth…


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Is NorthAmeriCorp a Scam

Company Name: NorthAmeriCorp

Owners: Trevor Harris

Price To Join: $52

My Rating: 0/10


~ NorthAmeriCorp Review ~



I write reviews on this site to help people avoid scams and to also recognise products and programs that are worth getting involved with. It’s always a good idea to do research on a make money online (MMO) opportunity before paying up and joining because there are so many dodgy platforms out there.


What Is NorthAmeriCorp?

The NorthAmeriCorp platforms claims they can hook people up with easy work from home jobs that involve nothing more than copying and pasting information. They take things a step further by stating you can make as much as $27.25 per hour doing this, which isn’t bad coin for something that sound so brain dead easy.

Another claim they make is that everything is free, but you’ll soon discover that it’s not free at all.

This all sounds too good to be real, to be honest, and that’s because it isn’t real.

Some very dubious practices are being adopted by NorthAmeriCorp to suck people into their scheme, and most of what’s portrayed on their website is simply misleading and largely untrue.

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Is NorthAmeriCorp a Scam


How It Really Works

The presenter in the video is a guy named Trevor Harris (likely just an alias). It’s this guy that claims people can make up to $27.25 per hour doing simple online work processing worksheets with very flexible working hours.

Trevor goes on to say just how easy this all is and that anyone with no experience can do this and get paid.

There is a firm emphasis on the online jobs being “real”, like he always feels the need to constantly stress this point.

That’s a red flag in itself.

Initially to join this “opportunity”, they don’ ask you for money right away. After watching their sales presentation video, you click the yellow button below it and offer up your name and email address.

From this point on you are in their email funnel so they can start hounding you with other products they want to sell you.

After you’ve joined you’ll go through to the next video, where Trevor explains more about the copy and paste jobs and a variety of figures that you are likely to be paid, from $15 per assignment or up to that $27.25 per hour.

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter what figures they quote you can earn, because you won’t be earning any of these amounts. No reputable companies are going to pay you these rates just to copy and paste information.

It’s all a ruse.

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What NorthAmeriCorp Is Really All About

If you click through on the link after enduring the second sales video full of fantasy BS, then you’ll be taken through to the real offer, which is buying anti-virus software. They claim you need to purchase this protection software because you’ll be dealing with very sensitive information that needs to remain secure.

All that’s happening here is your classic bait and switch scenario, where you are promised some easy bogus job, only to find they’re luring you into a funnel to purchase other products before you can even get started on your fake job offer.

Bait and switch is a very common ploy among make money online scams, and the purchasing of anti-virus software is merely the beginning of the upsells.

NorthAmeriCorp is all about squeezing money out of you for products you don’t want or need, all with the lure of easy money down the track that will never materialise.

They are promoting the anti-virus software and other products as affiliates, so when you make a purchase, they get paid a commission.

Now there’s nothing wrong with promoting products as an affiliate, so long as you are upfront about it all. Promising people well-paying, easy work at the end of the upsell funnel, when it’s not even real, is just downright despicable and deceptive.

I do affiliate marketing for a living, but I never try to con people into buying some unrelated product just to make a commission, and I never promise any fake money making deals. That’s just wrong.

Everything about this platform reminds me of a similar one I reviewed called Legit Flex Job. Notice how it's the same building for both companies in the two images below.


NorthAmeriCorp Building


Legit Flex Job Banner


Target Audience

This is really targeting people looking for an online job they can do in their spare time, so as not to interfere with their regular routine. Unfortunately what’s on offer here is completely bogus.

Scammers prey on those inexperienced at making money on the internet, telling people what they want to hear (easy, quick money), and then not delivering once someone buys into the scheme.


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What I Like

  • I don’t like anything at all about this con job


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • The copy/paste jobs are totally fake
  • Trevor Harris is likely just a made up name
  • There is no job at the end of this sales funnel
  • This company is run by an affiliate who makes commissions on products purchased by members
  • You don’t need to buy this anti-virus software to do the advertised job, because there is no job
  • Everything about this offer is pure fantasy
  • Bait and switch has been used to lure people into a sales funnel with the promise of an easy online job


How Much Does NorthAmeriCorp Cost?

They say it costs nothing to join and get started earning, but as soon as you join you are hit with a $52 upsell for an anti-virus product, so it’s not really free after all. That purchase – if you happen to buy – is merely the very beginning of what else they’ll try and sell you now that they have your email address on file.


NorthAmeriCorp Video


Is NorthAmeriCorp a Scam?

This is a scam in my honest opinion. Nowhere on their website or in their sales videos are they upfront about anything. This is all a total con job. There is no well-paying, simple, copy and paste online job.

That’s just a fabrication to get you into their sales funnel, starting out with unnecessary anti-virus software, which they claim you will need so you are working in a secure online environment when they send you “jobs”.

While there’s nothing wrong with affiliate marketing, the way these affiliates are trying to earn commissions is highly unethical. It’s not the way this business should be run and I don’t condone it as an affiliate marketer myself. It’s people like this that give affiliates a poor reputation.

Everything about this website and opportunity is a ruse, so definitely give this one a big miss. Don’t fall for their promise of online work, because they are not actually offering any.


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