Is Nucerity International a Scam MLM? Worth Joining or Not?



Is Nucerity International a scam MLM or not? Are these beauty products even worth it, and can people make a decent income selling Nucerity products?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…


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Is Nucerity International a Scam

Company Name: Nucerity International

Founders: David Dillingham, Kevin Allen, Lonnie McKinney and Richard Jaenicke

Price To Join: $59 for a Starter Kit

My Rating: 6/10



~ The Nucerity International Review ~


What Is Nucerity International?

Nucerity International is a MLM company that predominantly sells beauty products, along with health and wellness items. It was launched in Texas back in 2009 and appears to still be going strong today.

The beauty and health and wellness niche seems to be a mega popular one among MLM companies these days. Yes, there is always a demand for these products, but with so many companies now peddling them, competition is fierce, to say the least.

Now let’s take a brief look at some of the products.

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Nucerity Products

Skincerity Renew – This skincare product is designed to enhance collagen production and is aimed at a more mature audience to help fight anti-aging.

Skincerity – Produced for all ages, Skincerity is a breathable masque that reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Peptide Plus Moisturizer – Moisturizes and enriches the skin for a firm, healthy and youthful looking appearance.

Eye Effects 3 – Designed specifically for use around the eyes, Eye Effects will vanish fine lines and slow the aging process, keeping skin firm, yet supple.

Body Silk – A unique blend of essential oils and nutrients to hydrate the skin. The serum also creates a barrier to protect the skin against the elements.

Rejuvenating Barrier – This is a water-based skincare barrier cream. It provides oil-free protection, allowing the skin to stay moist and youthful.

Advanced Exfoliator – This product is perfect for brightening tone and texture as it exfoliates dead skin cells so new ones can be regenerated.

Iaso Instant Tea – This is a colon cleanser and detoxifying tea. Bringing your body into balance, you will better be able to absorb important nutrients after drinking this tea.

Elite – A health supplement filled with nutrients and antioxidants, Elite will revitalize your body and mind. It also enhances you on the outside, leaving your skin looking fresher and more youthful.


Nucerity products


How To Earn With Nucerity International Compensation Plan

As I always find many of these MLM compensation plans extremely confusing, I’ll include the official Nucerity video below that fully explains how their compensation plan works.



In a nutshell, you buy a starter kit and begin selling the products. You also agree to have a minimum order of products auto-shipped to you every month to remain eligible to earn commissions and bonuses. In order to really have a chance of making decent money, you will need to recruit others into the system to form your direct downline.

In reality people can join the business opportunity for free, taking advantage of the discounts as a preferred customer. You do have to purchase the Starter Kit though, and buy that minimum monthly order.

Check out the chart below for an illustration of how you can make money.


Nucerity Earning Chart

As you sell more and recruit more people into your downline and they sell more and recruit more, you build up your CV Points. These all add up to residual commissions and bonuses for you. Once again, refer to their official video above for a more accurate and detailed explanation.

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Target Audience

Some people just love the idea of MLM and network marketing, going to the motivating meet ups, socialising and the like. Others just want to start some sort of business, escape their daily work lives, but don’t want to build something completely from scratch. MLM suits this demographic perfectly.


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The Pros

  • MLM is a done for you business model in a sense
  • The products seem to be fairly well received
  • There is no joining fee on top of the Starter Kit


The Cons

  • Remaining qualified and eligible for commissions could get very expensive
  • They have a minimum monthly quota of products you need to buy
  • Beauty products and health and wellness products have a lot of competition
  • MLM is a hard business model to make money with unless you join really early
  • Nucerity has been around since 2009, so it’s far from a fresh opportunity


Nucerity Commission Breakdown


Tools and Training

Their website doesn’t really offer much in the way of training, but your sponsor will help guide you on what to do. Also, if you can attend some of the official Nucerity meet ups you will find them helpful to a degree. If all else is lost, just research on the net and you’ll find plenty of advice on how best to promote via the MLM business model.


How Much Does the Nucerity Business Opportunity Cost?

It’s free to become a distributor, but you will need to buy a Starter Kit for $59, then have products auto-shipped to you every month. If you don’t, you won’t remain eligible to earn commissions or receive bonuses. This will set you back a minimum spend of about $120 per month.


Is Nucerity International a Scam?

I’m not a fan of the MLM business model as such, but the Nucerity business opportunity is not a scam. The products seem genuine enough, are well received and seem popular. As with all MLMs in this niche, the products are rather pricey.

Give it a go if you like MLM and think you can use the range of beauty products for yourself and others. It’s not something I’d be interested in, though.


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