Is Pet Protector a Scam Product and Business? Does It Even Work?



Is Pet Protector a scam? Does the medallion really repel fleas and ticks? And can the business opportunity really be profitable?

Let’s take a closer look…


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Is Pet Protector a ScamCompany Name: Pet Protector

CEO: Teresa Lopez

Price To Join: Free 15 day trial

My Rating: 2/10




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What Is Pet Protector?

When I first heard about Pet Protector (I think it was through a Facebook ad), it sounded like a pretty good idea. As I have 2 dogs, the idea of a medallion they could wear that would keep away fleas and ticks sounded perfect. It also sounded like it would be a far cheaper alternative to other flea and tick products that need to be applied every month.

I was also quite interested in the business opportunity side of things, as they have an affiliate/MLM program attached.

As I delved deeper into both the product effectiveness and the business opportunity, I started to change my mind about the entire idea.

For starters, there is no scientific studies or data to back up the claims Pet Protector make about the effectiveness of their product. And when you conduct some independent research, I can’t come across any feedback that suggests the product actually works. The only positive feedback I’ve found is from affiliates trying to sell the product.

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Pet protector Medallion


Pet Protector Products

Pet Protector is a metallic disc that is supposed to be supercharged to repel ticks and fleas from dogs and cats for up to 4 years. It even repels mosquitoes, apparently. It is said to be free of chemicals and 100% safe for both animals and humans. It contains no odour and is water-resistant.

Below is a screenshot from the Pet Protector site that explains how the discs are supposed to work in repelling fleas and ticks. To me it doesn’t make a lot of sense, and despite their claims that they’ve conducted testing (by their very own company representatives – hardly unbiased), there is absolutely no solid evidence to suggest that the discs are anything more than a gimmick.


Pet Protector - How It Works


How To Earn With the Pet Protector Compensation Plan

I didn’t really like the business opportunity/compensation plan either. I did sign up for it, but then proceeded to get bombarded with extremely confusing emails about how to actually earn from the plan.

I suddenly found my email inbox deluged with members of the Pet Protector Facebook group contacting me and trying to recruit me, even though I’d already joined. I quickly realised that this was really nothing more than some sort of money matrix that did offer a real, tangible (though ineffective) product.

When you join as an affiliate you receive a replicated website in order to sell the discs. Initially I was interested in both having the discs for my dogs as well as promoting them to others to make a few dollars, but only if they were genuine alternatives to the chemical variety of flea and tick prevention methods. Unfortunately the discs don’t actually do a thing, so I decided I couldn’t promote them.

Just as a reseller (and you first have to purchase the discs before selling them to others. You can’t just promote them as an affiliate and receive a commission when a sale is made), you only make a $5.60 mark up on each disc. Not much incentive. But what Pet protector really want people to do is recruit others into the business.

Using some form of MLM downline system, you only ever have two direct downlines and you earn bonuses on the volume of sales your downline makes.

Of course you also earn commissions and bonuses from your own retail sales and the bonus amounts depend on what level in the business you buy in at. Below are some screenshots to illustrate this.


Earn With Pet protector 1

Earn With Pet protector 2


Target Audience

This really targets both pet owners looking for healthier alternative treatments for their cats and dogs, as well as those seeking some sort of associated business opportunity. Unfortunately, I believe both the product and the business opportunity are not particularly attractive.

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The Pros

  • The Pet Protector discs sound great in theory
  • Free to get started


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The Cons

  • The discs don’t work
  • The retail mark up on the products for resellers is far too small
  • Too much emphasis on recruiting others
  • The product is nothing more than an excuse to run a MLM business
  • It’s more of a money matrix than anything else
  • The company uses false TV endorsements to give them validity
  • The only positive reviews of the discs I can find are from affiliates


Tools and Training

Not much in the way of training available, although the person who recruits you will give you tips on how to sell and recruit others. You do get a replica Pet Protector website.


Pet Protector Ad


How Much Does the Pet Protector Business Opportunity Cost?

It costs nothing to join initially with their 15 day free trial. After that it will cost you hundreds to purchase products as well as upgrading your membership level. The only real way to earn here is to have a huge recruitment drive so you can get bonuses.


Is Pet Protector a Scam?

The product is a bit of a scam in my opinion because it doesn’t actually work. I wish it did. I’d be using Pet Protector on my dogs for sure if it did. While the business opportunity is okay, I can’t recommend it when the product is completely bogus.


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