Is LikesXL a Scam or the Deal of the Century?



Is LikesXL a scam? Can this revenue sharing, ad packs money matrix make you a decent profit, or is it just another Ponzi scheme that’s all talk and no cigar?

Let’s take a closer look and see…


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Is LikesXL a ScamCompany Name: LikesXL

Owners: Peter Kolar

Price To Join: €29.90 + €50 per ad pack

My Rating: 3/10



~ The LikesXL Review ~


What Is LikesXL?

LikesXL is another revenue sharing program that uses the purchasing of ad packs to make their money matrix legit. They do this to try and avoid being deemed an illegal Ponzi scheme. It makes it sound like there is a real product being bought and sold.

In a way there is, but it’s more of a fantasy product than anything particularly useful, and its only purpose is to offer something tangible for the money being invested in the Ponzi scheme.

The company further tries to lend itself legitimacy by claiming they have business ties with giants like McDonalds and MasterCard. These are all false claims, however.

This one launched in late 2015 out of Austria, and if you search the internet you’ll actually find quite  a lot of complaints about them. This is always the case with Ponzi Schemes, because they can’t financially sustain themselves and sooner or later a lot of “investors” end up being out of pocket with no promised big payday.

LikesXL is most likely a reinvention of a previous ad pack purchasing, revenue sharing Ponzi scheme called “My Advertising Pays”. It’s the same deal, just under a different name. Traffic Monsoon is another that springs to mind.

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How It Works

In order to have a chance of making money with LikesXL you have to purchase at least one ad pack, which will cost you €50. The more ad packs you buy, the more places you buy in the matrix and potentially the more money you can make in theory.

Part of the deal is you are also supposed to view 10 ads per day from other advertisers, and you also get to place an ad of your own on the system to promote your own business.

LikesXL actually recommend you load over 1000 Euro into their system to really fast-track your way to financial success. No thanks. I’m all for taking a few risks to make some coin, but with programs like this one, you might as well just toss your money off a cliff or into a wishing well.

Allegedly each ad pack returns 20% on investment. Once your ad pack pays out the 20% your ad pack expires and is no loner in play to earn more money, therefore you need to purchase at least one more to keep the cash machine rolling.

Each time you purchase an ad pack, that entitles you to receive 800 views of your ad, as well as the chance to make a 20% profit. This platform works as both a traffic exchange (worthless, irrelevant traffic) as well as revenue sharing.

Along the way, if you really want to make money, you actually have to spend more money to rise up the levels. As an example the top level, which is Diamond, costs you €55 per month to join. This entitles you to buy as many as 900 ad packs.

You can earn anywhere from €0.35 to €1.20 per day. The idea is to reach a revenue level of €60 value for your ad pack and then it pays out. From this point you can either cash out or reinvest. People are always encouraged to reinvest so you can earn more money, but the owners want you to do this because, if everyone wanted to cash out every time they made some profit, the entire Ponzi scheme would instantly collapse.

The company also withholds 5% of all your earnings and you can’t touch that. This is also done in a bid to keep the scam going.

The real way to make any money (if you ever actually get paid out any profits) is by recruiting other people into the matrix. It’s works a bit like a MLM business. You can recruit as many levels deep as you like, but once you go down to 3 levels, if you want to be eligible to earn commissions on those levels you need to pay an extra €60.

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LikesXL Matrix


Target Audience

Some people just love taking their chances on these Ponzi schemes, so they will give anything a go. LikesXL would certainly appeal to that demographic. These schemes also appeal to those looking to make a quick buck.


The Pros

  • It could make money, but it’s an extremely risky investment


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The Cons

  • It’s a Ponzi scheme
  • These schemes cannot sustain themselves indefinitely
  • The only way they can remain viable is if people don’t want to be paid out and new recruits keep joining the matrix
  • You will more likely lose your money than make any profit
  • The company retains 5% of your earnings and there are numerous other fees involved that will eat into your profits
  • The ad packs and the ad viewing are just an excuse to take the focus away from it being a Ponzi scheme


Tools and Training

You get the ad packs and advertising videos to watch. There are some rather vague instructions found on their website. You also get to place your own ad on the system for the viewing pleasure of other members who are forced to watch 10 ads per day to remain eligible for commissions.


How Much Does LikesXL Cost?

It costs €50 per ad pack and also the following prices for joining the various levels.

  1. Blue Free – 0 Ad Packs
  2. Green €29.90 annually – 50 Ad Packs Max
  3. Silver €29 monthly – 150 Ad Packs Max
  4. Gold €39 monthly – 300 Ad Packs Max
  5. Diamond €55 monthly – 900 Ad Packs Max

Currently you are limited to purchasing 300 ad packs in a month. If you want to earn commissions on recruits more than 3 levels deep, it’ll cost you a further €60 per month for each level deep you want to advance.

All in all, this scheme will end up costing you way more than you could ever earn in profits.


LikesXL Ads


Is LikesXL a Scam?

All Ponzi schemes are a scam. I know some people would argue that technically it’s not a Ponzi scheme because you purchase ad packs and are paying for advertising, but it is.

The system cannot financially sustain itself if people actually want to be paid out their earnings. I don’t recommend getting involved, but that’s just my opinion. Yours may differ.


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