Is Partner With Mike B a Scam or Easy $1k a Day?



Is Partner With Mike B a scam or not? I’ve been hearing a fair bit about this platform online lately, so I decided to look into it and see what it’s all about. He claims you can make $1000s as a complete beginner, but is that the truth or not?

Let’s take a closer look and see…



Is Partner With Mike B a ScamCompany Name: Partner With Mike B

Owners: Mike Buontempo

Price To Join: $37 + Upsells

My Rating: 2/10




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Maybe you heard about Partner With Mike B somewhere online too, or received an email about it. It’s great that you’re here reading my review first, as you are far less likely to ever fall for a scam or something that’s just a waste of time and money.

The internet has many dodgy make money schemes floating around, and on my website I write reviews to let people know what to watch out for and to avoid. Fortunately there is a lot of good stuff out there as well, and I also write reviews of the worthwhile stuff when I come across something.

Let’s see how Partner With Mike B measures up.


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What Is Partner With Mike B?

Mike Buontempo, the creator of Partner With Mike B, says he was already making millions of dollars online by the time he was 21 years old. To achieve this he was promoting products using paid traffic methods.

This is what he claims in his video anyway. Whether it’s the truth or not, who really knows for sure.

After taking more of a look at the video and the website, Partner With Mike B sounds suspiciously similar to some other schemes I’ve recently reviewed, such as “Money Sucking Websites” to name one off the top of my head.

One rather absurd claim that Mike makes right off the bat is that complete newbies will be making $1000 a day within the first 24 hours of joining his program.

I mean, maybe that’s not totally impossible to do, but in my experience it’s highly unlikely.

He goes on the make the statement even more ridiculous by saying you can achieve that with less that an hour of actual work.

Talk about just telling people what they want to hear so he can sell memberships.

I don’t know of anything where you can make that kind of money that quickly as a beginner, and not really having to do any work for the cash. That’s just make believe.

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Partner With Mike B Pitch


How It Works

First, let’s be clear that by watching the sales video from start to finish, you’ll still be none the wiser as to how the Partner With Mike B program actually makes you money. The video is nothing but hype, telling you about the $1000s you’ll be making with little to no effort on your part.

When you buy into the scheme at what seems like a cheap initial price of $37, you’ll gain access to 6 training modules. These are designed to teach you how the system works so you can start making all this fantastic money.

Unfortunately though, you won’t be making any money right off after paying your joining fee. Instead you’ll be asked to spend heaps more cash first.

What you’re really doing when you join Partner With Mike B is entering his sales funnel so he can continually extract more cash from you by getting you to buy his products, or the rights to on sell his products.

The prices for the rights to his products start at a modest $7, but you won’t make much from reselling that. To get into the big bucks you’ll have to buy his more expensive offers, which range up to as high as $3500.

Another thing to note here is that in order to access Mike’s training you first need to be assigned a “coach” or “mentor”. With platforms like this one a coach never takes on the role of actually guiding you on a path to success.

Their real job is to be a sales rep and encourage you to spend more money so you then have a chance of being successful.

That’s really the only game plan these mentors have – selling you stuff, and telling you that you need to buy this stuff or you won’t be successful.

Basically you buy in, get a coach, do the training, spend more money, and in the process learn how to sell the same stuff to other people so you can earn between 50% to 80% commissions on any memberships or products you happen to sell.

That’s it in a nutshell.

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Partner With Mike B Pitch 2


This Is Not That Easy

For starters, Mike makes it all sound so super quick and easy to make money with this, but that’s not the reality. Plus, before you can even think about making money, you first have to cough up thousands of dollars.

Now, on top of that, Mike’s methods for getting traffic (people) to your offers involves various forms of paid advertising. So you’re gonna need a budget for that too, likely in the thousands. Paid advertising doesn’t equate to instant visitors and lots of sales either.

It takes time to refine campaigns and get them profitable. And some products that you try to sell are just never going to be profitable.

There’s no way known to mankind that anyone who is a complete beginner is going to join Mike B’s scheme and be making $1000 a day within the first 24 hours after working on it for less than an hour.

That’s complete bullshit! Don’t listen to that kind of sales garbage. It’s just designed to get you excited so they can relieve you of a bunch of your money.


Target Audience

This one is definitely focused on newbies to the online marketing world, as that’s the entire focus of Mike’s sales pitch. Tell newcomers what they want to hear and then take their money off them.

No experienced marketer would likely touch this, because there’s way too much hype, a lot of limitations in what Mike’s offering, and it’s very expensive for what it is.


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What I Like

  • Some of the training might prove useful to a complete beginner
  • You could potentially make some money in the long-term


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • It’s very expensive by the time you purchase all the mandatory upsells
  • The website is really just a sales funnel to get more and more of your cash
  • You will need to spend thousands on paid advertising to implement Mike’s traffic methods
  • Your coach is just a sales rep whose job it is to get money out of you
  • There are a lot of limitations on what Mike’s offering here
  • His training is far too weak to really teach anyone how to establish a profitable online business
  • This is nowhere near as easy as claimed and a newbie is not going to be making $1000 a day within 24 hours for just an hour of work or less
  • The sales video is just a bunch of money hype and tells you nothing


How Much Does Partner With Mike B Cost?

The initial joining fee is $37. In order to access the training you need your “coach” to unlock the videos for you. This requires you to spend money on expensive upsells which can cost up to $3500. On top of that you’ll need a bankroll for paid advertising, likely in the $1000s.


Is Partner With Mike B a Scam


Is Partner With Mike B a Scam?

I wouldn’t rate this as a scam, no, just not recommended. There are far better methods and training to make money online than what’s on offer here, and for far cheaper price tags.

This system is all about selling the same system you bought into and earning commissions. That’s way too limiting for a successful online business. Plus, it’s just darn too expensive for what it is.

The training is really weak and basic as well.

I’d give this one a miss. I don’t see any real value here.


A Much Better Way To Make Money Online

There’s both good stuff and bad stuff online. It’s just a matter of sifting through it all, reading reviews like this one to learn more and making wise choices. There’s money to be made out there for sure. You just have to avoid the worthless schemes in the process.

My main online money spinner is my affiliate marketing business. I’ve been doing it since 2015 and these days it brings in a really good monthly income, much of it passive. It’s a really simplistic process to make money as an affiliate, and if you get some decent training that shows you the way, there’s no reason why you won’t find success with it.

You don’t need business capital, and running costs are minimal. In fact, you can do it on an extremely low budget if need be.

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