Is Saivian a Pyramid Scheme? Let’s Find Out



Is Saivian a pyramid scheme? Is it some sort of scam? Does Saivian even offer any legitimate savings and products like a traditional MLM opportunity, or is it nothing more than a Ponzi scheme?

Let’s take a look and find out…



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Is Saivian a Pyramid SchemeCompany Name: Saivian

Owners: John Sheehan

Price To Join: $125/Month

My Rating: 0/10



~ The Saivian Review ~


What Is Saivian?

Saivian is a multi level marketing platform. The whole concept of the platform is to allow its members to receive 20% cash back on all their shopping. This cash back offer has been organised with 10 chosen retail outlets and is limited to shopping at these stores only. In order to be eligible for 20% cash back, participants first need to meet certain conditions.

To facilitate the constant recruitment of other people into the scheme, Saivian adopted the MLM business model to give its members added incentive to do the recruiting.


Is Saivian a Pyramid Scheme


How It Works and the Compensation Plan

With this platform you are required to pay $125 every 28 days, which equates to 13 payments a year for a total of $1625.

So what do you get for all this money and how does this platform work for those looking to make some coin?

When you do your shopping at the approved retailers, you then need to scan your receipts and upload them to the Saivian system. Once every 30 days you’ll receive your cash back. Receipts can be totals anywhere from $5 up to $300 per week. With the $125 monthly fee, this means you need to actually spend more than $625 at these stores to be in the black after cash back. In fact, the maximum cash back you can get per month is a total of $250.

When it comes to compensation for members who recruit others, if you pay your monthly fees of $125, when you bring others into the scheme and they start uploading their shopping receipts, you qualify for what’s known as “Daily Pay”. Saivian claim members can earn up to $3000 a day in Daily Pay.

Sounds like a huge figure.

There are 13 membership levels in Saivian and to remain eligible you need to maintain at least 3 active recruits at all times.

  1. Founder position – $5 per day with 3 recruits
  2. VIP Founder -$20 per day with 12 recruits
  3. Elite Founder – $30 per day with 39 recruits
  4. 1 Star Founder – $50 per day with 80 recruits
  5. 2 Star Founder – $100 per day with 150 recruits
  6. 3 Star Founder – $150 per day with 300 recruits
  7. 4 Star Founder – $200 per day with 500 recruits
  8. 5 Star Founder – $300 per day with 750 recruits
  9. Ambassador – $500 per day with 1000 recruits
  10. Gold Ambassador – $750 per day with 2000 plus recruits
  11. Platinum Ambassador – $1000 per day with 4000 recruits
  12. Diamond Ambassador – $2000 per day with 6000 recruits
  13. Presidential Ambassador – $3000 per day with 8000 recruits

Apparently what’s really happening is the new investor money is being used towards the Daily Pay of existing members; as in the $125 per month membership of new members pays the profits of the old members. This cycle continues so long as new members are constantly recruited into the scheme.


Saivian Compensation Table


Definition Of a Pyramid Or Ponzi Scheme

Without any real products or services, this is a classic Ponzi scheme or pyramid setup. The definition of a pyramid scheme is when members only get paid when they recruit other members, and that new investor money is used to pay the profits for the older investors who recruited them. A naked pyramid is one where no products or services are sold and each investor is instructed to recruit a minimum number of new investors.


Charles Ponzi Quotes


Target Audience

This targets firstly shoppers looking to save some money on their grocery bill and some travel deals. What it really targets is people looking to join what’s perceived as a quick money making scheme. Some people are attracted to these money matrix style set ups. There would also be people joining Saivian thinking it is a legit MLM business opportunity when it’s not.


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What I Like

  • You get discounts on grocery items and travel deals
  • You can potentially make some good money outside of the discounts


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • It’s a classic pyramid system and Ponzi scheme
  • There is no real product or service
  • The monthly membership fee is really expensive
  • In order to make a profit you must recruit a minimum of 3 new members
  • You have to wait a massive 90 days for your very first cash back. This ensures there is enough cash coming into the kitty from new recruits to pay both the cash back and the Daily Pay to older members
  • There are many, many complaints about Saivian on the net from former members who got burned financially by this program


Saivian Savings


How Much Does Saivian Cost?

It costs a minimum of $125 every 28 days, and you need to pay this every single time or you lose eligibility for any cash back as well as commissions on your recruits.


Is Saivian a Scam?

I believe it’s a scam because there are no products or services attached. It’s a classic Ponzi scheme for all money.

By the way, word is that Saivian has closed down its US side of operations, preferring to take their scam and unleash it on Asian markets where there are more lax laws against these sorts of illegal schemes. Watch out Asia. Likely there are many US members who ended up losing out on their cash back deals as well as commissions when Saivian closed its US doors.


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