Is the Millionaire Blueprint a Scam or Blueprint To Riches?



Is the “Millionaire Blueprint” a scam? Or is it a real opportunity to make money and live the dream? I've seen other similar programs before, so I looked into this and wrote a review.

Read on to discover the truth on this one…



Is The Millionaire Blueprint A Scam

Company Name: The Millionaire Blueprint

Owners: Walter Green

Price To Join: Free (but $250 minimum investment required)

My Rating: 1/10



~ The Millionaire Blueprint Review ~



Binary options automated trading systems are everywhere you look these days. It’s become the latest “get rich quick” fad. The Millionaire Blueprint is yet another one of these robot-driven trading systems.

Some binary options reviewers out there are labelling the Millionaire Blueprint a blueprint for failure. Let’s find out why.


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What Is The “Millionaire Blueprint”?

As mentioned above, the Millionaire Blueprint is a binary options trading platform; which encompasses things like trading stocks, commodities and currencies. On the website they claim the win rate is an incredible 82%! That’s very high for this kind of money making venture. Not impossible, but high.

It’s also stated that no experience or skills are required to trade. If the system is fully automated as they suggest, then that may be true, but if it isn’t, then many skills and much knowledge is required to successfully trade binary options.

The sales video claims that you can make over $1.8 million in just 90 days. Another huge statement and a lot to live up to. The video is fictitious, and they do admit this. It’s entertaining, but be warned, it drags on for an awful long time.


Millionaire Blueprint Statements


How It Works

This works on a simple 3 step system:

  1. Log in to the platform
  2. Click twice to place a trade
  3. Get paid your winnings immediately

When you get started you are under the illusion that everything is free. Yes, it’s free in a way, but as soon as you join up you will be asked to choose from a selection of brokers and then inject a minimum of $250 into the system to trade with. Millionaire Blueprint will take a cut of that for recommending you, and they will also take a cut of every single trade you place whether you win or not. And so will the broker you chose.


Millionaire Blueprint 2 Click System


Why It Won’t Work

The reason that’s it’s automated and no knowledge or skills are requires is because it is “bot driven” like so many of these binary trading schemes. Now while you can use bot driven software to place some trades, and perhaps even have a few successful ones, it’s highly unlikely that a pre-programmed bot will accurately be able to predict future trades. Bots might be logging the data, but they don’t possess instincts, they don’t watch the news or read the financial pages, and they can’t predict exactly what’s going to happen in the market.

Because there are so many fraudulent practices associated with binary options trading platforms like this, they are actually banned in many official trading arenas. These supposedly “free” binary trading systems have acquired a very tarnished reputation, to put it politely, as they have the tendency to not live up to the hype and merely relieve punters of their hard-earned cash over and over again.

Besides, the majority of these systems aren’t based on fair trading. They’re designed to make the broker and Millionaire Blueprint money, while all the while sucking your pocket dry of cash as you invest even more money in a vain attempt to win back your initial investment.

When you watch the sales video, it’s actually the exact same sales video that is featured on a number of these binary options systems; some that I’ve reviewed on this site. All these programs are interlinked and likely run by the same group of people. I did a review of another similar system just last month called the “Free Money System”, also run by a man named Walter Green and uses the exact same sales video.


Millionaire Blueprint Bonus


Who Is The Target Audience?

Programs like the Millionaire Blueprint are largely targeted at people who either want to make money quickly, or make money at the push of a button with very little effort. If anything existed that was that easy, then we’d all be doing it.

Sometimes people who are really struggling for cash can get sucked into these schemes merely out of desperation to change their financial situation as quickly as possible, and these scammers prey on exactly that kind of scenario.


The Pros

  • Entertaining video if you have the time to watch it all. Apart from that, nothing else.


The Cons

  • Walter Green and his buddies
  • It’s a gambling system controlled by bots
  • Trades could go whatever way the brokers want them to
  • Not likely to make any punters a millionaire (Walter Green maybe)
  • Too many red flags
  • Walter and cronies make money no matter what happens
  • All the “rich” people in the sales video are actors
  • Outlandish claims of being able to make almost $2 million in 90 days


Tools and Training

Yes, you get tips from the fictitious characters in the video played by paid actors. Oh, and the automated millionaire-making, money-printing machine that is the Millionaire Blueprint.


How Much Does The “Millionaire Blueprint” Cost?

It’s technically “free” to use their trading software, but you can’t get started until you willingly cough up $250 to start trading with. That’s the absolute minimum. Millionaire Blueprint and the brokers skim money off of that investment as well as all trades you make, win or lose. Even if you lose they get paid because they siphon off a margin on the actual trade.


Is The “Millionaire Blueprint” A Scam?

Yes, it’s a scam and so are just about all of these robot trading systems. The makers don’t care whether you win or lose, just so long as you keep trading and investing money into the system so they can take their slice. It’s a win-win for them and most likely a lose-lose for you.

Walter Green (or whatever his real name is) is the middleman in a number of these bogus trading systems. He’s skimming money left right and centre off who knows how many people. And so are the dodgy brokers. Nothing about this system is legitimate or on the level. They even employ the classic time clock routine, where you have to get in before the clock winds down or you miss out.

Guess what? I looked at this system 2 days ago and it said I had 9 minutes to join or I’m screwed. Right now looking at it, it says I have 28 minutes left to join.

Millionaire Blueprint Time Clock

So again, more BS. It’s just a money hustle.

Stay well away from the Millionaire Blueprint. As others are saying, it’s a blueprint to the poor farm for many that get involved.

Schemes like this one are a lot like gambling, so you might have better luck with this lotto system.


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4 thoughts on “Is the Millionaire Blueprint a Scam or Blueprint To Riches?

  1. Thanks for the scam alert. I think Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go for anyone looking to procure an online business. There is plenty of good training and the wordpress website designer is very easy to use. I hope people make the right decision when looking for an online business and choose Wealthy Affiliate.

    • Hi Bradley. Unfortunately these binary trading scams are everywhere at the moment. I think most of them are run by the same people, just difefrent product names.

      Glad to hear you’ve found your way to Wealthy Affiliate already. It’s a great place to get started making money online. Not the only option, but certainly one of the best out there.

  2. It always cracks me up when it costs nothing to join but you have to hand over a big chunk of cash to do anything. That’s a major red flag for me. If everyone average a winning trade 82% of the time, there would be no one working on Wall Street. They’d all be doing this. These guys are just glorified brokers sucking you dry and collecting their fees. Thanks for the entertaining read.

    • That’s exactly right, Warren, there would be no one left on Wall Street. Hell, the whole world would be making money with the Millionaire Blueprint. These schemes are all the same and run but the same group of people under different names. Total scam.

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