Is Vindale Research a Scam? Can You Make Money With Surveys?



What is Vindale Research? Is Vindale Research a scam? Can you really make decent money from taking online surveys, or is it a total waste of your valuable time? After all, surveys don't usually pay very much. I was asked about this one, so I looked into it and wrote a review on Vindale Research.

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vindale-research-logoCompany Name: Vindale Research


Price To Join: Free

My Rating: 3.5/10



~ Vindale Research Review ~


What Is “Vindale Research”? – A Quick Overview

Vindale Research is a New York based organisation that links internet users looking to earn some cash with companies that pay people to do surveys for them. It’s free to join Vindale Research and become an active member of their platform.

Basically it’s a 3 step system:

  1. Create a Vindale account
  2. Take surveys
  3. Get paid

Doing online surveys is very easy and anyone can do it. What Vindale Research are providing is a portal between the survey companies and those who want to partake in paid surveys. It essentially saves people time in searching for and joining different survey companies.

Although Vindale Research primarily focus on paid surveys, they also offer other methods to earn money on their platform, as you can see in the screenshot below.


The company declares they have paid out more than $5 million dollars to their members so far, and it’s all paid in cash (not gift cards or vouchers).


Who Is The Target Audience?

Anyone who wants to make some spare change online. Those who have never made any money via the internet before and want to experience it for the first time.


The Pros

  • Free to join Vindale Research.
  • Saves a lot of time searching out survey companies yourself and having to individually join them all.
  • You will make money, just not much.
  • Everything is paid in cash and not gift cards.
  • There are other ways to make small amounts of cash on the Vindale platform.
  • There is a referral system where you can make money by referring other members.


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The Cons

  • The survey examples they show on their website are not a true reflection of the compensation you will receive. More often than not the survey will take longer than the time suggested and you will be paid far less than the example on their website.
  • A lot of the time you will be asked a heap of question – believing you are already doing the survey – only to be screened out saying you don’t qualify. If you don’t qualify, you don’t get paid for your time to answer those screening questions.
  • You won’t make much money for your time.


How It Works

There’s really not much to it. You join, fill out your account info, click on the surveys you want to participate in and, if you successfully complete them, money gets added to your account. Once your account reaches a total of $50 or more, you can cash out with PayPal.

Other ways you can earn:

  • Purchase products and get paid to test them out and write a review of your thoughts on the product.
  • Earn cash by clicking on ads.
  • Get $5 for uploading a happy photo of yourself.
  • Reading reward emails.
  • Watching videos.
  • Paid case studies.


How Much Does “Vindale Research” Cost To Join?

It doesn’t cost anything to join. Vindale Research makes its money by receiving a cut from the survey companies for every survey its participants do successfully.


Is “Vindale Research” A Scam?

vindale-research-survey-exampleI don’t believe so. Not a complete, out and out scam, but there are some scam-like elements attached. For starters, there are a lot of complaints on the internet about Vindale being a scam because many participants are disqualified from doing the actual survey after completing a bunch of screening questions.

Many surveys companies take advantage of this. I’ve been involved with a lot of survey companies over the years and ditched the ones that asked way too many qualifying questions. Getting people to answer a heap of questions and then telling them they don’t qualify for the actual survey is scammy and taking advantage. Usually the questions already answered present a rather in-depth analysis into what the company is wanting to glean from participants. Screening questions should only amount to 4 or 5 questions and should be quite general in nature; such as age, location, gender etc..

The bottom line is, nobody can expect to make much money doing surveys. You get paid peanuts for your time and that’s just the reality. If you are going to join Vindale or any other online survey company, just keep this in mind so you don’t end up disappointed. It takes a lot of time to earn money for a payout, and then there is usually a waiting period to get the money once you do cash out.

Realistically – and I speak from experience – expect to earn no more than around $7 an hour max. That would be the average at the high end. Sometimes you might earn as much as $10, but the average figure overall would be somewhere around about $5 per hour mark for your time, maybe even as low as $3 an hour on occasion.


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4 thoughts on “Is Vindale Research a Scam? Can You Make Money With Surveys?

  1. Before I built my first affiliate website I was dabbling with various survey platforms, too. I made a few dollars here and there, and it was never a good compensation for the time spent on it.

    But that’s because I wasn’t introduced to a better way to make money online. Now that I’ve learned the necessary skills from Wealthy Affiliate I make a lot more with a personal website. Yes there is a steeper learning curve, but it’s a skill that will pay you dividends for the rest of your life.

    • Hi Edward, you are right. Starting an online business is definitely way more profitable than doing online surveys. Surveys are ok to start with to get a bit of a taste that you can actually make money online, but they are not something that will; ever go close to earning a decent income.

  2. Good review here Darren thanks! I’ve noticed a lot of survey companies out there offering similar services and then the same problems come up, low income and high time investment. I’ve used WA and I love it, do you have any recommendations for good survey sites? If there are any!

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