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In case you’re wondering whether being a part of a training program and support network like Wealthy Affiliate is worth your time and money, I’m going to share with you a few Wealthy Affiliate success stories just to prove to you that this works – if you are willing to focus, do the training, follow the training and have the patience to grow your online business.

I’m not featuring myself in this brief list, and I’m not privy to all the private or financial information about the Wealthy Affiliate members I mention, but they have all been long-term members, have built solid and successful websites and are making a fulltime living from affiliate marketing and associated ventures.

These people are not millionaires from their businesses, but they are a success because they are making a living from something they love to do and they have the luxury of time freedom and a flexible work/leisure lifestyle.


Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories


Steve (IveTriedThat) – WA Member Since April 2009

Steve I've Tried ThatMeet Steve, one of my major inspirations at Wealthy Affiliate. He’s been on board for well over 8 years now and it’s the lifestyle his business success has allowed him to lead that really appeals to me.

You see, with the lifestyle freedom afforded him by his online business, Steve spends much of the year travelling around America and overseas with his partner. He regularly blogs about his escapades on WA and I enjoy reading his posts.

Steve started a website several years before joining Wealthy Affiliate and it documents many of the online money making scams to look out for and avoid.

teve doesn’t just uncover scams on his site, he also offers some sound advice and tips on making money online the real way without getting involved in dodgy schemes.

He credits his Wealthy Affiliate membership with turning his ‘hobby’ into a fulltime career and he is loving life. Check out one of my favourite posts from Steve on Wealthy Affiliate by clicking the image below.

The Best Decision I've Ever Made


Dom (DomW) – WA Member Since August 2012

DomWI remember reading an old post from Dom on WA from years ago, not long after he joined. In the post he sounded like he wasn't sure if all the training and work he wa sputting in was going to pay off for him.

Well, Dom went from earning $0 to earning a very comfortable $10k per month in 3 years. In between that he saw his income building and building. While $10k a month isn't riches, it certainly makes for a very comfortable living; and much of that income becomes residual and passive over time.

This means guys like Dom have the time and money freedom to get out and enjoy life. He also has the time to try his hand at other money making ventures, knowing that his base income is well and truly covered.

His efforts are a prime example of what can be accomplished when you follow the training Wealthy Affiliate offers.

Definitely check out his WA blog post on how he went from $0-$10k in 3 years. Just click on the image below to read it.

DomW Success


Nathaniell (Nathaniell) – Member Since June 2010

Nathaniell One More Cup Of CoffeeAnother long time member of WA, Nathaniell has a couple of successful websites. One promotes home beer brewing while the other is more geared towards promoting Wealthy Affiliate and online businesses. His second website also uncovers a lot of the scams out there.

I like his writing style. It’s easy to read and Nathaniell always goes into depth when explaining something or doing a product review, yet reading his posts is far from cumbersome or boring.

Nathaniell’s journey into internet marketing began when he was living in China. He was searching for a way where he could make money no matter where he was living on planet Earth.

He says himself that he achieved all of his original goals with his online business and has now set the bar even higher for himself.

Another thing I really admire about Nathaniell is his involvement in the Wealthy Affiliate community. He regularly answers questions people have, and answers them in great detail.

The image below is a link to a WA blog post Nathaniell wrote recently about his trip to Las vegas. You see, every year Wealthy Affiliate takes all the top affiliates on an all expenses paid trip to Vegas. Nathaniell made the trip because of his huge success at WA. Click the image for more information.

Nathaniell Success


Robert (Boomergp08) – Member Since August 2013

Robert BoomerGP08Being one of the most active members in the Wealthy Affiliate community, I remember Robert was always one of the first ones to respond to questions I had when I began my journey on WA. There were many others who helped me out, of course, but Robert did it regularly.

He has three main websites; one dealing with information on influenza, another dedicated to his interest of being a video game buff (he used to work in the video game industry in Quality Assurance and Customer Service/Tech). His third, like many on WA, promotes information relating to doing business online.

In addition to running three websites, Robert also finds time to write loads of useful blog posts and training on Wealthy Affiliate.

That’s the general nature of the WA community. There really is a culture of paying it forward and helping others. Everyone seems genuinely interested in seeing others succeed as well as themselves.

BoomerGP Success


Jay (Magistudios) – Member Since March 2007

MagistudiosJay is a long-term member of Wealthy Affiliate and these days he spends much of his time creating training videos and hosting free live webinars.

These trainings and webinars are extremely helpful, especially to beginners. Jay has been mega successful at affiliate marketing, and even managed to buy a brand new Volvo with his Amazon affiliate earnings.

He is the resident expert on all things SEO, email marketing, local area marketing, niche selection, and just about everything required to launch a successful affiliate marketing business. If you join WA, make sure you follow Jay.

Magistudios Volvo


The Final Word

This has just been an extremely small list of people who have found success online through doing the comprehensive training offered by Wealth Affiliate. There are literally thousands of people who are living the work/lifestyle dream by running affiliate marketing businesses. Just take a look at the Wealthy Affiliate website and you'll see numerous success stories

Click below to read my full review of Wealthy Affiliate and how it can benefit your lifestyle; both now and well into the future.


Make Money Online Like I Do


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  1. I registered with Wealthy Affiliate (WA) about a year ago as a free member, but could not continue because I was still looking for genuine money making online systems on the internet business. I have actually gone through a lot of research and I have come to realize that WA is the only genuine and legitimate affiliate system on the internet. I am ready to join now, but my free offer is gone, and I have to join as a premium member. I am currently having some financial problems, as I am unemployed. I hope to start all over again immediately I am able to raise some funds. Thank you Mr. Darren Burton for the in-depth review of WA to convince me to take action, which I hope will take place soon.

    • Hi Nana Fred. Thanks for commenting about your Wealthy Affiliate experiences. It really is the best place to learn how to set up a successful online business. You can still join again as a free member. You would just need a different email address from the one you used the first time. Then you could take full advantage of the free membership until you have the funds to upgrade to a Premium Membership.

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