Is Limu a Scam or Not? Uncover the Truth



Is Limu a scam or not? Some say so, even accusing the company of being a pyramid scheme, but is that a fair assessment of this nutrition-based MLM company?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…



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Limu Is a ScamCompany Name: Limu

Owners: Gregg Bennett and Gary J. Raser

Price To Join: $100 to start

My Rating: 3/10



~ Limu Review ~


What Is Limu?

Limu is yet another company in the health and wellness niche. The company is based in Florida and started back in 2004. It uses the multi level marketing business structure to promote and sell their product range which has a base ingredient made from seaweed.

Many reviews of Limu, its products and the business opportunity are written by distributors of the company and so are rather biased. I’m not affiliated with Limu in any way. This review is more of an honest opinion on whether the business side of Limu is worth getting involved in.

Limu Is a Scam

The Limu Product Range

The Limu secret ingredient is what they refer to as a “supernutrient”. The substance is called Fucoidan and it is derived from a select source of brown seaweed. Apparently Fucoidan is loaded with anti-inflammatory and anti-viral nutrients and Limu use this as the underlying ingredient in their entire product range.

Let’s look at the product range in brief:

Limu Original – This is the first product Limu had and it’s still a best seller. It is a fruit health drink infused with seaweed extract.

Blu Frog 1&2 – These are both energy drinks, also infused with the Limu magic ingredient, Fucoidan.

Limu Lean – Tasty dietary shakes to help people lose weight while also absorbing essential nutrients, including Fucoidan.

That’s actually it for the Limu product line. Not a lot of products for a health and wellness company with a MLM system attached. But in a way that’s a good thing, because it means there will be more focus on making those select few products the highest quality they can be.

I also haven’t heard any reports of side effects from the products, except perhaps consuming a little too much caffeine from too many energy drinks. As far as the seaweed extract goes, there’s no conclusive proof of its health benefits, but at the same time it doesn’t appear to have any ill affects, either.

Limu products are also available for purchase on Amazon, so their sale is not just restricted to the company’s distributors.

As is the case in this niche, and especially with MLM products, the prices are sky high. As an example, a case of 4 1 litre bottles of Limu Original sells at a retail price of $120. That’s a massive $30 per litre of this fruit drink!


Limu Products


The Business Opportunity

As this review is more focused on the business side of becoming a distributor for Limu, we’ll now take a look at what’s on offer, and determine whether it’s a wise choice if the goal is to make decent money promoting this product and recruiting others into your downline.

The company has been going since 2004, so you won’t be getting in on the ground floor. Far from it. To truly give yourself the best chance of success with any MLM venture, you really need to get in early before everyone is tired of hearing about the brand and its products. It also makes it far easier to quickly climb the ranks and earn more bonuses and better percentages.

Limu is also playing in a super competitive niche. I’d say at least 50% or more of MLM companies operating today are selling health and wellness products. They are also one of the most popular niches for companies who only operate in retail circles as well. Competition is fierce.

You are also trying to convince people of the value of purchasing products that are way over-priced. It’s a tough sell. How many people do you know who would be willing to shell out $30 for a 1 litre bottle of fruit juice laced with seaweed extract?

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The Limu Compensation Plan

There are actually 13 ways you can earn by being involved in the business aspect of Limu.

  1. Customer Commissions
  2. 3 for Free Product
  3. Fast Track Bonus
  4. 2K VIP Bonus
  5. First Order Bonus
  6. Limu BMW Club Bonus
  7. Cash Bonuses
  8. Leader Development Bonus
  9. 100K Leader Pool
  10. 500K Leader Pool
  11. Reward Trips
  12. Level Bonus
  13. Lifetime Cash Bonus

The real money is made when you build active downlines. There is not a lot to be made just trying to sell the product and earn commissions on those sales alone. You need active recruits who will help you achieve individual and group bonuses as well as advance you up the Limu ranks.

It can take a long time and a hell of a lot of hard work and grind to achieve high enough ranks in any MLM venture to earn the sort of income that’s worthwhile. And even once you reach a good level, you and your recruits need to keep working just as hard so you remain there.

As I find the compensation plans of MLM really complex, I’ve included the official Limu video below that explains how it works.


A Pyramid Scheme Defined

All MLM businesses operate on a pyramid structure. That’s just how it works with downlines attached. However, an illegal pyramid system is defined as one that has no tangible products of value and relies solely on recruitment to keep the system going. New money pays the profits of previous investors/distributors.

Yes, Limu relies on constant recruitment to stay afloat, but products can be sold at retail and, while grossly over-priced for what they are, the products do have some value. Therefore, Limu cannot be classified as an illegal pyramid operation.


Target Audience

Many people are focused on being fit and healthy these days, so health and wellness products are very popular. This business may attract people heavily into health and wellness, and people looking to get some sort of venture started that they don’t have to create themselves.


What I Like

  • The seaweed extract is something I haven’t come across before
  • Limu has been around for a while now and is well established
  • They have a small, focused range of products


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What I Don’t Like

  • The prices are astronomical
  • The health and wellness niche has been done to death, both at a retail level and with MLM ventures
  • The competition to sell in this niche is enormous
  • Trying to sell fruit and energy drinks at Limu’s prices will be a very hard task
  • Trying to make money as a distributor for any MLM company is major hard work
  • The average yearly earnings in the MLM field is a mere $500
  • Most distributors make zero dollars for their efforts
  • The health benefits of Fucoidan are largely unproven


How Much Does Limu Cost?

To get started as a distributor you first need to purchase the Limu Fast Start Pack, which will cost you $100. Then there is the minimum monthly spend on products to remain eligible to earn commissions and bonuses.


Limu Products 2


Is Limu a Scam?

It’s not a scam at all, but anything MLM is a tough sell as a distributor – whether you are trying to move product, or recruit new members to your downline. It’s incredibly hard work, made even tougher in a super saturated niche and astronomical pricing.

I personally don’t like MLM, because the very nature of its design is to completely favour the company and not those working for it. Limu basically get themselves a free workforce, only ever having to pay out any money based on performance. MLM also creates a free advertising scenario for Limu, as well as automatic product sales and distribution among its members.

All great stuff for Limu, but distributors really get shafted in any MLM deal. I’ve never understood why more people can’t see just what a terrible deal it really is.


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