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How To Make Extra Money At HomeMost of us can use extra money on the side at times apart from what our regular jobs bring in. There are plenty of ways to make extra cash, and many of those options would be one-off deals, but if you want to make consistent extra cash, I can lead you in the right direction. In this post I’ll only be discussing one of the ways you can make some spare time money.


So the question: How to make extra money at home?
My answer is: Start an online business.


Why An Online Business?

Well, first of all, the idea is to make money at home. I mean, literally. You stay at home and make money in your spare time. Maybe, ultimately, your home job can become your fulltime gig. It’s what I do. I’ve been working fulltime from home for years and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The best way to do business from home in the modern world is via the internet. Most of us have high speed internet and at least one computer or tablet with which to go online. An internet business is really the best kind of operation to run from home.

Let’s take a look at some reasons why.


The Advantages Of Doing A Business Online

You are at home anyway after work. For the most part, anyway. You probably already have some sort of an office setup, or at least the internet and a computer. That’s all you need. You’re good to go.

There are no additional overheads. You’re already paying for your house (rent or mortgage), or own it. You are already paying for your electricity and internet connection and everything else.

Doing a business online from home is really a no brainer in so many ways. Sure, there will be a few small costs along the way as you grow your online enterprise, but you will also be making money in time as well, and more money than what you will be spending.

This way you can earn in your spare time without having to give up even more time with your family. An online business is also a great way for stay at home mums and dads to earn some extra cash for the family. It never has to become a fulltime gig unless you want it to.

So, what business do I suggest you do from home on your computer?


Affiliate Marketing

You may already know what affiliate marketing is, or at least have some idea, but in case you don’t, to sum it up briefly, affiliate marketing is promoting another company’s products for a commission.

It’s a very simple business model, it really is. The beauty of it is, you don’t need to produce any products, you are not required to stock any inventory or ship anything out. All you have to do is guide buyers to the product owner’s sales page and get paid a commission if a purchase is made.

The concept is very basic and beautiful in its simplicity.

So how do you learn how to do affiliate marketing and make extra money at home?


With The Right Training

Can I Make Money Online FastAnyone with a computer or tablet and an internet connection can learn this business. Not only can you learn how to become an affiliate marketer, you can also “earn while you learn”!

It doesn’t get better than that.

I trained with a company called Wealthy Affiliate. Maybe you’ve heard of them? There are plenty of places to learn affiliate marketing (some legit and some scams), but I did loads of research before deciding to join Wealthy Affiliate. I even researched the hell out of Wealthy Affiliate before joining up.

I chose them because I considered them to be the best option. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Their training is very easy to follow. It’s designed for beginners, so you learn everything one step at a time and you can do it at your own pace. The lessons are a combination of both text and video and, best of all, it’s FREE to get started.

That’s right, you can begin the first phase of training at no cost to try it out. If you decide it’s not for you, then you have lost nothing except a little bit of your time. But if you are really serious about setting up an online business so you can make money from home – money that will eventually become residual (meaning you can make money while you sleep or play) – then you will see the true value in learning the Wealthy Affiliate way and sign up for a Premium Membership so you can finish all of the training.

So, how does that sound?

Sound fair enough?

Good. Then I suggest you click the banner below and go on over to have a read of my Wealthy Affiliate review. Making money from home online isn’t a mystery. Millions of people across the globe are doing it every day.

I look forward to seeing you there at Wealthy Affiliate, and let me know if you need a hand with anything when you get there.


Make Money Online Like I Do


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  1. The best way to earn an extra income online in my opinion is with affiliate marketing. You basically take an existing product,promote it on your website and earn commissions. You do it many times – you earn big commissions.I like to invest my time into something that is long term, not on the short one. Awesome article, thank you!

    • I totally agree. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online; especially in the long-term. The idea is to create a business that brings in an income for years to come and that’s what affiliate marketing does.

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