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Dollar SignIt may not be everyone’s dream, but since you are reading this post, it might be safe to assume it is something you aspire to.

Make money online at home. Plenty of people are doing it in one form or another, and there’s no valid reason you can’t be the very next person to make money online at home.


What Can You Do To Make Money Online At Home?

Stacks of things! Search the internet and you’ll find loads of ideas. I’ve even written a longish post about it on my site and you can read it here. But just to give you a very quick and brief overview of some of the options, here’s a list:

  • Affiliate marketing
  • Email marketing
  • Drop Shipping
  • Make Money Online At HomeWrite and publish eBooks
  • Outsource your skills on sites like Fiverr
  • Outsource your skills on your own website
  • Design websites
  • Do freelance writing
  • Take online surveys
  • Sell stock photos
  • Sell music
  • Open an eBay store
  • Open an Amazon store
  • Open a Shopify store
  • Open your own ecommerce store
  • Crowdfunding for projects (think Kickstarter, Indiegogo)
  • Create a membership site

The list is really only limited by your imagination and determination to do something online that could lead to a steady income. Some on the things on this list won’t make you much money, while others have the potential for big payoffs if you are patient enough, are willing to put the hours in and do it right.


Set Up MSIs

Set up MSIs and lots of ‘em.

What’s an MSI, you ask?

“Multiple Sources of Income”

It’s how the rich get rich and stay rich. Do you want to be rich? Then set up MSIs. It’s the best way and the safest way. If you lose an income stream, you still have others going that continue to bring in the dough while you set up a new income stream. That way you never risk going completely broke.

And who the hell wants to be broke? Not me, and I assume not you either.

So try and set up as many sources of income as you can handle. It doesn’t matter if they are just small. Some money is better than no money, and often you can set things up so the income is residual (i.e. comes in while you sleep, so to speak). You need residual income anyway, if you’re going to be setting up a number of money generating online gigs.


Learn How To Make Money Online At Home

If you want to learn affiliate marketing – which can be one of the most lucrative online businesses over the long-term – then give Wealthy Affiliate a try. They offer probably the best training around on the subject and it’s FREE to get started. But even if you’re not that keen on affiliate marketing, Wealthy Affiliate will show you the right way to set up money making websites that get good search engine rankings and ultimately get traffic.

Traffic is the name of the game for all things online related. Without traffic you make nada. So Wealthy Affiliate’s training is well worth your while if you’re serious about making money online and setting up those all-important MSIs.

Hope to see you on the rich list!

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2 thoughts on “Make Money Online At Home

  1. Agree, these are all great ways to earn money online. Some easier than others. Well written and I love the website layout.

    Is there any way you could provide some links to each option in the list? As these are all great option I am just not sure where to go from here.

    • In the post there is a link to a more comprehensive post about making money online with various platforms. That post contains links. This post was more a quick list of ideas one could Google and research if they found anything of interest. Thanks for checking it out.

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