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Make Online Money With Wealthy AffiliateMany of us want to make online money but really don’t know how to go about it. We know it’s out there. We see other people doing it. You only have to visit a few websites to know those sites are generating an income; and there are some that are raking in some serious coin.

If you are serious about making online money and want a piece of the action, then the quickest route to an online income is with some training. Why shoot in the dark? Learn directly from those who have already succeeded online; experts who have paved the way before you and left a trail how to piece it all together.


Why Wealthy Affiliate?

Why make online money with Wealthy Affiliate?

What’s so special about this company?

If you are unfamiliar with Wealthy Affiliate and what it’s all about, let me tell you a little bit about them and why I’m convinced they can help you with your online aspirations.

Firstly, I’m an active member of Wealthy Affiliate and have been for more than 2 years now, so I’m qualified to offer my views on this platform based on my own personal experiences.


Wealthy Affiliate University


Wealthy Affiliate have been in existence for more than a decade and have helped over one million people strive towards online success during that time. The co-owners – Kyle and Carson – have been a part of the business since its inception and are still active participants to this day. They’re not going anywhere and neither is the company. This should give you a sense of trust and stability to get involved with this training and mentoring platform.

For example, you don’t want to join a company, start doing their training, only to find they fold and disappear before you’ve even finished. Wealthy Affiliate are in this for the long haul, which is testament to their longevity in a virtual world that sees businesses come and go literally overnight.


Fantastic Training

That’s right. First class, easy-to-follow training that takes you through from start to finish. You will learn everything you need to know to begin, build and run a successful marketing business online. And the best part is, it’s all quite cheap to do compared to other businesses. You don’t need capital to get going and the running costs over time are truly negligible.

You will learn how to:

  • Build a website
  • Write quality content
  • Discover lucrative affiliate programs
  • Website design
  • How to get your site and pages ranked high in search engines
  • How to make money from your website
  • How to leverage social media to your advantage
  • Learn what PPC is and how to scale your business with paid advertising
  • Learn tips and tricks from other expert members

The training is really easy to follow, with step-by-step lessons that make logical sense. It’s not all reading, either. Just about every lesson is accompanied by a video tutorial to walk you through every stage of the process. Anyone can learn this business: Absolutely anyone.


Become An Affiliate Of Wealthy Affiliate

Apart from teaching you how to make online money by promoting other company’s products for a commission, Wealthy Affiliate also have their very own affiliate program and in-depth training to match. They guide you every step of the way as to how to introduce new members to their great training; people who, just like yourself, are keen to know how to make money from the internet.

Wealthy Affiliate Commissions

What Wealthy Affiliate is not:

  • No MLM
  • No Network Marketing
  • No Direct Selling

Becoming a Premium Member (the upgrade from the free Starter Membership) allows you to earn good commissions from promoting Wealthy Affiliate, therefore paying for your membership and way beyond. The sky is the limit, really.


Double Up On Your Opportunities

Would you like to make even more money online?

Well, over time you could create 2 websites; one that promotes Wealthy Affiliate and earn an income from that, and another niche site based on something you’re passionate about. Promote products relevant to your area of interest and earn commissions from those affiliate programs as well.


MSI – Multiple Sources Of Income

Ultimately you will end up creating MSI’s, which will give your true time and money freedom and security. That should be your ultimate goal. Just about every wealthy person has multiple income streams. It not only breeds more money, but it also acts as a safety net. If one source happens to dry up it’s not the end of the world because you still have money flowing in from other income streams.

Trust me, setting up MSI’s is one of the smartest business decisions you will ever make.


Other Advantages Of Joining Wealthy Affiliate

  • Free to get started
  • 2 free websites and hosting for beginners
  • Up to 50 websites and hosting for Premium Members
  • Very active and helpful community
  • Loads of great training
  • Member-contributed training
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Live chat
  • Keyword research tools
  • Be mentored by experts
  • Free website builder
  • Earn great affiliate commissions


Don’t Delay, Get Started Today!

Have you ever heard the saying: “Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today”?

That should apply to your desires to get started today, right now, on building your online business. The quicker you get started the sooner you will see success.

If you need further convincing that Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go, then you can read my full review here.

Otherwise, if you are ready for online success, click the screenshot below to go on over to Wealthy Affiliate and set up a free Start Account. This is your first huge step in your journey to make money online. Don’t wait another day to create your financial future. Get started right away.


Make Real Money Online


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4 thoughts on “Make Online Money With Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Hello. Your website is well laid out and easy to navigate. You have done a good job promoting the WA platform. You also show some other programs that are shady at best, but probably out and out scams. The only thing that I saw negative is that some of your links will take you out of your site. You never let someone click on a link and cause them to leave…….they may not ever come back. Always check the option to open the link in a new tab. That way your page is still up and open until they physically close it. Good luck.

    • Hi David. Thanks for your impromptu critique of my website. With regards to the links, the outbound ones all open in a new tab/window. Only inbound links don’t. Cheers.

  2. I have been a member for many years now and I must admit that I must that Wealthy Affiliate is not a perfect choice for everyone. It’s a great opportunity but a lot of people go into it thinking they are going to make it big – not the case I’m afraid. First you need at least 1 to 2 years of hard, hard work then you can start to see the horizon. A great learning community but only for the dedicated and ambitious!

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