My Advertising Pays Is a Scam and Always Has Been!



My Advertising Pays is a scam and always has been, in my opinion. In this review I’ll explain why this Ponzi scheme was always doomed to fail. You risk losing your entire investment if you join schemes like this one, so don't fall for their BS!

Let's take a closer look at it…


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My Advertising Pays Is a ScamCompany Name: My Advertising Pays

Owners: Mike Deese

Price To Join: $50 to start + $20/Month

My Rating: 0/10



~ My Advertising Pays Review ~


What Is My Advertising Pays and How Does it Work?

On my website I write a lot of reviews of make money products and training. This helps my readers find legit ways to make money online while avoiding all the scams. I'm glad to see you here reading my review, as it shows you're wise and do your homework.

This is yet another revenue sharing, clicks on ads and earn credits kind of system. My Advertising Pays, also abbreviated as MAP, is essentially a money matrix, a pyramid scheme, a Ponzi system. The idea is to buy ad packs for $50, enter the matrix and let your ad packs mature to the tune of $60.

The ad pack, click on advertising ploy is simply there in an attempt to make the system seem somewhat legal and legitimate, rather than just an outright pyramid scheme, even though it is one.

In order to be eligible to have your purchased ad packs make a profit, you need to commit to clicking on 10 ads per day and watch these video ads for a certain length of time. You also build up points towards your own advertising, so you can post an ad for your own business, product or whatever on the site for others to watch. It could lead to some business leads, but likely it won’t. People only endure the ads because they have to in order to make money from their ad packs. They don’t watch ads because they are actually really interested.

This platform is almost identical to some others I’ve reviewed over the years. Traffic Monsoon springs to mind.

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The Compensation Plan

To be an affiliate you need to buy ad packs, plus pay a $20 per month membership fee. This entitles you to a 10% commission on every referral you bring in. If they spend $1000 on ad packs, you’ll make yourself 100 bucks. This is on top of the $10 profit you make on your own ad packs. The more advertising packs you personally buy, the more cash you can make. The same goes for your referral commissions.

The problem with these systems where there is no real product is they can’t sustain themselves. That’s why they’re classified as Ponzi schemes. New investor money is used to pay the previous investors, so as soon as the referrals dry up at all, the entire pyramid collapses on itself.

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My Advertising Pays Compensation


Target Audience

These schemes always appeal to those who are chasing easy money without having to put a lot of effort in. The funny thing is, these system rely on members recruiting new members, and that in itself is extremely hard work.


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What I Like

  • The lure of money that sounds easy is always appealing
  • It all sounds great in theory
  • These schemes are popular


What I Don’t Like

  • It’s an illegal Ponzi scheme
  • Ad revenue sharing, money matrix, pyramid systems are incapable of financially sustaining themselves
  • Most people won’t actually make any money with this
  • The person, or people, at the top of the pyramid always make the most money while the rest are worker ants feeding the kings and queens at the time. It’s a lot like government, really


How Much Does My Advertising Pays Cost To Join?

It’s a minimum of $50 to buy a single ad pack, plus you need to pay a $20 per month fee to be eligible to earn commissions on your referrals. Otherwise you are fully relying on the $10 on your ad packs only. Buy more packs, give yourself more chance to make money, but it’s risky.


My Advertising Pays Banner


Is My Advertising Pays a Scam?

I believe all these money matrix systems are a scam because there will always be a whole group of people who end up not getting paid. These systems cannot sustain themselves forever, so someone has to miss out. Plus, you’re not actually really getting anything for your money.

Your cash simply pays others who are owed money by the scheme. That's how all these schemes operate.

As an update, all the payment processors My Advertising Pays was using have frozen their payment accounts. No one is getting paid the money they are owed, and likely things will remain this way.

As I said, these scams never last forever.

So, it doesn’t matter whether I wanted to recommend it or not now, as you can no longer join anyway. My Advertising Pays appears to be dead.


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