My Freelance Paycheck Is a Scam or a Way To Make $3k a Month?



My Freelance Paycheck is a scam or not? There seem to be lots of opportunities to make money online as a freelancer, but will the information included in My Freelance Paycheck help you do that or not?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…


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My Freelance Paycheck Is a ScamCompany Name: My Freelance Paycheck


Owner: Laura Pennington

Price To Join: $47

My Rating: 8/10



~ My Freelance Paycheck Reviews ~



Did you receive an email about My Freelance Paycheck? Maybe you saw people talking about it on social media? Either way, it’s good that you’re here reading my review of this system, as it proves you do your homework before joining something.

While the internet has some worthwhile opportunities, it’s also home to many make money online (MMO) scams as well. The fact that you do your research means you are far less likely to ever get conned. I try to highlight the good stuff on my website as well as expose the dodgy deals.

Let’s see how My Freelance Paycheck stacks up.


What Is My Freelance Paycheck?

A woman named Laura Pennington presents us with the My Freelance Paycheck training system, which is designed to teach members how to make money on the internet as a freelance writer of some description.

She claims freelancers can quite easily earn $1000 to $3000 a month freelancing, and to me, based on my own freelancing experience, that sounds very feasible.

There isn’t too much hype on her website and she doesn’t promise anyone riches from their freelancing, so in my book that’s a big plus.

One thing about the initial presentation that made me a little skeptical though, is the mention of a “little known secret”, as I generally associate these types of statements with make money scams.

Again, in my experience I’ve never really come across any secret systems, and those that claim to have a secret system usually don’t.


My Freelance Paycheck Secret Paychecks


Unfortunately this is one aspect of the presentation where some unnecessary hype and sales talk comes in, as the “secret system” is just revealing that people out there in the world need to hire the services of freelance writers to write their content for them.

That content could be:

  • Website copywriting
  • Blog posts
  • Report writing
  • Technical writing
  • Case studies
  • And so on…

Essentially this package is teaching people about what types of freelance writing gigs are available and how to go about getting a piece of that writing action for yourself.

Freelance writing is a very competitive niche, but millions of people and businesses need stuff written every day, so there is always a high demand for fresh content, despite there being lots of competition.

The bottom line: You can make at least some decent part-time money freelancing.

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My Freelance Paycheck Is a Scam


How It Really Works and What You Get

My Freelance Paycheck starts out with a 156 page eBook that you have to purchase. It’s provided in PDF format. The book explains the processes of being a freelance writer and how to source those paying gigs. Not just jobs that pay, but also how to find the ones that pay more.

That’s not all you get though, as there are some free bonuses thrown in:

  1. An audiobook version of the eBook
  2. 23 short training videos
  3. 5 prewritten templates to help you pitch clients
  4. A book of secret (there’s that word again) success tips

The eBook actually goes into quite a bit of depth on the industry, as Laura obviously works as a freelancer herself and knows the field. She rightly emphasises that if you want to make the better money, then you need to be producing content of higher quality than the average writer out there.

To be honest you could probably find a lot of this information online for free, but the advantage of this course is it brings all the information together in the one place, which really saves you a hell of a lot of time as well as making a lot more sense.

Laura provides the processes in a simple, step by step manner that is very easy to follow, understand and implement.

The big advantage of courses like this is you can avoid the BS that proves to be a waste of time and just get right down into the stuff that really counts.

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My Freelance Paycheck Details


Can You Really Make Money Freelancing?

Absolutely! I’ve done it and still do it.

Some months I’ve managed to pull in more than $5k or so, depending on the amount of work clients are sending my way. Even if you just want to make an extra $100 a week or so in your spare time, it’s so easily doable with freelance writing.

Here’s a tip that I know for a fact is true, but one I haven’t taken on board with my own freelancing as yet.

Become a specialist and not a generalist.

Yes, technically there is a lot more work available if you can write a little bit about everything and can cover multiple styles of writing and subjects, but that’s not where the big money is.

Put it this way, would you rather write 10,000 words and earn $500 for your time? Or write 1000 words and be paid $500?

Specialists can demand (and expect) a much higher paycheck because of their knowledge and expertise in a particular area. Clients also expect to pay far more for a specialist, rather than someone who quickly hacks out any old content.

A specialist could be someone who excels in a particular type of writing, such as technical writing, or they may be an expert on a particular subject matter, such as finances.

Either way, be a specialist and your writing income will go through the roof. Become a specialist in both writing style and content knowledge and you can practically name your price once you’ve built up a reputation.


Target Audience

I’d say this is targeted at people who are already fairly decent writers and are looking for ways to make money from their craft. If you can’t write, then Laura’s tips are probably not going to be much use to you, although you can certainly improve with practice.


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What I Like

  • The course is more than just an eBook and has some cool bonuses
  • I like the way there is an audio version as well for easy listening while driving and so on
  • There definitely is always a demand for freelance writing, maybe now more than ever before
  • You can potentially make a good monthly income after taking on board Laura’s advice
  • The course is easy to follow and also has some short training videos to help you out, along with a lot of information in the eBook
  • You don’t have to be a great writer to make money with freelance writing
  • The course shows you where to find the work


What I Don’t Like

  • Some of this information can be freely sourced on the net (but it’ll take time to find it)
  • Freelance writing is very competitive
  • I don’t like the use of the phrase “secret system”, because it’s not a secret


How Much Does My Freelance Paycheck Cost?

To buy the eBook costs you $47, but you also get the bonuses in the form of the audio version, the videos, as well as the book of success tips.


My Freelance Paycheck Testimonial


Is My Freelance Paycheck a Scam?

No, definitely no scam here. Laura Pennington is actually a well-respected freelancer and she knows what she’s talking about. If you’re interested in writing and making money online as a freelancer, then this course will definitely help you get started and off on the right foot.

The book is very well written (as you would expect), and the videos are super easy to follow and understand. You can make money freelancing and this course will show you how.

If you’re interested, you can check out My Freelance Paycheck here.


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