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What is the Superstar Blogging Course by Matthew Kepnes, more famously know as Nomadic Matt? He makes a lot of money from travel blogging, but if you take his course, can you do the same?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…



Nomadic Matt - Superstar Blogging CourseCompany Name: Superstar Blogging Course

Owner: Matthew Kepnes

Price To Join: $267

My Rating: 8/10




~ Nomadic Matt – Superstar Blogging Course Review ~



Blogging can just be for personal use, or it can be monetised with things like affiliate offers, advertising banners and so on. Whether you want to travel and make money along the way, or you simply want to learn how to start a blog that makes money, then a course like the one offered by Nomadic Matt is likely to be of great benefit.

Let’s take a look at Superstar Blogging and see what’s on offer.


Superstar Blogger Lifestyle


Who Is Nomadic Matt (Kepnes)?

Matt Kepnes - Nomadic MattNomadic Matt started writing a travel blog back in 2008. In the beginning he wasn’t even sure how to go about it, just like all of us. We all have to start somewhere.

Matt made lots of mistakes, spent loads of time going in the wrong direction, but eventually he established a formula that worked; one that saw his blog gets loads of traffic, and how best to monetise his blog so he could continue his dream of travelling and making money along the way.

These days his blog gets something like 850,000 visitors a month, which is pretty astronomical. His income has grown to mid 6 figures per year, which gives him plenty of financial freedom to travel the globe and indulge his wanderlust.

Matt has been featured on the major news networks and had a NYT best selling book called “How To Travel the World On $50 a Day!”.


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What Is the Superstar Blogging Course?

If you want to do something successfully, then the easiest way to achieve that goal is to learn from someone who’s already done it.

Matt made heaps of mistakes before hitting upon a successful formula. You can avoid all those mistakes, wasted time and effort, by getting involved in his course which shows you the “right way”, from the very start, how to build a successful travel blog that both makes you a great income and also informs and entertains your readers.

Matt has 4 courses up for grabs, and we’ll briefly touch on the other 3 further down, but for the most part this review is focused on “The Business of Travel Blogging” course. Once you’re through with the course you’ll be armed with everything you need to travel the world and make money in the process.

You need to be willing to put the work into it though; not just the course and the learning, but creating your travel blog and filling it with content that has value to your readers.


Superstar Blogger Course


Course Details

The duration of the course is 10 weeks. Let’s now take a sneak peek inside the course and see what it actually covers.

Week 1:

The first week of lessons is all about getting your blog set up and ready to go. Matt also shares a bit about himself and his story from getting started to where he is today. You’ll also be choosing a cool name for your blog and getting a basic introduction to SEO (search engine optimisation).

Week 2:

Week two more focuses on finalising your niche selection (the exact subject of your blog), whether in be something to do with travel or something else. Another thing you’ll do is make some tweaks to your website to jazz it up a bit.

Week 3:

The third week gets into writing content. You will learn how to write engaging blog posts as well as posts with the possibility of going viral.

Week 4:

Week number four gets into guest posting, which can lead to lots of traffic back to your blog. You will learn how to pitch a guest post, and also how to take full advantage of social media accounts.

Week 5:

This module gets right into networking and developing relationships with other bloggers in your niche so you can help promote each other. You will also learn to build your network.

Week 6:

This lesson goes deeper into the subject of SEO and why it’s so important. You’ll also be shown how to get more important backlinks to your blog, which helps your content rank better in search engines.

Week 7:

This module focuses on email marketing, which will bring your website more traffic in the long run as well as more money. You will learn all about the importance of newsletters, creating newsletters, what content to put in your emails, and how to get people to join your email list.

Week 8:

Learn how to sell without people feel like they are being sold to, as well as how to become a master of affiliate marketing.

Week 9:

This module focuses on creating your own digital products, how to market your brand and sell those products.

Week 10:

The final week really focuses on various ways to monetise your blog and developing relationships with those people and companies you can promote. Much of this is focused on products and services dealing with the travel industry, but what you learn could be applied to any niche.

There’s Still More…

You don’t just get the training and that’s it. You also get access to interviews and case studies to learn from industry experts. There are also regular webinars and conference calls.

These are all focused on the travel blog niche, but once again, what you learn can be applied to all areas of interest.


Superstar Blogger Courses


Other Training Programs By Nomadic Matt

Matt has 3 other great courses on his website and I’ll just briefly mention them here.

How To Become a Travel Writer

While most of this review has been about the business of setting up a travel blog and everything that goes with it, this Travel Writer course is all about travel writing and how to do it well.

This gets right into the nitty gritty of travel writing, including effective research and pitching ideas for books, articles for magazines, as well as writing for your travel blog. There is a firm focus on the best ways to make money as a travel writer.

How To Become a Travel Photographer

Writing and photography often go hand in hand, especially in the travel industry. What better way to illustrate a destination you’re writing about than with your very own photos? 

Industry experts will be offering training and tips on how best to capture the moments and scenes when travelling different countries and experiencing diverse cultures. Camera gear, tips, best uses of light and all sorts of photography knowledge will be shared from those who already do travel photography for a living.

How To Become a Travel Filmmaker

Whether you just want to document your adventures on video, or you plan to create stunning travel documentaries, you will learn the tricks of the trade with this course. Other things you will learn about is YouTube, monetising your videos, how to be a star in front of the camera, conducting interviews, video editing and loads more.


Target Audience

Matt’s course are really targeted at those people passionate about travel who would love to earn money from that passion while still maintaining the freedom to travel.

Being able to travel relentlessly means not having to be tied to one location to work a job or run a business. Matt’s courses teach you how to be a self-sufficient traveller by providing you with a business model that is as mobile as you are.


What I Like

  • The courses are not expensive and have quite a bit in them
  • Matt is accompanied by a variety of other industry experts who help train you
  • You can start to earn while you learn doing these courses
  • Anyone who is committed can do this as a business
  • You don’t actually need to be a great  writer to have a successful blog
  • Matt has already proven what he does works, and he’s just teaching you what he does
  • 30 day money back guarantee


What I Don’t Like

  • Some of what he teaches you can freely find on the internet, but the advantage to Matt’s course is it’s all mapped out for you as a blueprint to follow in a logical sequence
  • Some say his course is too expensive, but compared to other types of training that show you how to earn a living, it’s actually really very cheap


How Much Does the Superstar Blogging Course Cost?

  1. The Business of Travel Blogging = $267 or 3 x $$99
  2. How To Become a Travel Writer = $439 or 5 x $97
  3. How To Become a Travel Photographer = $89 or 3 x $33
  4. How To Become a Travel Filmmaker = $269 or 3 x $99


Superstar Blogger Cost


Is the Superstar Blogging Course Recommended?

If your passion is to travel and make a living from that passion, then this course is definitely for you. For the price of just $267, in reality that’s a bargain price to learn how to set up a business that takes full advantage of the travel niche and will lead to you having the ultimate lifestyle freedom of both time and money.

To have a closer look at Matt’s travel blogging course, just click the banner below and check it out.




I don’t run a travel blog myself, but I make my living in a similar way. I do affiliate marketing and run several blogs that are monetised with affiliate offers. I actually live the kind of life Matt teaches in his course.

If you would like to check out the training I did to learn what I know and how it can work for you, just click on the banner below.


Freedom Time and Money


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