Is Online Flex Job a Scam or An Easy Online Payday?



Is Online Flex Job a scam or not? It looks suspiciously similar to a number of other platforms I’ve reviewed, but is this one different? Can you really make close to $1000 a week with Online Flex Job, or is that just sales hype?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…



Is Online Flex Job a ScamCompany Name: Online Flex Job


Price To Join: Free

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~ Online Flex Job Review ~



You probably received an email telling you about Online Flex Job, or maybe saw an ad for it online somewhere. It caught your interest, but instead of simply joining up, you wanted to do some research first. That’s always a wise move, so I’m really glad to see you here reading my review.

On my website I do my best to warn people about the make money online (MMO) scams I come across, as well as other schemes that simply aren’t worth the time and money.

On the flipside, the internet abounds with great training and opportunities as well, so I’ll always highlight those when I come across them.

Let’s see how Online Flex Job measures up.


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What Is Online Flex Job?

The catch cry with Online Flex Job is that you can make the odd figure of  $876 a week by working only part-time. This is achieved, apparently, by signing up for all the online jobs they have available, doing work mostly for Fortune 500 companies.

The work schedule is flexible, so you can bend it around your regular routine if you wish.

$18.50 up to $29.90 per hour are the rates of pay for doing “processing jobs”. Unfortunately, the platform doesn’t elaborate any further on what you would actually be processing.

Even the sign up form looks like nothing more than your standard email opt in form. Certainly not much data to input to apply for work with this company, which is very strange in itself.

Generally when you apply for any sort of job there’ll be loads more personal data they’ll ask for, but Online Flex Job just seems to want to get your name and email address.

After digging a little deeper into this platform I’ve determined that Online Flex Job doesn’t have any real processing jobs for big companies. This is all really just a bait and switch scenario designed to extract money out of you with the promise of easy, well-paying online work.

The funny thing is, I reviewed another very similar platform just a few days ago called “American Online Jobs”, and when you went to sign up for that one it redirects you to the sign up page for Online Flex Job.

So these two platforms are obviously connected, and American Online Jobs I’ve already determined is a scam.

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Is Online Flex Job a Scam


How It Really Works

Now let’s take a look at what really happens when you join this site.

The first thing you’ll be asked to do is spend money on some antivirus software. Why do they ask you to do this?

Well, because you’ll be dealing with very sensitive information and they need to be sure that information remains protected.

This is all BS. The only reason they want you to buy the software is because they make a commission when someone does so through their recommendation. It has nothing to do with the “work” you’ll be doing, because there is no actual work.

Like I said earlier it’s bait and switch. Lure you in with enticing online work opportunities, then insist that before you can commence, you need to buy and install some antivirus software. The person behind Online Flex Job will be an affiliate of the antivirus company and gets a commission, like I said.

Three other sites that are super similar to Online Flex Job are :

  1. NorthAmeriCorp
  2. Legit Flex Job
  3. American Online Jobs

All of the above sites are either similar or obviously connected, and the one thing they all have in common is they offer jobs that don’t even exist.

How it works is they have you researching useless data and transferring it to some worksheets. You spend your time collecting this nothing data and compiling it into these fake worksheets. For each worksheet you complete, you then have to pay Online Flex Job a $5 postage and handling fee.

So instead of them actually paying you for the work, you have to pay them a postage and handling fee, as well as spend your own money on postage to send them the worksheets.

And get this: They’ll only accept cash or a money order (untraceable income) as payment, and suggest, so you can save yourself postage, to only send your worksheets in in bulk, but still paying $5 for each one.

The owner of this scam then pockets the untraceable cash and goes off to party, while you’re sitting there waiting to get paid your promised hourly rate from these Fortune 500 companies.

You’ll be sitting there until you’re a skeleton, because that pay day will never arrive.

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Is Amercian Online Jobs a Scam


Target Audience

Many people turn to the internet for money making opportunities. Some are looking to start an online business, but others just want to make some cash on the side like a second job, and when they see this opportunity presented by Online Flex Job, it sounds like the perfect fit.

That’s the target market these scammers are aiming for. That’s why they make out like the hourly rate is good and the work is easy with a flexible time schedule.


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What I Like

  • There really isn’t anything to like about Online Flex Job


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There are a number of very similar sites which are likely all operated by the same scammer
  • The processing jobs do exist to a point (as in they make you do some work), but they’re fake, and you never get paid for them
  • The only reason they want you to join is so they can earn commissions when you buy the antivirus software, as well as each $5 fee
  • The website is filled with fake testimonials supposedly written by happy workers
  • This is nothing but a scam to get money out of you
  • The basic training is also BS


How Much Does Online Flex Job Cost?

Online Flex Job doesn’t charge people to join their platform, but once inside you can’t go to the next phase and “earn” until you buy the antivirus software.

If you click through on the buy button, you’ll be purchasing the software through an affiliate platform called Max Bounty; meaning this is all designed to get the owner of Online Flex Job a commission for each person who joins.


Online Flex Job Scam


Is Online Flex Job a Scam?

I can’t see how you could think of this as anything other than an outright scam. They lure you in with the promise of easy online money, doing a job that is totally fake. Before you can do that fake job you have to purchase antivirus software through Max Bounty so an affiliate commission is generated for the owner of Online Flex Job.

When you are finally “eligible” to “work”, you then waste a bunch of time researching data and compiling it into worksheets, which you then have to physically post, along with either cash or a money order to the tune of $5 per worksheet.

You’ll never be making nearly $1000 a week with this. You won’t make any money with Online Flex Job or its sister sites. All you’ll be doing is spending your money and wasting a whole bunch of your precious time.


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