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Financial GrowthAs an affiliate marketer you will be faced with a vast, and at times confusing, selection of affiliate programs you can sign up to. This post will not exhaustively cover every possible affiliate program out there.

Instead, it will be an abridged affiliate program directory mostly listing affiliate companies I have personally been involved with, as well as a few other common ones I’m yet to try. There will just be a very brief synopsis of each to give you an idea of what each one is about.

It’s not a good idea when just starting out to sign up to too many different affiliate programs. Take a look at a few that have relevance to your niche and initially just work with three or four at most.

Otherwise it just gets too confusing dealing with all the different logins, variations in rules, plethora of product choice and the like. Trust me, save yourself the headache and start small.

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The most popular marketplace for affiliates looking to promote digital products. Here you will find things like software programs, online money making systems, eBooks and membership sites. With these products being digital there is more scope for profit than with physical products, and some vendors are paying out commissions as high as 70%!

The thing I don’t like about ClickBank is some of the vendors don’t really have any promotional material to work with, like widgets and banners. Some only have an affiliate link and that’s it.

Payment Options:  Cheque; Direct Deposit

2 Tier Affiliate Program:  No



Google AdSense

I’m personally not a big fan of AdSense. All their ads look the same, boring and bland. Plus, the payouts are small compared to affiliate offerings. Even though they are supposed to, some of the ads don’t really match up to the content on the site. On the upside, the advantage of AdSense is that you don’t actually have to sell anything. All you need are click throughs on the ads on your site to earn money.

Payment Options:  Cheque; Western Union; Wire Transfer; Direct Deposit

2 Tier Affiliate Program:  No



Amazon Associates

Nowhere else on the internet is there such a vast array of products to promote than on Amazon. The advantage with their Associates program is you can promote everything that is for sale on the entire Amazon site without the need to sign up to various vendors and wait, often for weeks, for approvals/denials. Just one sign up and, once approved, you’re away.

There are other affiliate programs that may actually have even more to offer as far as product range, but to access all those products you are required to be approved by all the various vendors selling products under that affiliate umbrella.

The real downsides to the Amazon Associates program is the commission, which starts out at a measly 4% and grows to possibly 8% if you move enough product within a given month. The minimum payout threshold is $100 if you’re outside the US, and they make you wait 90 days to get paid.

Payment Options:  Direct Deposit; Cheque

2 Tier Affiliate Program:  No



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Sell health

As the name suggests Sell health’s affiliate program is for those selling in the health and beauty niche. A line of supplements they specialise in is those for people suffering sexual dysfunction. Whether male or female, they have some great products for libido enhancement, and some natural products that work like Viagra.

The good thing about this affiliate program is you sign up once and you are free to promote anything on the site. They pay out commissions twice monthly and most of the commissions range between 30% – 40%. An easy company to deal with and they have loads of promotional material to help you get those sales.

There is even a Sell Health University where you can partake of free training to learn about the industry.

Payment Options:  Cheque; Direct Deposit; FedEx Cheque; PayPal

2 Tier Affiliate Program:  Yes


Read my comprehensive review of Sell Health here.


Qpid Affiliates

The dating niche is arguably one of the most lucrative niches an affiliate marketer could venture into. True, there is a lot of competition out there, but this niche is evergreen.

Love and romance never go out of fashion, not matter what's going on in the world, and the payouts to affiliates for introducing new paying customers can be in the hundreds of dollars for each referral. Plus, there is residual income from ongoing membership subscriptions. Qpid Affiliates offers the opportunity to promote 4 different sites:

  1. (China Dating)
  2. (Asia Dating)
  3. (Ukrainian Dating)
  4. (Latin America Dating)

Payment Options:  Cheque; PayPal; Direct Deposit

2 Tier Affiliate Program:  Yes



Commission Junction

This affiliate program has thousands of vendors and who knows just how many products. I find their website glitchy and slow, and a bit tedious to work with. They host product categories from automotive to travel and everything in between.

There is a lot on offer at Commission Junction. What I don’t like much about affiliate programs that are groups of individual vendors is the sign up and approval process. You have to do that for every single vendor on CJ. Some vendors just never get back to you with an answer.

As of this writing there are two vendors on CJ who I’ve been waiting for a reply from for 4-5 weeks now. I’ve given up on those two. Commissions can vary a lot from vendor to vendor, some paying as low as 5% while others may pay commissions in the range of 30-35%.

Payment Options:  Cheque; Direct Deposit

2 Tier Affiliate Program:  No



eBay Partner Network

I am a member of the eBay Partner Network, but I don’t really use it much. Like Amazon Associates, the commissions are generally really small as you only get a percentage of the eBay fees. Plus, just as with Amazon, cookies only last for 24 hours. Not much time if one of your leads bids on an auction that doesn’t end for 3 days.

You as the affiliate may refer a purchasing customer, but still not get paid because the sale went past 24 hours. All I use eBay for is a hit and miss approach. I put a relevant banner in my sidebar. If someone happens to click on it, go to eBay and buy something, then that’s a bonus. I don’t specifically push eBay products.

Payment Options:  PayPal; Direct Deposit

2 Tier Affiliate Program:  No




Now known as Rakuten Linkshare, this company works like Commission Junction where you sign up with individual vendors to sell their products. The approval/denial process seems a little quicker than CJ, although I also find this website a little glitchy at times as well.

Linkshare have vendors that sell just about everything an affiliate marketer in any niche could want to promote. The Linkshare payment options are a little confusing, as they vary depending on which country you live in, as well as which country’s network you sold in. Below I’ll list the payment options for those affiliates working in the US and selling in the US.

Payment Options:  Cheque; Direct Deposit

2 Tier Affiliate Program:  Yes (UK only)



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Market Health

I covered Sell Health above. Market Health is similar. The reason I’m mentioning two specific health networks is because I have a niche site in the health and beauty niche and I deal with both Sell Health and Market Health. Market Health sell a lot of their own products just like Sell Health, but they differ in that they have independent vendors under their umbrella as well.

Some of the commission structures on this channel are great, with commissions up to 50% and sometimes more. There is more variety in product offerings. I find their promotional material a bit limited, though. A great partner to work with this one and I recommend them if you’re in that niche.

Payment Options:  Cheque; Wire Transfer; PayPal; Direct Deposit

2 Tier Affiliate Program:  Yes


Read my comprehensive review of Market Health here.



Another affiliate program along similar lines to Commission Junction and Linkshare with a multitude of individual vendors under the one umbrella. Some vendors offer pay-per-sale while others offer a pay-per-lead option as well depending on the product. Many of the vendors maintain long periods for their affiliate tracking cookies, some even offering lifetime cookies.

Unlike eBay and Amazon who only allow a window of 24 hours. Their website is easy enough to navigate, but something about the look of it seems a little amateurish to me. Just my opinion.

Payment Option:  Direct Deposit; Cheque; FedEx Cheque

2 Tier Affiliate Program:  Yes



Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has a two-fold benefit to affiliate marketers. First, it’s a fantastic place to learn everything there is to know about affiliate marketing and earning an income online. They have some great training and much of the resources there are free. The community is active and very helpful if ever you have a problem or need to know something. You will always get answers.

The second great thing about this company is they have a fantastic affiliate program, and the commissions are high. Even if you’re not looking to learn about affiliate marketing, it’s definitely worth getting involved to promote their affiliate program. They even have some in-depth training teaching you the best way to go about this.

Payment Options:  PayPal

2 Tier Affiliate Program:  No


Read my comprehensive review of Wealthy Affiliate here.

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The Wrap Up

This is just a select few of the affiliate opportunities out there. There are literally tens of thousands. Often it’s best to work with individual companies who are related to your niche. Many of them have an affiliate program. They are easy to find with a Google search. As an example, simply type in something like the following:

beauty products + affiliates

An entire assortment of companies selling beauty products that have an affiliate program will come up. No matter what your niche or interest, you’ll never be short of affiliate programs to join and products to promote. The options are endless.

Please drop us a comment below; especially if you have a great affiliate program to recommend.


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4 thoughts on “Affiliate Marketing – Affiliate Program Directory

  1. Thanks for the valuable information. I have tried a few of these, and a few I just found out about thanks to you! I personally experienced some trouble from using ClickBank affiliate links- to be specific I had my Facebook Ad’s account permanently disabled! (All because I included a ClickBank affiliate link)… It seems that there reputation may not be the best across all platforms so beware if you choose to use them.

    Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go if you ask me, they are the genuine article. There program is amazing and there training is unmatched.

    • Sorry to here your experiences with Clickbank and Facebook. I think it’s Facebook that has the issue. They seem extremely fussy when it comes to their advertising. Have you read through their terms of service? Very confusing regarding what’s allowed and what’s not. My advertising account has also been permanently disabled with FB because my ad sent people to my email sign up form. Not even a warning that I was doing something wrong (still don’t really know what it was that I did wrong), just instantly banned. I wrote to them 3 times asking them to explain their decision and to reverse it. They did neither. Shit way of doing business in my opinion. Should at least offer a clear explanation.

      You’re right, Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platforms out there and they have their own affiliate program.

  2. I really enjoyed reading your site. I totally agree with you regarding Amazon and CJ. I am using them now as affiliate programs and have the same experience as you. You gave very valuable information for anyone who is searching for a good affiliate program. Thank you for that. I will check your other posts.

    • Thanks for reading, Tamara. I’m glad you found the post helpful. There are stacks more programs out there, but these are the ones I’m most familiar with.

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