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In this Commission Autopilot review we'll look at whether Commission Autopilot is a scam or legit way to make money. People were talking up this one, so I wanted to check it out and write a review on it.

Read on to learn more about it…


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Commission Autopilot Logo

Company Name: Commission Autopilot

Website: www.

Owner: Paul Ponna

Price To Join: $47 (minimum)

My Rating: 0/10


~ Commission Autopilot Review ~


Paul Ponna, in his enthusiastic sales pitch video, says he’s finally decided to “share the wealth” and reveal his system to us; the unsuspecting public looking for ways to make money online. He claims to have top secret traffic strategies that no one else knows about! Paul also claims in his introduction video that you can make your first affiliate sale within a few hours of using his program.

As is often the case with schemes/systems/programs that promise big money quickly, their main web page is merely a sales video that is full of red flags to anyone in the know.

Paul claims his system is free in his opening video, yet directly below the video there is a big yellow “Add To Cart” button asking people to pay $47 to sign up for his program.

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Overview Of The Commission Autopilot Program

So, how does Commission Autopilot work? What actually does it do?

Paul has created a software program that is designed to automate the money making process. Sounds awesome in theory, having a veritable money printing machine, but does it actually do what Paul claims it does?

To put it simply, his software searches for content via Google and steals it so you can claim it as yours and insert your affiliate link into it. Your ‘new’ content is then spammed to a bunch of free download sites across the internet via his software.

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Target Audience

Definitely targeted at those who have no clue about making money online (no offence). No one with experience would touch this product. It's a get rich quick scheme, but you would make more buying lotto tickets.



  • Nothing at all.


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  • His information is way out of date! Most of what I looked at, including one of his webinars, is dated back to 2012! A lot has changed in the internet marketing industry since 2012.
  • Outrageous claims that you can make money within minutes of using his software. I’ve never heard of such a thing, and I’ve been in the ‘make money online’ industry for 10 years!
  • The videos, webinar, sales pages are all filled with the usual over-hyped promises of scam artists who just want your money and give no real value in return.
  • Paul claims you can trust him. He won’t rip you off like all the other so-called gurus out there after your money – Another major red flag to me.


The Program And Coaching

Commission Autopilot ProgramCommission Activator

This is the part of the software that searches for articles via the keywords you typed into Google. When it finds articles and posts matching your keywords, it then scrapes those articles so you can personalise them as your own and input your affiliate links into them. You then export your manipulated file as a fresh PDF.

Commission Multiplier

The multiplier now comes into play, spamming your ‘new’ content all over the web, where it can be downloaded for free from various directories, effectively getting your affiliate link out there. No websites to set up, no SEO to perform and perfect, no hard work doing the actual writing, just blatantly ripping off other people’s work for your own gain.


How Much Does It Cost?

This seems to depend which page of the website you land on. If you access the program from the official Home page, it costs $47 to get started. If you access it from the “Specials” page, you get to have a look at the program for free initially, but then obviously have to pay if you want to go further with it. All you get on the ‘free’ page is access to a 2012 webinar which is basically just another sales pitch to join the program (for a price). Nothing is really free.

You will also get hit with upsells along the way if you pay to join this program.



Whether you have experience or not with making money online, steer clear of this obvious scam. Apart from being a completely bogus way of making money with affiliate marketing, his software plagiarises and steals other people’s work. Highly illegal.

This has only been a fairly brief review of the Commission Autopilot program. But really, what else is there to say? It’s designed for you to allegedly make money by ripping off the work of those who have put time and effort (and probably money) into creating quality content.

I also write eBooks as one of my online income streams, and torrent sites are continually stealing my books and other people’s books and offering them up for free on their pirate sites. Sure, everyone loves a freebie, but if everything gets pirated (books, music, website content) content and no one makes any money, guess what? No one is going to bother creating anything anymore. Nothing of quality, anyway.

This company has an affiliate program via ClickBank, and I could have put affiliate links to Commission Autopilot in this post as I am a ClickBank member. But I don’t even want to attempt to profit off this plagiarising scam of a program!

Sure, some people reading this review won’t care less if they make money ripping of other’s work. That’s entirely up to you if you choose to not have a conscience. It’s not my style.

If you genuinely want to make money on the internet for the long haul, legitimately, then steer clear of scams that pirate other people’s work and learn how to set up a genuine online business that has some ethics.

Read below to find out how.


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8 thoughts on “Is Everything A Scam? – Commission Autopilot Review

  1. Hey there.

    Looks like Commission Autopilot is just one of the many other recycled scam product that we see pop up everywhere.

    Good on you for showing it for what it really is. I am sure this review will help save some money for the poor folks that were about to be fooled.

    Great job and keep up the good work.


    • Yes, there are a lot of waste of money scams out there, unfortunately. This is probably one of the worst I’ve come across, setting up a system that basically steals the work of other people and recycles it. I really hate that. Thanks for taking the time to post a comment.

  2. I’m not surprised you gave this a score of zero, and I’m really glad actually. Even before I have read your review I know it’s probably going to be a scam. Why? Because the word “autopilot” is in the title. Anything with autopilot in the title is going to be fake because it’s not possible for people to earn loads of money on autopilot at the click of a button. If that were possible then we would all be doing it, wouldn’t we?

    I also see that there are upsells here. I hate upsells with a passion, I really do. I think they are deceptive and should be banned.

    • I was tempted to give it a score of minus something. You’re right, if we could make money on autopilot we would all be doing it. I don’t like upsells either. I can handle one, if the possibility of an upsell was apparent before I signed up for something.

  3. Those who have some experience and know how to make money understand that the idea of Commission Autopilot is a total waste of time and money.This guy is trying to make an impression as if he found some secret method or a loophole and now wants to share this secret with the rest of the world. From my experience I know that anyone who wants to sell you some sort of a secret method is simply trying to scam you. In this particular case I’m sure his method is not going to work at all or in the best scenario it won’t produce results the owner of the program promises you.

    • This program is totally bogus. yeah, I love it when these scammers say they want to share a secret money making method with you that no one else has ever discovered before. Major red flag. If it’s such a great money spinner, why wouldn’t they want to keep it a secret and keep all the cash for themselves? Why would they want to sell the “secret” golden goose to others for a few lousy dollars?

  4. Hi Darren,

    I think you saved a lot of people from losing their money. We must be so careful nowadays with all the scams out there.

    Commission Autopilot sounds way to good to be true. There is no easy way to success. If you really want to make money, you have got to work for it.

    Once again, thank you for helping us realize what is scams and what is not.

    • There are so many scams out there. I wished some of these easy money making schemes were legit, because I’d be all over them, but unfortunately they’re not. Thanks for leaving a comment. Glad you found it helpful.

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