Is OMG Machines A Scam or Not? MUST READ!



Is OMG Machines a scam or not? Because there was so much hype going around about this training platform, I decided to take a look at it and write a review on it.

Read on to discover the truth about this one…


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OMG Machines LogoCompany Name: OMG Machines


Owners: Mike Long, Greg Morrison and David Mills

Skill Level: All Levels

My Rating: 3/10




~ Review of OMG Machines ~


First off, I’ve been receiving regular emails from OMG Machines for a while now touting the “OMG Way!”, as I signed up to their mailing list at one time. While I haven’t officially participated in their program (it's very expensive), I have taken a good look at what’s on offer. I’ll check anything out, just to see if there’s something positive, useful and real that I can use. But is it a scam or a legit way to make money?

Play close attention and read on.

Their emails always scream SCAM! Massive dollar figures are quoted in unrealistically short periods of time, and that always rings my alarm bells. It just isn't possible to make that kind of money in such a short space of time when you are just starting out. It's highly misleading. Down the track, once you know what you are doing, have systems in place, have a big email list of subscribers, then it's possible to make big figures in quick time, but never at the very start.


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 Overview of OMG Machines

I first came across OMG Machines as a recommendation in an email from Bob Proctor. I have a lot of respect for Bob Proctor, and it's hard to argue against such an icon who endorses this product, so there are obviously some definite benefits to getting involved with OMG Machines. It's more the very expensive price tag and a couple of questionable tactics involved in the OMG training that I don't agree with.

The letters OMG represent ‘One Man Gang’. When I first saw it, I obviously thought it stood for ‘Oh My God’. It was launched in 2012 by Greg Morrison, Mike Long and David Mills.

It’s basically all about SEO (Search Engine Optimization), getting your websites ranked highly in Google and other search engines. The company doesn’t restrict things to general search engines, though. They have also implemented ways to get products ranked highly in Amazon searches as well, if you sell through them, and even book sales if you’re an author.

Every web presence needs good SEO to get ranked, otherwise your sites might as well be invisible to the end user or potential customer. OMG Machines is just yet another company teaching SEO best practices.

They also now include a strong focus on:

  • Sellers who want to learn to effectively market products on retail platforms such as Amazon and Shopify, learning the best SEO practices for these individual platforms.
  • They are also targeting affiliate marketers and those with eCommerce platforms, helping individuals learn how to rank their content better and improve their overall ROI.

While OMG has some good training of its own, you can learn to build money producing websites at a fraction of the cost if you join the Wealthy Affiliate platform. They offer fantastic training that teaches you how to make money online.

Take a look at Bob's video below and make up your own mind about whether OMG Machines is something you would like to try.



OMG Machines’ Target Audience

Their target audience is anyone and everyone who desires to make money from the internet. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a complete novice, OMG Machines aim their product at just about everyone, though I believe it is targeted at beginners who are more likely to hand over their cash; keen to get started and making money.

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  • The courses are step-by-step so they are easy to follow.
  • Very newbie-friendly.
  • Offers some good tips on SEO.
  • The videos really get you hyped up and ready for action.



  • It is promoted with the ‘get rich quick’ mentality. This is a dangerous way to think. Sure, we all want to make money as quickly as possible, but anything that promotes get rich quick is usually suspect, in my experience. Not to mention mentally setting the newbie user up for a huge letdown when the money doesn’t roll in by the truckload within a few short months.
  • It's a very expensive training platform for the beginner, maybe more affordable for an already established business.
  • There is a lot of training about article spinning and creating (grey hat at best) backlinks to get your site ranked higher. Both these practices can get your site banned from search engines today.
  • There are no refunds under any circumstances – Isn't that illegal or something?


OMG Machines Course


OMG No Holds Barred: Project Breakthrough

Project Breakthrough includes the following:

  • Greg Morrison's Treasure Map series – An A to Z of Greg's SEO strategies
  • How to make more efficient use of your valuable time – After all, time is money
  • Office hours coaching through live webinars
  • 6 figure per month coaching
  • Amazon advantage and ecommerce training
  • Access to support via the OMG Facebook group
  • Training videos on SEO to rank high in search engines
  • One-on-one questions and answers with Greg Morrison
  • Money getting websites and templates
  • Software for search engine domination
  • Monetization training and guidance
  • Access to community support and networking


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How Much Does It Cost?

Now when you click on their links there seems to be just the one deal on offer – Project Breakthrough. This system costs $8000 and is broken up into 16 monthly payments of $499 each. They emphasise in great detail on their payments page that there are no refunds under any circumstances and offer a whole variety of reasons why this is the case.

So be warned: If you sign up for this deal, be prepared to be out of pocket $8k, whether you find the course of any value or not.

Big risk. $8k is a lot of money to someone looking to get started in affiliate marketing. It’s an unnecessary risk. There is some fantastic training on doing affiliate marketing the right way that costs next to nothing. As I mentioned earlier, Wealthy Affiliate is way cheaper. I explain more about that at the bottom of this post.


Is OMG Machines a Scam?

I’m not saying you can’t make money by doing this training and implementing what you learn. Good SEO will always lead to some positive results, but you won’t make millions in mere months like these self-professed gurus claim. This stuff takes time, and definitely in the early stages. This gang are the ones making a financial killing every time they squeeze a non-refundable $8K out of people. Is this OMG training really worth that kind of cash?

I give it a 3 out of 10. If they got rid of the dangerous black hat SEO tactics, stopped promoting everything with the get rich quick hype and dropped the price by about $7000, I would have rated it a bit higher. While I don’t consider OMG Machines to be a total scam, the cost of the training is just way too high in my opinion for what it is.

Yes, some of the training is quite good, but you don’t need to fork out that kind of money to be trained the right way; especially when a lot of what they teach is either out-dated and can get your website blacklisted by the search engines, and much of the information they teach you can source for free.

Have a read below and I’ll point you in the right direction, where you can start off with FREE training and upgrade for a small monthly fee if you decide you want to go further.


Another Way To Make Money Online

Live Your Dream Lifestyle With An Online BusinessI’m an active member of Wealthy Affiliate and have been for a long time now, and won’t be leaving any time soon. Why? Because their training works and the community of members there is awesome!

You can start the training FREE of charge and have complete access to everything their website offers for a full 7 to 10 days after signing up as a Starter Member. Upgrading to a Premium Membership only costs $49 per month as compared to the $499 per month offered by OMG Machines. But you can simply just remain a free member if you wish. There is no obligation to ever upgrade, although it's worth it and definitely in your best interests to do so to both complete the training and go on to establish a profitable online business.




The training is step-by-step and comprehensive, taking you from start to finish on how to build a profitable niche website that will generate you a steadily increasing income for years to come. It's designed in such a way that you can "earn as you learn". You also get free hosting for up to 50 Word Press websites. The community is active and helpful, with an unselfish attitude of ‘paying it forward’. It's the invaluable knowledge of the community that keeps me there, as I finished the training a long time ago.

Wealthy Affiliate is really a no brainer if you want to learn the right way to become an online entrepreneur at a very affordable price. It’s free to sign up for a Starter Account and have a look around. No credit card is required, so you really have nothing to lose by taking a look.


Join Wealthy Affiliate For Free


Some of the benefits at a glance:

  • Step-by-step training (videos, tutorials, classrooms, live training)
  • Member-contributed training
  • Mentorship
  • Live chat
  • Community support
  • 24/7 access and technical support
  • 2 free websites for Starter Members
  • Free website builder
  • Secure hosting for up to 50 websites for Premium Members
  • Thousands of Word Press themes to choose from
  • Keyword search tools
  • Active discussion groups with access to industry experts
  • Completely FREE to get started!


You can read my detailed review of the Wealthy Affiliate platform here.


Join Wealthy Affiliate


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Darren Burton

Site Owner
I am an author, online entrepreneur and internet marketer. I work from home and anywhere else in the world I choose to work. I've been making a living online since 2010, and you can do it too. I'm here to help.

24 thoughts on “Is OMG Machines A Scam or Not? MUST READ!

  1. Hi Darren. I’m not sure if OMG Machines is a scam or not, but one thing for sure, it can represent a lot of money out of your pocket. I tried it a couple years ago in 2013. I made a few thousands dollars with a vreview site I have built following their teaching. But then, the money stop coming and didn’t know what to do to put it back on. And nothing in OMG teaching seemed to be of any help. The only option I seemed to have was one on one coaching. But it would have cost me a thousand dollar.

    Lately I was considering taking a second look at OMG. But when I did and saw how much it costs compare to what I paid in 2013 I thought “forget it”.

    So I tend to agree with some of te stuff you say in your review.

    • OMG might have some merit in some areas, and it is endorsed by Bob Proctor, who I am a fan of, but they over do the outrageous claims of money to be made in such a short space of time. Emails declaring new users will be earning six figures incomes in 30 days and BS like that. They’re probably a little more on the dodgy side in 2015 than they were in 2013 and, like you say, the price to join has gone up.

      With the review site you built that made you a few thousand dollars, why did the money stop coming in? Any idea?

  2. Right off the bat, the name screams scam. Not good when the name is an immediate red flag. And the whole “get-rich-quick” mentality is always a bad sign. In addition to that, the cost is astronomical for something that doesn’t even come off as legitimate.

    I’m sure there is some value here, as is the case with most services, but unfortunately not much. I have some experience with your alternate recommendation, Wealthy Affiliate, and I completely agree with you. Best part is you can start for free and build from there.

    • The figures they quote you can earn in such a short period of time is definitely a scam. Compared to OMG, Wealthy Affiliate is not only dirt cheap to join, but teaches you stuff that actually works in the long term.

  3. Thank you so much for taking the time to write this review for us. I had never heard of OMG Machines before. I have been caught in a few scams and now, I am always on my guard. It’s thanks to posts like this one that people are prevented from online scammers. I really appreciate the information.

  4. I wont go so far to say this is a scam. OMG 300 have real people who are very successful. Wealthy affiliate does ot show you how to make millions because all most of wealthy affiliate is not teaching you to be a millionaire. Carl do not eve participate in his onwn program and that is a fact. he is absentee.

    • I never said OMG was a scam. I just said it’s extremely expensive to get started in. I’m sure there are people making money in OMG. But there are also people making money through the training they received at Wealthy Affiliate too, and it doesn’t cost thousands to get started. You can get started for free. When you say “Carl”, I think you are referring to co-creator of WA, Kyle. I’ve been a member of Wealthy Affiliate for some time now and Kyle is extremely active on the site. He even operates his own affiliate sites as well as doing most of the official training for the WA site. OMG doesn’t guarantee you will make millions. That’s what they promote, yes, but no one can guarantee that. The guys running OMG would be making millions, charging those sorts of prices for their training.

  5. Great article. I’m not sure omg is a scam or not bit I do know that after reading this article I don’t want anything to do with it. especially since you can get everything you need at Wealthy Affiliate. $7000? They’ve got to be crazy. I wonder how many people are sucker into this. I sure hope it’s not very many

    • The focus of OMG is a little different to WA and the training is quite good. It’s really just the hype and price tag that I don’t like. I really don’t think OMG is a scam.

  6. Reading your last comment,what do you mean the training at “OMG is a little different to WA” don’t you guys both do SEO?

    Or you guys just focus more on affiliate marketing but not client?
    Do you guys do client SEO inside WA

    • Hi George. Both OMG and WA teach SEO. However, the main focus of Wealthy Affiliate is affiliate marketing and that’s what the majority of their training is aimed at. OMG focus a lot of attention on selling products on Amazon and ranking well and being visible within Amazon searches. While both platforms are teaching tactics and methods that may have some cross over points, they’re not exactly the same tactics, nor aimed at the same markets.

      OMG is great training, it’s just expensive. Plus it’s hyped up with how much money you can make in a short space of time, but those figures are not realistic for anyone just starting out. Big money could happen quickly, but it’s highly unlikely. All this online stuff takes time: Time to learn and train, time to implement strategies and time to gain some traction in search engines, or build an email list. The only real way to speed up the process is to spend money on advertising, but you have to have the cash on hand to do that and be willing to take some risks. To do any paid advertising effectively takes time to learn as well, if doing PPC or Facebook ads. Otherwise there’s the risk of just burning through cash for little or no result.

  7. Darren, thank you for your review of OMG Machines. I ran across them last week and wasn’t clear on what they were about. I think your clarification on where they might be useful (Amazon) is of great help to me. I appreciate your time and effort in putting out good content.

  8. Thank you for your useful review. I’ve been getting hounded by OMG opportunity and I agree wtih you. I’m sure it has some merit, but the cost factor alone is a turnoff.

    Thank you for the other, more realistic opportunity. I will be going that route!

    Happy New Year!

    • Happy new year to you too!

      Yes, while OMG does have a bit to offer it certainly comes with a high price tag; which I think puts a lot of people off trying it.

      Wealthy Affiliate is priced so much more realistically, allowing you to join for free and give everything a good test run. You can stay a free member as long as you like, you just can’t complete all the training without upgrading.

      Hope to see you over at WA!

  9. I cannot ? recommend OMGmachines also known as NHB (no holds barred) to any one ,Me being in a state of financial devistation ? I was lured in by the possibilities of great fast income ?needed so badly here (boy was I convinced),so me being so unwise used the last bit of my money (its really put a big hurting on us) and found out the course was presented very confusing ? to me and there was lots just nonsense talk and silly jedi talk ,and just not much academics , I just didn’t get it ,not enough info for me to learn how to make money here,
    to much confussion?,and then you need to buy ? even more stuff I wasn’t aware of that either and wish I could get some or all of my money (class action?)back. So I thankfully I stumbled on Wealthy Affiliate on black Friday ,thank you WA ? and now am finally making some sense out of how to make an income on line , it will take me a while to accomplish this but I now have a hopeful direction .? If you decide to you need to spend your money I recommend Can recommend Wealthy Affiliate ☺ but take your time and start with the free level first to learn about this program ☺

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with OMG (AKA No Holds Barred).

      Yes, it is expensive. There is a lot of hype, and some things they teach are valid. But is it worth the exorbitant price tag? Obviously not.

      So glad you found your way over to Wealthy Affiliate. I’m sure you will find online success through the excellent training and support network there.

  10. I forgot to mention ,this OMG course cost me about $8000+ I guess I paid for part of that Bugatti or LAmbo ha ha lol ?

  11. Cata Strpohic I applaud you. Why don’t they listen? I joined OMG 2-3 weeks ago and after 2 live webinars that went on forever found myself getting more and more frustrated waiting for them to get to the point! Like you I am on my last breadcrumb and how dare they waste my valuable time with such dribble for 1/2 hour talking about how excited they are and what we are going to learn. I wrote an email asking for my money back as I said I didn’t sign up to hear what football team they follow or whether Liz got beaten in poker! I was lucky enough for Mike Long to be reasonable enough to remind me that it was clearly stated no refunds but understood my position on content, getting to the point etc and offered to cease any further direct debits.

    • Glad to hear they at least stopped your payments coming out. For the money OMG are charging they really need to cut back on the hype and just get into the business of showing others how to market and make money.

  12. Any program that pushes you to a Facebook group for support is garbage. That’s not training, OMG takes your money and says “watch these videos and ask the community for help”. That’s not a business plan.
    DO NOT GIVE THESE PEOPLE YOUR HARD EARNED CASH! You won’t make a dime back.

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