Social Profimatic Is a Scam! Nothing But a Ponzi Scheme!



Social Profimatic is a scam or not? That’s what some people have been naming this online high yield investment scheme. I was intrigued so I decided to look into it and see what was going on. The claim is you can make great profits in very quick time with no work, but is that for real?

Let’s take a closer look and find out the truth…



Social Profimatic Is a ScamCompany Name: Social Profimatic

Owner: Unknown

Price To Join: Investment Required

My Rating: 0/10



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I actually first came across mentions of this one on social media, and because I research make money online (MMO) programs and write reviews on them, this sounded like a good one to check out.

It’s great to see you here reading my review, as it means you look into things first before taking the plunge and joining them. Perhaps you were asking yourself “is Social Profimatic a scam?”

On my website I search out ways for people to make money and write about them. Some stuff is really good, other programs are pretty average, and then there are those that are just blatant scams or extremely risky to take part in.

Let’s see how Social Profimatic rates.


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What Is Social Profimatic About?

This scheme kicked off in February 2018, and there is no record of who runs the show. They choose to remain anonymous. Not a good sign.

Social Profimatic is what’s known as a HYIP – high yield investment program. The claim is that when you join it you can easily be making a cool $200 a day with practically no work required.

That’s the first red flag for me, because everything requires effort and time, and when someone claims you don’t have to do anything, generally that person is just telling you want they believe you want to hear.

The sales pitch goes on to state that Social Profimatic is one of the simplest ways to make money ever!

When you invest money in a HYIP like this one, the idea is you receive a fixed amount of profit share (in this case daily). The amount will depend on how much you invest.

With Social Profimatic the percentage is 8% of your investment daily, so if you invested $1000 into this scheme you could expect to be paid $80 a day, every day. Within 13 days you would have your investment money back and be making a nice profit.

That’s just an example figure. You could invest way more and earn way more.

With this particular money making scheme you don’t invest regular dollars. Instead the investment and payouts are done with both Bitcoin and Litecoin. They do this to cash in on the popularity of cryptocurrencies.

So to sum it up, just invest a certain amount of either of these two cryptocurrencies and expect to earn 8% every single day without having to do a damn thing. Instead, just play some video games, head to the beach, go out and do some shopping or whatever you like to do.

That’s what this mob are selling people on anyway.

Just be very wary of anything that sounds this easy. I mean, where do they get the money to pay you these magic profits every day? What’s really going on here?

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Social Profimatic Is a Scam


How Does Social Profimatic Work?

Apparently you will be filling social media orders. Not too sure what that is exactly, but that’s the claim. This all occurs automatically AFTER you invest your Bitcoin or Litecoin. The website is really light on when it comes to details about this social media thing, but that’s to be expected with schemes like this one, as they are never transparent about what’s really going on.

The only explanation of this I could find anywhere is that apparently business owners pay for things like likes on Facebook, Twitter posts and so on, like social media management services.

While social media management is a very real thing, there’s nothing to prove that Social Profimatic run any sort of legitimate social media operation. More than likely this is just a ruse to legitimise what the scheme is really all about. I’ll talk more on that shortly.

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Social Profimatic Banner


The Referral Program

This is where it starts to get more interesting, and in my view, when the truth starts to come out about what Social Profimatic is really all about.

When you refer someone new to the same scheme you joined, you’ll be paid 10% of their investment amount as a bonus. On top of this 10%, you’ll receive a further 3% from the initial investment of any of their referrals.

So this is where your money is really coming from. It’s all about recruiting others into the scheme, getting them to hand over some money so you can get paid a return on your own investment.


This Is a Ponzi Scheme!

The definition of an illegal Ponzi scheme is where people are asked to invest money with the promise of big profits. However, in order to be paid out any of the promised money, you must first recruit others into the scheme and get them to invest. There are heaps of these schemes online.

The scheme runs solely on recruitment and relies on recruitment and new money coming in to pay the profits of previous investors. There is no real exchange of legit products or services for the money.

Ponzi schemes are always doomed to collapse at some point, because when recruitment slows or dries up, there’s no way to keep it going and no way to pay anyone.

The only reason this mob is using the social media management thing is to make it sound like the program is offering a legitimate service for the money. This is to try and avoid the illegal Ponzi label, but unfortunately the social media thing is completely bogus.


Target Audience

These schemes always target anyone hoping to find a way to either get rich quick, or earn easy dollars without having to do much. The thing is, even though they promote these schemes as running on autopilot, you actually can’t make any money unless you put in a lot of time and effort recruiting new investors.


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What I Like

  • I can’t think of anything I like about this obvious scam


What I Don’t Like and Red Flags

  • There is no social media management side to this. That’s just a facade to make it look like a legit deal
  • This won’t work on autopilot as promised, as no one gets paid until they recruit new people into the scheme
  • This is just a classic Ponzi scheme, plain and simple
  • An 8% daily ROI is just totally ridiculous and just designed to lure people in and steal their investment money
  • There are numerous complaints out there from people claiming they never get paid, despite their accounts growing bigger by the day
  • There are no automatic daily payments
  • Ponzi schemes are always doomed to fail
  • No one gets their money refunded
  • It’s all in cryptocurrencies and not real dollars
  • No information about the person running the scheme
  • Very limited information about how the scheme works


Social Profimatic Complaints


How Much Does Social Profimatic Cost To Join?

There is no specified amount, but you do have to invest money to stand a chance of making money. The more you invest, the higher your daily payout will be in theory. No one actually gets paid anything, so it’s all academic anyway.


Is Social Profimatic a Scam?

This is a scam for all money. You’d be better off sinking your cash into some sort of online gambling or something. Anything but this rip off scam. There is nothing to be gained by joining a Ponzi scheme like Social Profimatic and everything to lose.

Ponzi schemes never last, even if members are receiving payouts. This one doesn’t pay out anything from all accounts, and just exists to steal your money.

Stay well away from it!


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