Tubeloom Is a Scam or Not? True or False? Let’s Find Out



Tubeloom is a scam or not? That's a very good question, and one I plan to answer in this review of Tubeloom. Many are calling this YouTube marketing system as dodgy as hell, but is that really a fair assessment, or it is actually worth trying out this program?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…



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Tubeloom Is a ScamCompany Name: Tubeloom

Owner: Gerald Soh & Dean Henry

Price To Join: $39.95 + Upsells

My Rating: 2/10



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What Is Tubeloom?

Tubeloom Is a ScamTubeloom is a marketing system made for YouTube. The creators claim their system taps into a YouTube hack that can bring in about $600 a day. A woman in the Tubeloom sales video claims she easily makes over $1000 for just a few hours of work.

By tapping into a “secret money well” on the YouTube platform is how this program is allegedly so successful.

I’m always dubious about any money making program that states you will be making big dollars virtually instantly, and all for very little effort. These programs are almost always scams, or platforms that really have no chance of delivering on their promises.

Schemes like this really hype things up so people will get excited and buy in without really thinking too much about it or doing their due diligence with proper research. It’s a very common marketing tactic to entice quick action.


How It Works

The idea is to tap into what kind of information people are looking for on YouTube, apart from pop videos and funny cat clips. It focuses on products and creating video product reviews, collecting commissions as an affiliate marketer, as well as earning advertising revenue from video views.

The platform supposedly teaches you how to tap into this money well, as well as providing ways to easily create your product review videos.

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Tools and Training

Some of the things you will learn in the training include:

  • An overview of how and why working from home using the Tubeloom method is a great idea
  • Source products to review
  • Make money from video reviews without a webcam
  • Finding an endless source of affiliate offers to promote
  • How to make $20k in just 30 days

Some bonus material is also thrown in, such as:

  • An eBook listing the 10 most lucrative markets
  • A guide to tripling your payments


Tubeloom Banner


Fake Presenters and Testimonials

Up to this point things don’t sound too bad, but then Tubeloom loses a lot of credibility with me by having a fake presenter on their sales video as well as fabricated testimonials. A lot of scam websites use this ploy. I’m not saying Tubeloom is a scam for doing this, but it doesn’t make them look good.

The image they use for Charlotte, the supposed presenter of the video who claims she’s been making loads of money with Tubeloom, is nothing but a stock photo available for purchase on stock photography sites. You can see the stock photo image used for Charlotte here.

The same goes for the images attached to the glowing testimonials on the main sales page of the Tubeloom website. More stock photos that have been used on a number of different websites.

If Tubeloom feel the need to write fake testimonials and attach stock photos to them, then maybe their program isn’t that great after all.


Tubeloom Charlotte Presenter


Limited Positions Available

On the website they use a “limited positions available” ploy to get people to hurry up and take action. Today it says there is only one position left out of a total of 50.

I very much doubt there is only one position left, just as much as I doubt they started out with only 50 positions available.

Why would they limit themselves to making just 50 sales for all the hard work they put into creating their program?

They wouldn’t.


Tubeloom Open Positions


Target Audience

This is targeted at anyone who wants to make money online from home, whether you are a newbie or already have some online marketing experience. This is focused entirely on video product reviews.


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What I Like

  • I like the focus of creating video product reviews, as this can work really well for both affiliate marketing and advertising revenue
  • It’s a little different to some other online training platforms I’ve seen


What I Don’t Like

  • The Tubeloom website is just one page and nothing else
  • The presenter and the testimonials are fake
  • They have the fake TV channel endorsements across the header
  • The amount of money they claim you can earn in quick time is ridiculous
  • They constantly state that no real effort is required
  • Making money from YouTube videos is a lot tougher than they make it sound
  • The limited positions ploy
  • A real lack of information on who runs this and about the product itself


How Much Does Tubeloom Cost?

At the moment they say you can join for free, but that’s not really true. All you’re really doing is joining their email list. The cost of the training platform is $47.


Tubeloom Free


Is Tubeloom a Scam?

That’s the real question. I can’t say this is absolutely a scam, as what they offer does have some merit if you want to put the work into it and don’t expect fast results. These things take time to build.

There are definitely some scam elements to how they try to sell this product, though. Things like the fake testimonials, making huge money very fast, no real effort required, sign up free when it actually costs money, limited positions and the fake TV endorsements. Plus, there website offers no further information – no contact page, email address, privacy policy. Nothing.

In theory this platform sounds like a good idea, but they throw up too many red flags for me to endorse it. Video product reviews are a good idea, so maybe just do a Google search to gather information on that to see what you can find.

You can check out Tubeloom here

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2 thoughts on “Tubeloom Is a Scam or Not? True or False? Let’s Find Out

  1. Hey there,

    I have been scammed so many times and when I see scammers like these, it makes my fury boil all the more. Lucky them I am not a programmer, otherwise I would hack all the scams and send virus to their systems.

    I have been trying to get quick ways of making money online and I think I will just focus on affiliate marketing as you recommend.


    • That’s an interesting idea, Dave, hacking all the scams and sending them a virus. I don’t blame you for being pissed off about getting scammed. So many scammers out there these days.

      While I don’t think Tubeloom is an outright scam, there is a lot of fake stuff on their website, which doesn’t exactly fill me with confidence.

      I’ve always searched for quick ways to make money, but aside from some sort of gambling, I haven’t found anything but scams. Stick with affiliate marketing. It’s real and it does work if you’re patient.

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