What Is “Daily Income Method”? A Scam or Road To Riches?



What is Daily Income Method? A scam? Can this internet marketing platform really generate loads of sales and income on autopilot like Mack claims?

Let’s check it out and see…



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What Is Daily Income Method - A ScamCompany Name: Daily Income Method

Owner: Mack Zidan

Price To Join: $39.90 (then $19.95/Month)

My Rating: 5/10




~ The Daily Income Method Review ~


What Is Daily Income Method?

This is a system created by internet entrepreneur, Mack Zidan. He’s had other platforms in the past and Daily Income Method is his latest foray into the online marketing world. Daily Income Method is actually a 2 fold money making system and we’ll look into what those 2 components are in the next section.

When Mack does his advertising and promotions he always places himself either in exotic locations, driving flashy sports cars, cruising on yachts and just all round living the high life. He sells the dream more than anything, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Many of us want these things in our life. But can Mack’s latest platform really deliver those dreams to people? Or is it just a pretty smokescreen?


How It Works

What Is Daily Income Method - A ScamMack starts things off with a sales video where he sells the dream lifestyle as mentioned above. In other words, this is what you can expect to achieve when you sign up for his program.

So what is Mack actually selling us? What is he offering that can make so much money to be able to afford the lifestyle he leads?

Memberships to MCA (Motor Club of America). If you are unfamiliar with MCA, it’s basically a roadside assistance scheme that people pay a monthly membership for, and they have an affiliate program so affiliates can earn commissions when they refer paying members to MCA.

So when you join Mack’s platform you are first buying a membership to MCA and he earns himself an affiliate commission.

Now the second part of Mack’s deal also involves MCA. He is going to give you some capture pages that he’s designed. These are for collecting email addresses. In addition Mack will provide you with some pre-written emails, all designed to get people to join MCA.

In other words, you are also going to become a MCA affiliate and earn commissions through your email list.

You also receive a replica website which looks just like Mack’s, only every lead that visits your website and signs up with MCA contains your affiliate link so you earn a commission.


Can You Make Money At This?

Yes you can, but it won’t be as easy as Mack makes out. The guy has been doing affiliate marketing for many years and has a huge following. Yes he is successful, but he also tries to sell that dream hard to you and I, as if we’ll reach his level of success in no time simply by joining Daily Income Method.

Affiliate marketing is an awesome business. It’s what I do for a living. You can make fantastic money doing this, but it takes work and it definitely takes time to build your business up to a highly profitable level. It’s well worth it, but success won’t happen overnight.

Another great thing about affiliate marketing is you don’t need much money at all to get started and be up and running. Just time, really.

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Target Audience

I would say this is either aimed at beginning online marketers, or those only recently started and looking for an affiliate program to promote. I don’t think MCA really appeals to most seasoned marketers, except maybe Mack himself. The commissions just aren’t very big.


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Tools and Training

There isn’t really any training attached to Mack’s scheme, but you do get the replica website, the capture pages and the pre-written emails to get you started.


What I Like

  • Mack Zidan is genuinely successful in affiliate marketing
  • MCA (Motor Club of America) has been inexistence for many years and is a reputable company to deal with
  • It’s cheap to get started
  • You get a few useful tools in the deal


What I Don’t Like

  • Mack sells a dream lifestyle that likely no one is going to achieve by merely being an affiliate of MCA
  • Making big money with this one system alone will be hard work
  • There is no training in Mack’s program, and you really need great training to be successful at this
  • Too much hype in his sales video and not enough substance. Too much ego
  • Mack tends to gloss over the truth quite a bit and makes this all sound super easy


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How Much Does Daily Income Method Cost?

You are paying an initial joining fee into MCA for $39.90. After that, to maintain your membership in MCA (as well as Mack’s program) it will cost you $19.95 per month.


Is Daily Income Method a Scam?

No, it’s not a scam. MCA is the real deal, as is their affiliate program. Mack is also the real deal, but like most of these mega successful online entrepreneurs, he makes it sound super simple and easy to reach his level of success. Of course it’s possible for all of us, but it will be far from easy, or fast.


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It really is one of the best businesses you can get involved in. It really does allow you to live the dream lifestyle of time and money freedom.

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2 thoughts on “What Is “Daily Income Method”? A Scam or Road To Riches?

  1. This is one I had not actually hear of before. Is it only in the US?

    It sounds like a legitimate venture, but as you say, will not happen as quickly as he indicates. There are plenty of them out there appealing to everyone who wants to make the quick buck!

    Reality is, it’s not that simple. Any business takes work and time to be successful. Your option sounds like a great one to learn how to do it right!


    • MCA is not a bad affiliate program by all reports, but no, the money won’t be coming in as quickly as Mack Zidan claims, that’s for certain. Still, it’s not bad overall. There are definitely worse platforms out there. Thanks for stopping by Christine.

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