What Is “Traffic Hurricane”? A Scam? Or Will It Blow You Away?



What is Traffic Hurricane? A scam? Is this a new and real way to make money online, or is it simply an old system reinvented under a new name?

Let’s check it out and see what it’s all about…


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What Is Traffic Hurricane - A ScamCompany Name: Traffic Hurricane

Owner: Earnie Ganz

Price To Join: Free to join (but not really)

My Rating: 2/10



~ Traffic Hurricane Review ~


What Is Traffic Hurricane?

This is like Traffic Monsoon reborn, and the creator of Traffic Hurricane was one of the top members of Traffic Monsoon.

What this is all about is revenue sharing via a money matrix/MLM type of setup. It’s also a traffic exchange platform, but that is more of a way of appearing to offer a service more than anything. To try and dodge the label of pyramid system or Ponzi scheme, Traffic Hurricane add in the traffic exchange to look like a legitimate business.

Traffic Monsoon has already been shut down, hence the reborn version of Traffic Hurricane. So now it starts all over again.

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What Is Traffic Hurricane - A Scam


How It Works and the Compensation Plan

Free Member

You can actually remain a free member of Traffic Hurricane, but your options will be severely limited. What you can do is earn some ad credits by clicking on ads and watching a certain number of ads per day.

This gives you some points to be able to advertise your own product or business on the Traffic Hurricane platform and receive a certain amount of views to your ad. As a free member you earn one visitor to your ad for every 4 views of other peoples’ ads. This is the traffic exchange part of the system.

Buying Traffic

You can also buy advertising as a visitor, which gets you loads more clicks without the time consuming process of actually watching or viewing other ads.

Here are the prices:

  • 1000 = visitor credits $5.95
  • 2500 = visitor credits $13.95
  • 5000 = visitor credits $27.95
  • 10,000 = visitor credits $49.95
  • 15,000 = visitor credits $74.95
  • 25,000 = visitors credits $119.95
  • 50,000 = visitor credits $229.95

Revenue Sharing

The real idea with Traffic Hurricane though, is to invest some cash in ad packs that you can make a small profit on. Ad packs cost $50 each (which is pretty standard for these types of schemes) and you also receive 1000 traffic exchange credits with each ad pack purchased.

All revenue for ad packs is withheld by the company and shared among its members. You can make money with purchasing ad packs to the tune of:

  • 10 Ad Packs – Click 10 ads per day = $10/day
  • 100 Ad Packs – Click 10 ads per day = $100/day
  • 1000 Ad Packs – Click 10 ads per day = $1,000/day

To really make the sort of money that’s worthwhile, you need to get busy referring others to the platform or the ad packs you purchase won’t turn a profit. To even make $10 a day in profit you need to spend $500 on ad packs.

Investment is heavy, so you need to recruit like a maniac to ensure you get paid and don’t simply lose your investment. You also want to hurry up and get paid before the whole thing collapses (as they always inevitably do).

Also, the traffic you get through the exchange is all pretty worthless. People only click the ads so they can either earn clicks or get qualified to be paid. No one really cares about what you are advertising any more than you probably care about their ads.

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Target Audience

There are many people out there who don’t really want to set up anything substantial online and are always looking for something more simple to jump on. Revenue sharing systems, traffic exchange and the money matrix seem like the perfect solution. These are aimed as newcomers to making money online, as well as those attracted to these sorts of schemes.


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What I Like

  • These systems are popular and Traffic Monsoon did quite well until it got shut down
  • It is possible to make some money with this


What I Don’t Like

  • It’s a Ponzi scheme, doomed to fail
  • Those right at the top will get paid no matter what, while everyone else is in a very precarious position with regards to the money they invest
  • Most people don’t actually make any money from these schemes
  • You have to wait to get paid out by Traffic Hurricane. There is no immediate payment system from one person to another like with cash gifting
  • The traffic you are earning or buying is pretty well worthless, unless perhaps you are running your own revenue sharing scheme or money matrix
  • This won’t last forever. It will either get shut down or simply run out of steam due to a lack of referrals


Charles Ponzi Quotes


How Much Does Traffic Hurricane Cost?

You can join for free and earn a small amount of traffic buy clicking on ads every day. You can also buy some traffic, but seriously it’s not worth it because the traffic is pretty much dead traffic. The real money is in the ad packs and getting referrals. One ad pack costs $50.


Is Traffic Hurricane a Scam?

To me these ad pack buying, revenue sharing, traffic exchange systems are borderline scams. Yes you can potentially make money, so they are not an outright scam. But it is a Ponzi scheme, which means that the only way previous investors can get paid is with the money of new recruits.

If the recruits dry up, no one gets paid. There is no product or service being sold, and that’s why these systems always fizzle out and die in a wisp of smoke signalling the end.

If you want to check it out, just click here.


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