What Is Simple Wealth Creators? A Scam or Not?



What is Simple Wealth Creators? A scam or not? Is this new online MLM, high ticket money making opportunity for real? Can it live up to its own hype, or is it all a bunch of sales talk?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…


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What Is Simple Wealth CreatorsCompany Name: Simple Wealth Creators

Owners: Uncertain

Price To Join: $597

My Rating: 1/10



~ Simple Wealth Creators Review ~


What Is Simple Wealth Creators and How Does It Work?

Like so many make money online systems, Simple Wealth Creators claim you will be making $10,000 every month completely on autopilot.

I mean, that’s everyone’s dream, isn’t it? Lots of money with plenty of free time to spend it and enjoy life.

Is that even really possible with this MLM opportunity?

This platform doesn’t really have any retail products, but they do have some token products to try and justify the money changing hands.

The way it really works is you buy into various membership levels, which earns you the right to then promote the program to others and earn commissions when you make sales of the membership levels yourself.

The website presents us with the typical sales video that is basically full of hype, making those bold claims of earning heaps of cash without having to lift a finger. They never like to spend much time on the actual “how” part, just that you will make money and live the dream life.

Apparently they have a telesales team on board to help close sales of the memberships, so I guess that helps out a bit. You get the leads in and they help to close them for you.

What they fail to tell you is just how much hard work it will actually be trying to recruit new members. They also fail to mention that this process can take a long time to build up momentum. Recruiting is a long, tiring and time consuming process, so this system hardly works on autopilot.

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The Memberships and Compensation

Listed below are the three levels of membership in the Simple Wealth Creators make money system.

  1. Starter Suite ($597) – With this one you can earn $350 commissions each time you sell this membership level to a new recruit that you directly brought in.
  2. Deluxe Suite ($2097) – On this level your commission jumps up to $1400 per sale.
  3. Premium Suite ($3597) – Here the commissions are $2450, so the money is starting to get serious now.

The reason this platform is classified as MLM is because you can also earn income when your direct referrals make sales to others. The fact that they provide some token training products and some other fluff also helps the company avoid being labelled nothing more than a naked pyramid scheme.

The way this happens is if one of your recruits makes a sale to someone on a level that they haven’t purchased themself, some of the commission rolls up to you. That’s why it’s heavily advised when someone joins that they go “all in” and purchase every level so they get to keep all their commissions.

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What Is Simple Wealth Creators


Target Audience

To me it seems this might be aimed at newcomers to making money on the internet. Also, some people are attracted to trying out these types of supposedly quick money making schemes. The problem is making money this way is not very quick, and a rather large investment is required to try it out.


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What I Like

  • You can earn some big commissions
  • They have a team of telemarketers to help close your sales


What I Don’t Like

  • It’s risky, as this all requires constant recruitment to keep operating
  • The products are just trainings used to lend the platform an air of legitimacy
  • This is nothing but a Ponzi scheme
  • The owner/creator of this platform refuses to identify themself
  • The training products they include are pretty basic
  • You put money into this system and you will likely just never see it again, let alone make any profits


How Much Does Simple Wealth Creators Cost?

The cheapest level to buy into is $597. If you purchase all 3 membership levels so you are eligible to make commissions on all levels, you will be out of pocket $6291. That’s a fair chunk of cash to put at risk to try this scheme out, a scheme that could very well fall apart a week after you join.


Simple Wealth Creators Compensation


Is Simple Wealth Creators a Scam?

It’s risky, that’s for sure. Technically, it’s an illegal Ponzi scheme in my opinion. Yes, there are some token products, but this whole scheme is based entirely on recruitment to make money, or else it collapses. New member money is used to pay the profits of earlier investors. There really is nothing more to it than that.

This is promoted as an easy way to make over $10k per month all on autopilot with the Simple Wealth Creators’ system. They state that it’s fully automated, when in actual fact you have to put in bucket loads of work to recruit people and get them to buy the memberships.

There is no real value involved in this platform at all. It’s really nothing more than a money exchange, where you make profit by talking other people into joining and sinking money into it.

Some people can make profits from these schemes, but the very fact that the owner doesn’t want to be named makes me very suspect about putting any cash into Simple Wealth Creators. You may just be kissing good money goodbye. You would probably have more luck playing lotto systems.


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