YouGov Paid Surveys – Scam or Legit?



YouGov Paid Surveys – Is it a scam or is it a legit way to make a little money online? There are so many survey platforms out there, so how does YouGov compare? Is it a step up from some of the other ones or not?

Let’s take a closer look and find out…



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YouGov Paid SurveysCompany Name: YouGov

Owners: YouGov PLC

Price To Join: Free To Join

My Rating: 6/10



~ YouGov Paid Surveys Review ~


What Is YouGov and How Does It Work?

The headquarters of YouGov is based in the United Kingdom, but they have subsidiary offices in strategic locations throughout the globe. They are essentially another paid survey platform, but they also compile reports on the data they gather as well as run a rather interesting blog that is updated regularly. Currently they have over 4 millions active participants worldwide.

I’m currently a member of YouGov, though I don’t get sent very many surveys. For some reason when I first joined YouGov, I ended up joining the Singapore site. I’m not sure how that happened. But anyway, all that means is that when I cash out the points I’ve accumulated for completing surveys, I get paid in Singapore dollars through my PayPal account.

That’s one thing I like about YouGov, is they actually pay out in real money and not online subscriptions or gift cards.

As I mentioned, they don’t send me many surveys, so it can take a while to accumulate enough points for a payout. One thing I will say for the site though, is there doesn’t seem to be any qualifying questions. When I’ve been sent a survey, I’ve always been able to complete the entire survey and receive my rewards. I can’t recall ever being screened out of a survey.

Many other survey sites adopt the screening process for each survey, and it can be frustrating spending time answering qualifying questions, only to get told you’ve been screened out and have wasted your time.

When you join you will earn some rewards points simply for completing your profile information, which includes answering a series of question so YouGov can determine which surveys to send you.


The Rewards Options

I’ve already mentioned that you can receive a monetary payout via PayPal, but there are a few other options as well. I’ll list all the options below:

  • YouGov PayPal RedemptionPayPal
  • UNICEF Donation
  • Mobile Credit Top Up
  • Air Asia Loyalty Points
  • Zalora Gift Voucher

Mind you, these are the options on the Singapore site. They likely vary of sites in other locations.


How Much Money Can You Earn?

YouGov RewardsIn order to be able to redeem your points for money or one of the other options, you must first reach the cash out level. For most redemptions you need a minimum of 5000 points. YouGov don’t make you pay any sort of fee to cash out either, unlike some other survey companies. Only Zalora requires a total of 10,000 points for redemption.

5000 points is the equivalent of SGD $25 (Singapore dollars). The currency rate of Singapore dollars is roughly the same as the Australian dollar, just to give you an idea.

In my experience the surveys don’t pay much, maybe an average of $1, but most of their surveys are really quick and easy.

There is also a referral program. For every person you refer who completes 6 surveys, you are awarded with 200 points (or about $1). Not life changing, but something nonetheless.

When you do decide to cash out with PayPal, it can take a few weeks for the redemption to be processed.

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Target Audience

Online paid surveys such as those offered by YouGov are really only suited to people looking to make a little part-time cash. Even if you joined heaps of survey platforms and were receiving surveys all the time, the rewards are so low you could never make a fulltime living out of it. It’s certainly not a career move or suited to anyone looking for more than some pocket change.


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What I Like

  • YouGov will pay in cash
  • They don’t screen you out of surveys
  • They are open to participants from all across the world
  • The platform is very easy to use
  • It’s free to join
  • No redemption fees


What I Don’t Like

  • The surveys are few and far between
  • The rewards for completing surveys are low
  • It’s not a very profitable exchange of your time
  • You will make very casual cash at best


YouGov Paid Surveys


How Much Does YouGov Cost?

It doesn’t cost anything to join YouGov Paid Surveys. You actually earn rewards points for joining. No survey company would really want to charge membership, as the rewards are too low as it is. Some platforms do charge, but they’re usually scams trying to con you into some training platform that allegedly teaches you how to make thousands a week from surveys, which is all BS.


Is YouGov Paid Surveys a Scam?

No, YouGov is not a scam in any way, shape or form. The only real downside to the platform – and it’s the same with all online paid surveys – is you don’t earn much money for your valuable time. There are much better ways to make money online where you can actually earn a fulltime living and beyond, enabling you to fire your boss and live a lifestyle of freedom and abundance.

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